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Mobiveil Inc

Mobiveil Inc

Shaping Radiant Careers With Its Employee-Evangelistic Approach…

As much as we need to highlight the business issues and their respective solutions to our readers, recognizing the establishments that are making significant strides in attracting, retaining and developing premium talents is equally important. When the world is struggling due to the global recession with industry giants laying off huge numbers of employees, we should applaud organizations like Mobiveil that are committed to employee welfare while onboarding more innovative talents even amid this challenging economic climate.

No doubt, we are featuring Mobiveil at the forefront of this exclusive edition, which is a collection of some amazing companies that are well-acclaimed for their employee evangelism. In this narrative, we have shed light on various aspects of Mobiveil’s profile that makes it to top our list of India’s great workplaces to shape careers.

In talks with Mr. Ravi Thummarukudy who is the CEO of the organization, we received various informative insights into different topics and we are confident that the excerpts of the conversation mentioned below would resonate with our global readership out there.

Mobiveil Inc. – A brief intro

Headquartered at the heart of Silicon Valley, Milpitas, California, Mobiveil Inc. is a well-regarded tech suite, which is known for its flexible business model and strong industry alliances and partnerships at a global scale. Since its inception, the company has been excelling in the development of high-speed serial interconnect intellectual property (IP) blocks and advanced applicationspecific integrated circuits (ASIC), field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA), and system-level engineering services.

Leveraging the collective experience of the founding team, Mobiveil has established itself as the leading specialist in Silicon IP (SIP) block development, application platforms, and engineering services. The company caters to diverse markets including Flash storage, data centers, 5G, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), automotive, and industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

With a large and diverse development team, Mobiveil relies on decades of experience to deliver top-quality, production-proven SIP, as well as custom and standard form factor hardware boards. This expertise enables customers to accelerate their innovation and product development schedules. Based on their ceaseless R&D process, they have developed reusable components and platforms to enhance the value of their engineering proficiencies.

Also, they have maintained strong partnerships throughout the ecosystem. The very first was with design tool providers Cadence, Siemens EDA and Synopsys, among others. Their foundry/manufacturing partners are TSMC and Samsung. They count their partnerships with system-level manufacturing, assembly and testing companies. Various complimentary SIP vendors have also partnered with them so far. Moreover, their training center, Ampere VLSI Academy providing training in VLSI design and verification.

Tracing the history behind the establishment

The core founding team of Mobiveil has long been enthusiastic about the potential for accelerating the development of electronics products. They have all had years of expertise in developing electronic products while working for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or suppliers in their supply chains. They all have backgrounds in electronics engineering.

Back in the 1990s, the semiconductor industry was poised for expansion owing to the standardization of design languages and the introduction of IP-centric system-on-chip (SoC) design approaches, the founders of Mobiveil grabbed the opportunity. They were pioneers to launch GDA Technologies at a period when venture capitalists were supporting semiconductor companies, many of which required engineering outsourcing.

With their swift response to the market upheavals and ability to recognize the potential of this opportunity, the team witnessed huge success via this venture that too without any external funding. “We grew GDA Technologies to more than 600 employees before being acquired by L&T InfoTech in 2008.

After a successful exit from L&T InfoTech, the cofounders (Gopa Periyadan, Srinivasan Durai, Amit Saxena and Ravi Thummarukudy) came together again to form Mobiveil with the goal to support the mobility and smartphones space,” revealed the CEO, “Simultaneously, storage technology was transforming from hard disks to Flash storage and the non-volatile memory express (NVMe) standard emerged. We quickly developed NVMe IP and got it certified by the University of New Hampshire (UNH), enabling Mobiveil to help customers accelerate the transformation from hard disk to Flash or serial AT attachment (SATA) to NVMe.

This trend was further accelerated by the exponential growth of data center and cloud service providers that needed the latency and throughput offered by peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) and NVMe standards. Since then, we developed our own SIP blocks and acquired IP assets in data storage and augmented them with standard platforms and specialized engineering services.”

The fortes

When it comes to core specializations, Mobiveil has a high level of focus on technology vertical markets like data storage and 5G and offers a portfolio of digital SIP combined with engineering services, which prove as its key differentiator. Its standard platforms, which are state-of-the-art systems, are capable of saving the customers 6 to 12 months of development time. Most semiconductor companies opt for R&D outsourcing, unlike the time when they were fully vertically integrated from product definition to manufacturing.

