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NEMMADI To most of us owning a home is the epitome of success

Wouldn’t we do almost anything to protect it from harm?

Learn how and what you can do to protect your home.

Nemmadi assures homebuyers ‘get what they paid for and pay for what they get’.  Nemmadi is a ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannada) word, which aptly describes, what a client looks for while buying a Home – ‘Peace of Mind’.

Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.”

Nemmadi home inspection service will potentially save the clients ‘lakhs of Rupees’ while spending only ‘a few thousand’. They are a sister-concern of a well-known Construction Project Management Consultancy (CPMC) which has been in existence, for over three decades.

Nemmadi essentially offers two streams of services –

For builders & developers [B2B], their offering is more in-depth and complex. Nemmadi has the talent and capability to provide support in terms of Quality at any stage of the lifecycle of building construction.

This helps the Project team as there is ease of handing-over due to proactive snag clearance. With the RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) coming into force, a third-party quality inspection is in the interest of the customer since that ensures the quality promised is delivered.

The software they use is state of the art as it provides an online Inspection monitoring console for instant reports and analytics, helping in real time de-Snagging. Builders are utilizing their services as Third-party quality certifying bodies for project Quality conformance. They also assist Flat Owners’ associations before they take over common areas and amenities of the project from Builders to ensure problem-free operation in the future.

Innovation is powerful, execution is worshipped – Idea

Customer Education was the biggest uphill battle. Since this service was unheard at the time they started and many potential clients didn’t even know such a service existed, it took a long time to explain and convince the customers.

The field of Civil Engineering is known to be technology averse, they wanted to change this by leveraging technology to improve not only the efficiency of the engineers but also collect copious amounts of data at the same time. This meant going against the tide and developing an app that would perform a factor of magnitude better than the existing tools. This meant developing an app that the bottom of the pyramid, could use on their Android phone with ease and minimal learning.

While working at the parent company, they came across many end-customers who came to them with requests to comment on the quality of work in the project where they were engaged as CPMC.  They did not entertain these requests as this would be a conflict of interest.

But when the inquiries came from across India and the numbers steadily increased it dawned on them, then Construction Quality Management was a service interest for them.  Now that RERA [Real Estate Regulatory Act] has come into play and their services contribute to the underlying intention behind it, this conjunction with the fact that 100% FDI is allowed in Real Estate, which allowed them to come in and do what is required.

 The strength of the company – Team

Mr. A. N. Prakash is an industry veteran and MD of A. N. Prakash Construction Project Management Consultants. Having been in the industry for over 30 years he knows all the ins and outs, the nuances of how the Civil Engineering in particular construction industry works in each state and most importantly, he knows most if not all the top builders in South India.

Uday Simha Prakash joined A. N. Prakash to start Nemmadi so that they could leverage their domain knowledge in Civil Engineering and in Information Technology.  Their first two employees were very experienced in the field – Mr. Suresha and Ms. Divya. Having worked in the parent company they had confidence in the idea and after discussing the concept it was an easy sell for them.  Today they are a team of 15.

Revenue is the engine that funds all innovation.

Its revenue has been growing at over 300% per year.

Their clients in the B2C segment have grown exponentially and in the B2B segment this year they have over 10 clients. Nemmadi has provided Home Inspection for over 1000 apartment owners. From the experience of having worked in over 1500 construction projects all over India in the past 30 odd years, as part of the CPMC, they understand the nuances and the various aspects of the field.  They also know where things can go wrong and where to look for them and they provided Individual Home Inspection services at many projects all over South India –

 Subsequent Objectives

They are working on improving their app, using Artificial Intelligence [AI] in such a manner that no human intervention is needed to take part in the visual inspection of workmanship. Since they already have a treasure trove of images labeled by humans [engineers at the site, while performing the Quality checks], they need only to build on it but it is their futuristic goal.

They positively assist Flat Owners’ associations before they take over common areas and amenities of the project from the builders to ensure snag-free operation in the future. The comprehensive inspection is using structured checklists, compiled out of years of experience in all types of projects.

Therefore, decades of professional experience is the backing future objective for Nemmadi. The quality plan is basic and subsequent goal for them, and later Quality assurance and Quality control processes are performed as per already drawn Quality plan to ensure that required quality levels are achieved at every stage of construction. This results in Total Quality Control in the construction process as well as their objective.

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