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Mediimpact Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Mediimpact Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

A Rousing Entrepreneur Inspiring the Healthcare Arena

“A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Our bid for bringing the best-in-class stories for our global readership has actuated us to feature Mr. Bharatheesh, Founder & Director of Mediimpact Healthcare  Pvt. Ltd., in this special edition of the magazine. As the healthcare industry is hovering for growth in India, there is a considerable need for quality services at a reasonable cost. Especially in Maharashtra and Karnataka, the demand for better medical facilities is at its peak.

Acting as a key consolidator in the healthcare market, Mediimpact has emerged as an exemplary brand with some well-established values and mission- that allow it to make a difference in this crucial industry sophistically. Hence, this story is dedicated to the outstanding journey of Bharateesh- and his exceptional journey in the arena.

Bharatheesh is a prominent leader with 16+ years of experience in the Health industry. He is recognized as a proactive individual who can instantly identify business problems, formulate tactical plans, initiate change- and implement effective business strategies in challenging environments to enhance business. He is steering crossfunctional coordination and formulating strategies plans in the arena, along with proficiency in formulating effective administrative policies for accelerated growth of the organization.

Bharatheesh is a graduate in BSc from Bangalore University and has done his MBA in Marketing from Annamalai University. He has an excellent track record in the domain of strategy, product launching, sales, and on-time delivery. At present, he fulfills the responsibility of the sales & strategy along with managing the overall vision of the companyHe has seen start-ups very closely and has worked in well-established companies- that’s the reason he has tremendous experience in both realms.

One thing he has observed about the start-ups is a lack of patienceas they start stepping out of the market when don’t get a market response. Because of the large investments in the businesses, it’s difficult for them to sustain in the arena without getting desired results- but they need to understand that it takes time to be established in the domain.

During the first wave of the COVID-19, Bharatheesh, after introspecting the market, approached his former colleague and introduced India’s only health digital wallet. Bharatheesh states that he has chosen the healthcare industry as his domain only because he wanted to spread his knowledge and expertise of more than a decade in the industry with innovation.

Bharatheesh conveys this message to all upcoming entrepreneurs that the best thing you can do as a founder is to never give up. No two days will be the same as you’ll face a variety of challenges, but you need to rise over these. You are the captain, and you have to keep your ship steady, no matter how many icebergs come across your path.

Bharatheesh is a massive book-lover and literature admirer. When we requested him to recommend his favorite ones to our readers, he gave a long list of impressive books, including ‘Secret’ by Rhonda Byne, ‘Beyond- Birth & Death’ by Swami Prabhupada. Moreover, his creation- ‘Corporate EGO’ is all set to launch to provide an inspirational message to young entrepreneurs.

“Who are you today begins with what you did yesterday.” Bharatheesh has bagged numerous tremendous recognition since the inception of his journey. He has been nominated for the ‘Bharat Jyothi Award’ in 2019 by the India International Friendship Society for introducing and enabling healthcare technologies. He has got an appreciation for introducing mobile ECG units to the Indian market, and the same product got the ‘Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence’ award in 2011- for technology innovation in mobile healthcare. In addition, he has been identified as the leading team member for getting the validation certificate for ReMeDi.

INDUSTRY WITH TECH-DRIVEN INNOVATION Mediimpact Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore-based company working towards excellence in the health sector. Today, it has become a prominent player in the Indian healthcare industry owing to its multi-disciplinary integrated healthcare services. It truly believes in pursuing business through innovation and technology. The organizational team comes with several years of industry experience and is comprised of a highly motivated set of specialists.

Mediimpact is the creator of Medpass- India’s only health mobile wallet app dedicated for usage across the industry and becoming a leading wellness provider. It is a digital platform that supports consumers to improve the management of their health expenses. Moreover, clients can save money on each transaction with the help of exclusive services.

Bharatheesh provides self-development opportunities to employees by aligning them with the company’s vision and growth. Bharatheesh, with his team of founders, Srinivas Murthy and MD Ali, encourages and motivates employees to make decisions in the organization to attain innovative ideas throughout the organization.

Bharatheesh states that market research adaption is required for business growth. Since the company has all healthcare services under one platform, market analysis fulfills numerous demands. Recent data tells that lot of people are unable to take care of their parents or loved ones due to a busy schedule. So Mediimpact is supporting them with homecare and caretakers services.

Mediimpact is working relentlessly to enhance access to quality healthcare by providing the right information to users and making healthcare more affordable by incorporating appropriate financial incentives. As an entrepreneur, Bharatheesh’s philosophy is to do best own best and prepare for the worst. Hence, he stands against uncertainties by exceptionally efficient services.

The leader says that many players are there in the online platform for medical services- however, the uniqueness of products that Mediimpact provides is rewarding for clients as they get cashback and discounts on each transaction on their healthcare expenses, including the patient-in-hospital service. The company, under the guidance of Bharatheesh, is scaling the success ladder at a brisk pace- and is planning to expand further by creating an AI system. Bharatheesh provides a unique message to the young entrepreneurs,“Don’t expect others to change the system. You start working to change the system.”

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