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Entrusted with the reliance of clients for medical billing and coding needs

For a seamless flow of business revenue chain, billing and coding play an instrumental role in favour of an organisation that can’t be overlooked. And when it comes to medical billing and coding, accuracy becomes crucial for effective management of patient’s safety, swift transactions and smooth operations. An eminent player, Medryte Healthcare Solutions well recognizes the significance of medical billing and coding in the overall healthcare system. Therefore, Business Connect Magazine has concluded to highlight its vignette in these two pages of our exclusive edition.

Sujin Jekash Simson is the leading figure(CEO) at Medryte Healthcare Solutions, who laid the foundation stone for this exemplary enterprise. He began this venture on the 13th of July 2012 and his idea behind this entrepreneurial venture was aligned with creating outstanding job opportunities for unemployed youth of
Kanyakumari district– his native place.

Apart from Medryte Healthcare Solutions, Sujin has also established two more ventures that are prominent players in the IT sector and skincare space. His professional acumen and discerning leadership have been allowing him to steer the operations of all three businesses effectively while proving to be substantive to all three spaces.

Medryte Healthcare Solutions has adamantly chiselled a position to become a comprehensive medical billing company with an extensively enriched experience in multi-speciality billing and coding. Owing to their consistent quality and sheer commitment towards offered services, Medryte has emerged out to be a trusted name in the niche space. The eight-year-old establishment has an adept squad of 200+ certified billing and coding professionals who ceaselessly work in their two major delivery centres Nagercoil and Tirunelveli, India. The company is a corporate member of the American Academy of professional coders since 2013.

Apropos of their primary clients, they offer services to physicians, payers, and medical billing organisations. And when it comes to highlighting their competencies, their adroit team of medical coders consists of graduates from the life sciences stream– Physical Therapy, Nursing, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Biochemistry and much more. As per the Founder, Medryte has great potential for scalability owing to the steadfast presence of its headquarter in Nagercoil, Kanyakumari that prospers with the highest rate of literacy in the state of Tamil Nadu.

At the time of onset of this unique venture, there was minuscule awareness of medical billing and coding in this region. In light of this, Sujin wrote several articles that he published in some famous newspapers to spread the ‘know-how’ of this flourishing space among the youths of the region. Moreover, he also reaches out to colleges and hosted numerous sessions of the students from a life science background to inspire young individuals to consider a career in medical billing and coding space. Indeed, his entrepreneurial journey was not a cakewalk, but his committed zeal to make a difference paved his path for the success of his venture.

The Founder has set up a vision to allow his business venture to become a top-notch enterprise in the medical billing and coding industry. He is always looking forward to carving a reputation as a reliable and high-quality, end-to-end medical billing and coding solution provider for those in quest of an experienced and credible vendor for outsourcing, operational cost-cutting and recruitment hitches.

And unveiling the mission behind the company, then to shape the future of client-vendor outsourcing model in the field of medical billing and coding that enhances client’s experience as an sheer extension of his own office, rather than considering the services as being ‘outsourced’ is what Medryte constantly strives to attain. They give credence to value generation and outstanding customer experience, which ensures the company with an unequalled repute.

Sujin claims that high-quality, innovative solutions have been the foremost motto for his team. His dedicated team makes no compromise in terms of the quality for which they are in ceaseless attempts to raise the bars in the industry.

“We do not just perform medical billing processes, instead we strive hard to go beyond and above to help the relevant service providers to enhance their overall business revenue by reviewing their practices and proposing them with apposite suggestions for amelioration,” quotes the Founder, defining their zealous efforts to be relevant for their valued clients. Moreover, they perform billing analytics operations for their client organisations to provide an overall review and feedback on their billing companies’ or departments performance.

The subsequent chain of worldwide lockdown stimulated the masses to be locked indoors. It forced people to not visit hospitals due the fear of prevailing viral outbreak. Acknowledging the pain points for the commonalities who were in the dire need of medical attention, Medryte Healthcare developed a telehealth care solution to help people in the best possible manner. They brought several service provider under the parasol of this noble cause and altogether introduced such a telehealth platforms in April 2020.

But, there was a glitch that caused some impediment in the clinical documentation procedure. For this, they ensured suitable training sessions to the service providers for seamless flow of the aspired operations. Later, the fact came under their observation that a majority of population hasn’t still recognized the benefits of telehealth solutions, that spurred them to develop customized marketing plan for each clinic or medical care centre to make a steadfast reach to the patients.

Owing to their incessant exertion to spread the reach of the telehealth solutions across the needy ones, a few weeks later they witnessed an exemplary increment in the number of patients utilizing their client’s (clients) telehealth platform.

Sujin asserts,
“This swift turnaround and adept shift in the operations helped most of their clients to survive the financial hassles provoked by the pandemic. We take immense delight to have played our part in smoothening the rough circumstances for many enterprises.”

To everyone’s amazement, Medryte also accompanied most of its clients to apply for provident relief fund announced by Federal Government of the United States, that was put forth in line with the prevailing crisis induced by the pandemic.

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