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To Offer MSMEs and SMEs the introduction of the best standard technology

“The Company Should Go for ‘Customer Management’ Too”

Even after years of efforts and works, not many companies are able to build their reputation and achieve success. But there are few which due to their smart work and correct approach, earn their name across the world and set an example for others too. Among those is MAGMA known for its innovative solutions and a robust partnership with the casting industry. The company believes in being committed to casting excellence and it is its tremendous efforts and excellence in upgrading with technology that is ensured space in our esteemed magazine ‘Business Connect’ as ‘Company of the Year 2021’. Here is a glimpse of the talks with the General Manager of MAGMA India Srikanth N S Addala-

MAGMA stands for robust and innovative solutions as well as a strong partnership with the casting industry. MAGMA’s product portfolio has a major product, MAGMASOFT®.

MAGMASOFT® Autonomous Engineering leads to robust and cost-effective solutions in component design, tooling layout, and production. The application of the MAGMA APPROACH combines with MAGMA’s comprehensive commitment to customer support, competent engineering services, and educational offerings through the MAGMA academy.

The company says- A report tells nearly 90% of component defects are due to design flaws, where the cost of changing the design can be unimaginable. Additionally, foundries that rely on traditional error-prevention methods of the past to design casting processes are finding it increasingly difficult to compete due to a lack of ability to respond quickly to customer demands, inaccuracies, and long lead times. For this reason, casting simulation has become a mandatory industry standard in the foundry sector to carry out the entire casting process smoothly with increased efficiency, precision, and productivity.

The robust and innovative casting process is not complete, without mentioning MAGMASOFT®. MAGMA, founded in Germany in 1988 has over 30 years of industry experience and is at the forefront of the evolution in casting process simulation. It has set itself the goal of offering MSMEs and SMEs the introduction of the best standard technology with MAGMASOFT® as its product and to compete with the most important players in the foundry industry.

According to the company- As far as handling customer problems is concerned, good customer service is not only critical upfront but consistency can be the most difficult one. A large portion of the customer service training is focused on the training process. MAGMA stands out to be the best in the market due to its consistency. The application of the MAGMA APPROACH, combined with MAGMA’s comprehensive commitment to customer support, competent engineering services, and educational offerings through the MAGMA academy, offers a unique and systematic methodology for optimization and problem-solving in metal casting processes.

MAGMA talks, “The focus of our strategy is to ensure that our products and services meet customer needs by building long-term, profitable relationships with these customers developing a flexible strategy that can respond to changes in perception and customer demand. It helps us identify new markets to address. The purpose of any marketing strategy should be to identify the benefits of your business proposition and then communicate it to your target market.”

According to Srikanth- We stay up to date on the technical advances in the industry, and our team is constantly trained in technical training courses from our headquarters in Germany. This helps us to leave no stone unturned when it comes to customer service. The unique MAGMA APPROACH, which is fully integrated into MAGMASOFT®, is a systematic methodology to reach desired goals by performing simulations as virtual experiments and putting them into action.

This methodology supports simplifying complex technical challenges and systematically addressing them using the appropriate engineering tools available in MAGMASOFT®. This approach is used in optimizing the casting and tooling designs and also in every aspect of customer engagement to keep the whole process efficient.

MAGMA with MAGMASOFT® as its product serves the most significant players in the foundry industry. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, MercedesBenz Research and Development India Pvt. Ltd., Larsen & Toubro Limited, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Craftsman Automation Limited, Sunbeam Light Weighting Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Sundaram Clayton Limited, Tata Motors Limited, Bajaj Auto Ltd., Brakes India, Godrej, Caparo, Sanmar Matrix Metals Limited, Ashok Leyland Limited, John Deere India Private Limited, Semco, Endurance are some of the clients in India.

The company believes- Our successful R&D made us gain a competitive advantage and established us as the market leader for simulation software, and has strengthened our brand and reputation.

American Director Godfrey Reggio has quoted, “It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.”

Talking on the same note, the experienced one says technology is continuously upgrading and if you’re not keeping up with it, odds are your competitors would.

Continuing further, Srikanth asks, “Won’t you rather have the upper hand? Staying updated with technology will prepare your business according to the changing consumer demands and expectations. Having a thorough knowledge of these trends will increase your relevance and customer appeal, this, in turn, will set you apart. The prime importance why people prefer MAGMASOFT® as a benchmark in simulation software is mainly because of the technology and its accuracy.”

The 39-year-old is known for his determination, ambitions, and open-mindedness and has been with the organization for nine years. Previously, he has proved himself while working for multinational companies in the IT sector handling positions in marketing, strategic planning, and business development.

Srikanth asserts, “There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed and is changing the way we live, work, and use technology. As the world adapts to its new normal, business leaders are busy rethinking strategies to build resilience and emerge stronger. Our travel to the customer location for support activities was hindered due to the pandemic, but this did not stop us. We have adopted the virtual world to continue our support activities and successfully trained our customers in the new version of MAGMASOFT® 5.5.”

The far-sighted acknowledges, “We’re the industry pioneers in the world of simulation software, and the reason we keep topping the charts is because of the team that MAGMASOFT® has across the world. Our employees are the driving force behind the company. Technology is a part of it, but the human resources are those who are loyal and dedicated to their task and that is why we call them multipurpose fighters. This is what our company witnesses all over.”

Srikanth states, “MAGMA Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. has been declared the ‘Company of the Year’ for the past 4 consecutive years in the category of ‘Casting Process Simulation’ by the prestigious magazine ‘CIO Review India’. We have been invited as the prime exhibitors in many prestigious foundry exhibitions like IFEX, ALUCAST and so is our team. Our tech leads have also been invited for guest lectures at various universities and educational institutions.”

MAGMAinteract® is software for the visualization of MAGMASOFT® results. This free 3D-viewer enables the intuitive display of information exported from MAGMASOFT®. MAGMAinteract® promotes communication between all parties interested in MAGMASOFT® results within an organization, as well as with suppliers and customers. This quick and easy presentation of information creates the basis for sound decisions.

MAGMAacademy offers a wide range of qualification opportunities for the optimization of castings and casting processes. This is aimed at all foundry, tooling, and purchasing professionals and is available at nine MAGMAacademy sites worldwide. As a MAGMASOFT® user, you will continuously evolve from professional user to expert along with the MAGMA ACADEMY STEPS. You will learn how to methodologically apply the MAGMA APPROACH and will systematically use it combined with MAGMASOFT® autonomous engineering. Finally, you give a qualified technical presentation at a MAGMA event or publish a user article in MAGMAtimes.

MAGMA CC is a fully integrated and practically relevant turn-key solution providing meaningful information for the simulation-based optimization of vertical and horizontal continuous casting processes. With the help of virtual Design of Experiments and autonomous optimization, the process and product-specific limits of the relevant process variables are determined for the safe production of high-quality products. MAGMA CC includes the calculation of flow, solidification, and stresses, taking into account primary and secondary cooling. Thus, the interactions between the inflowing melt, the solidified shell of the strand, and the mold can be judged.

Srikanth conveys, “Today’s competitive market is characterized by accelerated change, innovation, and massive amounts of new information in almost all product and service categories. Changing customer needs fuel a large part of this rapid market development. Make sure your company also offers ‘customer management’ not just ‘product management or service management’.”

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