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FELIPE HARO-Founding Head

The organization highlighted here started its inspiring journey from multiple freelancing platforms and finally got registered in Estonia and Chile in 2019. The star of the story is Felipe Haro who is Simulation Modeling evangelist and the Founder of Noorjax Consulting.

Quite a unique name, right? Well, he named his very first venture based on an old game invented by him when he was just seven years old! What compelled us to highlight Noorjax’s success story in this exclusive edition was how it defeated adversaries with sheer perseverance and tenacity with an unwavering focus on strategy and teamwork.

As we sat down for a tete-a-tete with Felipe Haro, we touched on several aspects of the company’s business portfolio. We believe this spectacular narrative of Felipe Haro and his entrepreneurial venture will amaze our global aficionado in the most sophisticated manner.


Felipe Haro is the Founding Head of Noorjax Consulting and was heavily involved in simulation models during the early 2000s. Gradually, he developed a great level of interest in AnyLogic while working for PwC in 2013. His entrepreneurial voyage commenced in 2017 by establishing Noorjax Consulting after leaving a high-heeled job at Amazon. The firm began working as an independent consultancy performing simulation models across various freelancing platforms.

It started supporting students, SMEs, government agencies and other establishments with a diverse range of applications. Delivering excellence via his AnyLogic inclination, he came under the spotlight, especially through his online courses. Also, his presence stimulated intensive collaboration in the community since he became active in the niche market.


Revolving around the concept of simulation models that solve a variety of issues across manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, healthcare, etc, Noorjax has become a reliable consulting partner for its targeted audience. Prominently, they are dealing with complexities of Road Planning, Airports, Manufacturing, Mining, Strategy, Public Transportation, Customer Service, Fluid Logistics, Supply Chain, Optimization, People Behaviour, Artificial Intelligence, Policy Advisory, Power Consumption, Market Dynamics, etc. Moreover, Noorjax also has a subsidiary Noorjax Teachable which is a learning academy where they have over 15 different courses curated exclusively for simulation modeling fanatics, students and professionals.


As a boutique consulting firm, they aim to deliver value with their lightweight solutions at a swift pace compared to the competitive scenario at a better quality level. A few of the key highlights of the vision proposed by Haro are as follows-

• Outperforming the rest
• Result-driven approach before the promised deadline
• Quality products despite facing losses
• Standing up to the promises
• Customer centricity
• Adding substantial value to the client’s endeavours


Felipe asserted that out of several factors, what he believes any business is a success is the value one adds in favor of the organization. In this respect, R&D plays an essential role where any employee can learn new things and bring considerable value to the organization. He elaborates on this topic saying, “When an employee doesn’t have a lot to do, it’s a great moment to do some R&D and I want them to decide on what they want to work on, giving them a few options if they don’t really know.

This allows them to provide significant value to the company with new products or features.” Though the process may not yield something extraordinarily successful, the process of trying to understand a concept while diving into the deep waters is what induces selfgrowth and skill  improvement. Even if things don’t turn out as expected, at least the employee got the chance to improve themselves at professional levels which indirectly fuels the growth quotient of any organization, continues the leader.


What drives Felipe as a leader is his philosophical attitude which has different facets. He opines that one must know his team properly acknowledging their expectations and aspirations from the organization. Also, supporting and encouraging them to learn new skills and allowing them to nurture themselves into their best possible version- whether they associate with the company in the future or not- is quite important. “Throughout my journey as a leader, I want to guide my employees through their respective careers.

I want to remove any sort of fear in communication, which means that if a member of the team wants to leave, for example, I want to be the first one supporting their decision. I would love to see them becoming successful in better positions, expanding their wings across the skies of exemplary success. While maintaining high standards, I wish to see people associated with me explore their hidden talents as I avidly believe in holistic growth and development.”


The values ingrained in the culture of Noorjax are simple but stern. Here, people are expected to work according to their own delivery promises. Work like crazy if you lag, and relax if you outperform! Taking some time off for yourself, traveling to different places, being true to your words, possessing a customer-centric attitude, striving to offer the best customer experiences as well as value, etc., are the key highlights of Noorjar’s work culture.

“ Well, frankly speaking, I don’t believe in company culture at the end of the day. The company is just an exchange and the employee should never be entitled to anything, and the company shouldn’t be entitled to the employee’s loyalty,” revealed the dynamo of his views on the work culture of a company.


Felipe began his journey from scratch. He started with zero networks where no one knew him or held his hand to support him. Despite that, he sustained the challenging times and emerged to carve a formidable identity of his own in his niche domain. About his journey so far, he conveyed, “ I just have fun doing what I do and I don’t want to stop having fun. I will let the company grow at its own pace without slaving myself into a path of greediness. But I want in 50 years to be as big as PwC…. But I’m patient, there’s no rush and I will grow by adapting to whatever changes in this uncertain world.”


“Patience and consistency are what matters the most. What I like as a concept that I took from a friend Gabriel Furman, who is a leadership coach, is the idea of the power of the imperfect action, or in other words “don’t wait for the right times to come, start with actions today, and embrace the mistakes you might make along the way”.

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