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Muclix Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Muclix Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Leveraging next-generation technology to revamp the quality of living

In today’s fastly moving world, everything is technology-driven. From our workplace to home, every device we use is allied by software. The entire world is encircled by innovation and IT outsourcing organizations. India has remained an acclaimed name for providing some of the leading tech-moguls to the world. While many prominent companies are serving the globe with topmost software solutions, we are going to irradiate the work of Muclix Systems Pvt. Ltd. An entrant in the entrepreneurial realm with the mission to render Next-gen software solutions.

Muclix Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a flourishing venture founded by two siblings, The Founder and Director, Munish Jha and The Director and CFO, Rupa Jha with a motivational drive to innovate software products and platforms serving masses globally to plan and shape the future of individuals and create new employment with comprehensive individual service solutions. The foremost vision of the company is to generate new job opportunities fostering high-performance and accessible software solutions. The company’s idea to accomplish the favourable goal is by attaining five different objectives contributing to one customary target.

  • Prestige and Recognition – By using specialized application platforms, the organization endeavours to acquire prestige, Muclix Systems Pvt. Ltd. Leveraging next-generation technology to revamp the quality of living recognition and goodwill from the society in which it operates to create brand awareness and customer interactions
  • Company profitability – The company gains profit by working efficaciously, following all the norms abided by law with means of finest work performance and credible application platforms to the customers.
  • Company growth – The firm thrives to bestow ample job opportunities through ceaseless growth. Providing expansion and diversification covering various locations.
  • Company stability – The company attains its stability in terms of customer satisfaction, credit score, employee satisfaction, etc against industry competency for sustainability through modernized tools and platform.
  • Social responsibility – Developing and contributing resources that can tame the social hindrances is the
    company’s other important aspect.

Muclix Systems Pvt. Ltd. started its remarkable journey during the global pandemic to spread awareness amongst the multitude through its first product launch “SOCLLE” in August 2020. It is a next-generation application resolving social networking hitches with Artificial Intelligence. This was followed by a profusion of steps taken by the firm to extend its horizons and scalability.

Marketing and Advertising had a primary role in this. The company designed some impactful marketing strategies like Segmentation (Market segment or business categories), Targeting (Target audience or customers), Positioning (Brand awareness) and Messaging (Digital promotion) to procure desired outcomes.

Another fundamental pointer while talking about augmentation of the business is a persuasive R&D. Research and Development embarks a crucial role in an organization to retain its position in the long run. It analyses the potential shortcomings and helps the team to shape better approaches that can exterminate errors. At Muclix, it is of utmost supremacy to perpetuate an R&D department. It looks over various facets and helps the company to deliver top-grade software solutions to the customers.

Over years-earned extreme knowledge and expertise, The Founder and Director of Muclix Systems Pvt. Ltd, Munish Jha believes that leaderships is often misinterpreted. Leaders are more judged by their influence on others than their intentions. To ameliorate such miscommunications, he persuades to be a promising leader for his employees. Munish has layed an optimistic work culture for his company where employee engagement is prioritized. For him, nourishing a comfortable environment for the teammates holds paramount importance.

It is regarded that content and pleasant employee brings ten forth of the output for the company. When the personnel is satisfied with the work and timely acknowledged by the organization, they outperform their responsibilities and live beyond expectations.

Needless to mention, a buoyant work premises makes a significant contribution.

With diligence and adaptability in work, Muclix System’s proficient team looks forward to launching more people-centric, artificial-intelligence-based products shortly. They will be framed with a futuristic outlook to settle technological challenges. The establishment will passage the angel investors and capitalists for the augmentation of the company. There are also enormous other facets that the company strives to supervise in the near future,

  • Customer service
  • Nurture existing customers and continue finding progressing opportunities
  • Organize events to promote the company through digital mediums
  • Examine and refine customer satisfaction

The Founder and Director of Muclix Systems Pvt. Ltd, Munish Jha concludes his lifelong learning and ground apprehension of the domain by sharing a few words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs. He addresses every hurdle as a ladder to the next course of life. He believes that failure fathoms the inner strength of an entrepreneur as the stepping stone of success. Every business goes through its share of ups and downs in the initial hour, but only with persistence in hard work and fearlessness, one can effectuate fruitful resolution.

The enlightened leader also states a precise note for the readers of the magazine.

“Every problem comes with a hidden solution which an individual needs to identify on his capacity. Once the solution is recognized, it generates immense opportunity for the masses to implement it in the favour of a better life”, highlights Munish Jha.

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