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A Versed Passionpreneur Renovating The Pharma Space

The changing scenario of pharmaceutical industry has brought a series of complex challenges for its leaders. The shifting regulatory parameters, inclusion of technology with ever-increasing R&D budgets have created fierce competition. Moreover, with the pandemic still raging, the stakes are extremely high. Such a scenario requires leaders, whose vision resides in bringing value for the industry and community at large.

Mr Prashant Kumar Pathak is one such pharmaceutical industy leader with proven expertise in both National and International Market. GHC Drugs & Pharmaceuticals – A valuable representation of his experience and potential, is penetrating the pharma space through qualified formulations and marketing approaches.

Mr Prashant Pathak founded GHC Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, on the premise of doing something profound for the pharma industry. He is one of those 1st Generation entrepreneurs, who witnessed the glorious transformation of the Indian pharma space. Starting his career as a humble Medical Representative, he steadily built an extensive career capable of reversing negative sales trends, controlling costs, automating process and systems, maximizing productivity, spearheading new initiatives and delivering multi-million dollar profits.He is well-experienced with the integrated business value chain and capable of unveiling emerging market opportunities and running business arms in APAC, Central & Latin American countries & Africa.

After an excursion of 36+ years, including 5 years as founder-MD & CEO of a built to 50+ crore start-up, Mr Prashant Pathak saw the surge of a stereotypical notion. A good proportion of medical professionals and the public believe that only expensive medicines are good, and the masses need to settle for less than the best quality. On the other hand, with disruptions becoming widely inclusive, it’s imperative for businesses to have innovation at heart. Traditional methods need to be revamped for creating new benchmarks. And the ‘Spray and pray’ model needs to be replaced by targeted marketing practices. Micromarketing approaches need to be prioritized to create strong niche presence in the market.

Understanding the scenario, he leveraged off his expertise to ideate a Company that offers affordable and qualified medicines, generate positive awareness while refining the widespread perception. And, this led to the inception of GHC Drugs & Pharmaceuticals in 2020. Born amid chaos and digital transformation, The Company procures a differentiated marketing approach i.e. optimization of resources – man, machine, material and money. Its offerings include a variety of wholesome formulations that bring value to its clients. Leveraging off modern technology and scientific knowledge, the Company is meeting the needs of affordable medicines for a good proportion of people.

Although GHC is the brainchild of Mr Prashant Pathak, its progress and reach, are further fostered by Mrs Kumkum Pathak. She is a passionate entrepreneur in her early 50s, hailing from a small village in Bihar. Like many girls of that period, she was married early and handed over the tough challenge of becoming a homemaker. While it was tough, Mrs Pathak grew up fast as a responsible lady supporting her husband in his professional journey and rearing their 3 children almost single-handedly.

After a prolonged period of household duties, Mrs. Kumkum Pathak decided to pursue something more innovative and joined GHC Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. as its MD. The collaboration of the duo has created value-added approaches that focus on building holistic relationships between the promoters, prescribers and patients. She is an indomitable woman, and like many capable homemakers represents strength and character with remarkable experience in human resource management. She is a role model for many women, who believe that it is never late to begin again as long as you have the passion to make your dreams into reality.

The changing dynamics of the supply chain has provoked every segment to reimagine their business model. And with the pandemic, the need for refined practices have become more prudent. The pharma space isn’t left out from such transitions. While it has been constantly influenced by traditional factors; or deals like lockdown, distress in the economy and an avalanche of unemployment has given challenges a new direction. To ensure their survival, the key drivers of GHC have ensured, its team subscribes and owns a shared vision and mission.

“We do not subscribe to or own anyone’s vision and mission – it is ‘OUR VISION AND MISSION’ that gets detailed into OBJECTIVES that get executed through carefully considered STRATEGIC POSTURE and TACTICAL actions”, explains Mr Prashant Pathak.

Their business is focused on providing beneficial formulations and helping the HCPs (Healthcare Professional) counter the ongoing adversity. The focus keeps everyone on board, striving to go beyond the challenges. Over the years, Mr Prashant Pathak has built a robust network of people which gives him an upper hand. Also, it has a young and effective team, whose experience and spirit to succeed keeps the company pursuing its vision and mission.

GHC also focuses on R&D to ensure a preferable quality in products and processes. It works on a contract manufacturing model staying consistent with Quality and Process Assurance and Control. The parameters ensure a centred focus on product development and resource optimization. The Company is also armed with software to support the business processes, including customer reach, process optimization and monitoring customer preferences.

Given the fact that – GHC has only been in operation for a year, it has already established a coherent work culture based on helpfulness – 360° helpfulness.It has established a balanced co-operation with its internal and external customers and seeks help from them whenever required. A strong connection with teammates, hands-on experience, fast and relevant decisions that impact the business profitably, keep it afloat.

“The Strong alignment of our team with our culture is the bedrock of all our endeavours”, shares Mrs Kumkum Pathak. The leaders profuse empathy to connect, and keep the team motivated. With the lockdown still active, the leaders ensure a 24*7 interactive channel with the objective of dealing with real-life scenarios and the market. A sense of togetherness fosters their missionary pursuit.

Backed with extensive experience, innovation and leadership, GHC is set to become a global pioneer in the near future. Building its charisma across the country, it has invested in CSR activities recognizing the medical professionals’ contribution in recent times. Its initiatives are directed towards sensitizing the community at large to acknowledge the valuable role that HCPs are playing. Pursuing the values of happiness, helpfulness and honoring HCPs, GHC is building a strategic presence amongst its stakeholders. As for the future, GHC plans to rise to be among the top 5 in its segment within the next 5 years.

“Motivation is always an intrinsic element and can’t be provided by external push – it is propulsion that has to happen from within. As people, we can only ensure that we create an environment which does not demotivate others.”

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