Cost and efficiency offered by specialized companies like Mobiveil in a standardized way enable product companies to outsource manufacturing, chip development, electronic design automation (EDA) tools, SIP and engineering services. Ravi explains that to meet time-to-market requirements, SoC designers in all market segments now outsource highly complex standards-based SIP and engineering services to third parties such as Mobiveil.

He also emphasizes the prominence of patents in semiconductors as they promote innovation, help develop new products and protect intellectual property. Though Mobiveil does have a few patents, Ravi states that he expects more of his engineers to create patents that could prove to be a significant achievement of their technology or methodology.

Leadership fostering a nurturing work environment

Transparency and motivation are in the DNA of the company’s culture. The administration has created policies to ensure a harmonious environment at work where the leaders inspire and guide the employees to achieve their shared objectives while allowing them the freedom to unleash their unique and creative potential. The senior executives always support and understand each individual’s personal aspirations and challenges, offering comprehensive assistance from the organization whenever possible.

Their cultural principles thrive on openness and transparency, facilitating interaction between employees at all levels and promoting accessibility to management, which has led to Mobiveil’s grand success. As per Ravi, the most satisfying aspect of their work is to witness the junior employees join the organization and evolve into outstanding leaders and experts in their respective fields, which fills the seniors with utmost delight.

At Mobiveil, an agile work culture with a relatively flat organizational structure is how they operate. Every employee is well-informed about company operations, strategies, and goals. They believe in celebrating diversity, and intentionally cultivating a culturally rich workforce with individuals from various regions, backgrounds, languages, and customs.

“We not only promote innovation among our staff members and streamline communication with top management but also give them the tools they need to strike a healthy work-life balance. We encourage our staff to innovate, gain knowledge, and assume leadership responsibilities. Within their particular fields, we encourage a spirit of innovation, leadership, and personal development. This dedication opens the door to further obligations and prospects for advancement both inside our company and across the sector.

“At times, when new employees join us, their novel insights enliven us as they experiment with different problem-solving techniques. We heartily encourage such unconventional thinking, supporting their individual goals and developing their potential as up-and-coming leaders. We routinely applaud and stimulate our personnel through meritorious recognition since we understand how important it is to acknowledge great performance and committed efforts.

I myself avoid micromanaging their daily tasks and instead concentrate on review sessions to help us all achieve our organizational goals,” unfurls Ravi concerning the culture. Moreover, to keep a track record of better productivity, they have set up management by objectives (MBOs) measurement for all senior staff members and management. Here, all the managers hold weekly or bi-weekly review meetings. To manage such a large and diverse workforce, all major programs and functions are reviewed on a quarterly basis to track MBOs.

The future ground plan

The inclusivity of tech advances in various industries is going to revolutionize the semiconductor industry too. One of the most intriguing prospects of technologies like AI is its impact on the product development cycle. The CEO remarks that their audience could expect them to enter the automotive electronics space in the near future.

“All the founders and executives at Mobiveil are motivated by emerging markets, which is why we are expanding regionally. Europe is our first in what we perceive to be a great business proposition for us. Our office is now open in Munich, Germany, and we’re looking to open a European development center sometime in 2023. We’re also looking at other regional expansion as part of our strategic roadmap for growth,” asserted Ravi.

The parting words by the luminary

“Be passionate about what you do in the field you are in. Understand the contours of the market by meeting key customers and partners and participating in major conferences in the field. Startups are hard and challenging but exciting and rewarding. Every day, I see where I’m making a difference.

Addressing various marvels created by his team so far, Ravi mentioned, “The development of our first product, the NVM Express IP introduced us to the game. We were among the first third-party IP vendors to develop computer express link (CXL) design IP and interoperability with an Intel platform. We now have several SIP blocks around high-speed interfaces and error-correction technologies for memory and storage along with ready-made FPGA platforms. We also hold several important patents in this space. In addition we are already investing in R&D to create an IP portfolio in 5G telecom.”

“My advice to young professionals is to recognize that if you choose a career that you are passionate about, it will be much easier to put in the extra effort needed to learn and get ahead in that profession. “I remind my team to be positive and remember that setbacks are temporary. In fact, strive to be positive always – This attitude is guaranteed to work and creates a positive feedback loop for bigger successes.

“Electronics and semiconductors is an exciting area for young professionals because it has many unseen challenges that need sharp minds to solve them. It’s an important domain and I can’t think of any other market segment with so many great innovations and ongoing developments where we all have a chance to contribute. My final message” Stay Inspired”

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