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Listening To An Innovation

Listening To An Innovation

A lot of things can happen to companies, professionals, and entrepreneurs, but there is one essential fact that cannot be ignored. Unexpected things will always happen that will bring massive unhappiness to human beings. And this unhappiness may bring severe crises and loss of goodwill if not managed properly. It was the basic idea of preparing to deal with the crisis through meticulous preparation of executable plans that laid the foundation of the Risk Management business of Apex, in India.

The choice to work for the medical fraternity came with the fact that in India, this is probably the single profession where there is a huge communication gap between the doctors and the patients. In our modern India, there were and there are, ever-increasing numbers of people who believe, (often justifiably), that health care professionals and big corporate hospitals don’t give a damn to them.

Helping Doctors To Keep Commitment: 
In our 20 years of Operation we have seen that sometimes, despite a doctor’s experience and obvious skills in communication and treatment, the ball gets dropped on the goal line when it comes to a crisis. Apex is the first organized effort that brought the Crisis Management possibility in India. From a well-organized planning team, to professionally access the scope of the Problem, to developing a spontaneous plan, testing the plan and keeping the plan up-to-date, we have full expert command on each and every step.

It is really a matter of pride and satisfaction that Apex is always ready for its members in any event of a crisis that they may face. Whether it is predictable or unimaginable. Our contingency planning is always in place.

Making Risk Management Movement Profitable:
Our Risk management venture is a daring effort, and despite all the risk, we just believe in our concept that Risk management solutions are essential for growth-oriented professionals. For years we are into answering some of the very tough questions to solving some of the real life-threatening problems. We have seen the scenario of doctor-patient relationships changing very fast. Any death or severe injury pertaining to medical treatment or procedure lands the physicians in the court of law, both in civil & Criminal.

The issues involving doctors are so complicated that even the courts need practical assistance from the bar to explain the complexities of the procedures undertaken. And every day we are being proven right. To understand a Doctor’s complexities requires a very knowledgeable person who should be a learned person both in medicine and law. Our push for Medico-legal speciality is always a big hit. We are responsible to bring the best experts in the Medico-legal field and ironically the majority of actually practising Medico-legal experts from different parts of the country are associated with Apex.

Nothing Small About Our Work:
We with our unique expertise are working in more than 26 States and have a great track record of carrying out some effective crisis management operations in the Medical sector. Our efforts and story are instrumental in acquiring the proper risk management teams in many Medical associations across the country. Our service offers to Cover each and every crisis of a doctor from Professional to Personal and is one of its kind initiative in the world. For Apex and doctors, the bond of priceless services began 20 years before, and over the years, the relationship has continued to deepen.

Apex does anything & everything in legal for doctors. We have been solely responsible for all the investments, improvements, and success of AICL. Right now we have more than 2.5 Lac active database & working engagements of doctors & hospitals in India. Our increasing client base and net worth show that we have a wonderful future in transforming this business to the next level.

AICL Digital
Our Digital presence through DreamAp & AICL App is a new revolutionary way to give a technology edge to the medical world. We help doctors and hospitals in doing almost everything digitally in a single click. Whether it is managing OPD, tele/video consultation, safe record-keeping, or just buying any insurance on best deals, and connecting to an expert instantly from the comfort of their home or workplace. The App has all the medical information, judgements, and references apart from important links.

Through DreamAp doctors have to simply add their Patients and the world of convenience opens up for the patients too.  Apart from instant connectivity solutions with their doctors, they are having many revolutionary benefits including their lifetime record maintenance, online medicines, report sharing & much more. The App helps an individual to find a nearby doctor in an emergency and also confirm their presence through push notifications. We are making even the toughest of the situations very easy. When something goes wrong, no matter who is at fault and regardless of the reason, someone has to just inform Apex and everything is done with great perfection. It is that easy.

Human & Social Responsibility Perspective
Every day we change our perspective for the better. Our social responsibility initiative is such a bold & important effort. For years we are picking underprivileged individuals from rural areas and train them for some important profiles of our team. We enable them to lead and live better despite their circumstances. Most of these individuals are now amazing business builders. We are proud of our company’s vision & policies and are creating some positive social changes. Our organizational values are the key to not let life’s difficulties cloud our team partners vision.

The Story Of Maximum & A Grand Future
Maximum awareness program, Maximum case winning, Maximum satisfied doctors, Maximum testimonials, Maximum globally acclaimed experts, and Minimum membership Pricing. We give valid reasons to get our doctors covered for anything & everything. For every crisis in their Professional & Personal life, Doctors can count on APEX. We have recently won more than 10 national & international awards for the Service of Medical Fraternity & even FORBES mentioned us in their story of an excellent service organization. Our growth story has been hovering around only one product of the Insurance Company and that too in liability.

The customers we serve are the cream section of society and have a big business opportunity. We want to make APEX a Specified Experts for Doctors catering their all Risk and Liabilities need. It may be the General or Life insurance needs or any digital based programming for individuals or hospitals. Our story has a reality and the future. We are looking forward to creating deeper meaning, a profitable venture and stronger partnerships in building better brand value and take Apex to the next level. We are sure of creating and sustaining massive viral buzz with a great viable business brand.

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