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NSEW Metals

NSEW Metals

A 2021 Founded Endeavour Leading the Realm and Revolutionizing the Raw Material Industry

The Consumption of Raw Materials in India will triple with a Total Market Size of> USD 300 Bn by 2030-31 across Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, Construction Chemicals, Paints, etc. The intended growth of MSMEs and SMEs in the country is closely related to the development of raw materials, and for this, they require suitable materials at the right price and credit cost.

With a vision to revolutionize the raw material industry, the NSEW Metals came into existence in 2021 as a “One Stop Solution for Raw Material Needs of SMEs, MSMEs and Corporates.” Today, it has become a name synonymous with the right material, affordable price, and the right credit cost; they are the trendsetters catering the raw material needs with a Digital and Experienced touch.

They offer sellers the opportunity to sell off excess inventory at the best prices, which helps their cash flow. They not only successfully negotiate with Suppliers thanks to the Strategic Geo Sourcing model and Demand Aggregation but also make sure that they split the rewards with no help from consumers.

NSEW, a tech-enabled company with its headquarters in New Delhi, specialises in a variety of raw materials, completed goods, and semi-finished products in the ferrous and nonferrous product categories. With a highly committed and capable management team, assisted by an equally capable workforce, NSEW stands as a trusted name and a benchmark in the raw material solutions industry.

Creating an Indible Mark with Unique Marketing Tactics

Digitalizing and mainly automating commodities’ supply and service chains is critical because purchasing them has been laborious. A step in the right way is NSEW Digital Business. Few technological platforms exist where you may purchase goods at real-time prices by spending less than 30 seconds on your phone.

There are some platforms that either work on an RFQ model or simply advertise the buyers and sellers, which does not serve the purpose as the lead time is very high. This is a very dynamic world where companies need to ensure that they are agile and responsive enough to the customers. NSEW is on a mission to democratize buying and selling raw materials in the country.

Craving Out as a Differentiator

NSEW is a customer-centric organization; they take feedback very seriously. The Primary Suppliers they work with have a proven track record in the industry whereas, but at the same time, when they onboard any new supplier with them– they ensure that they do a strict QA and compliance check.

A PPAP lot is first provided to the customer, and the complete supply begins after receiving approval from both the supplier team and the technical team. It has helped several suppliers specially in the tier2 cities like Raipur, Durgapur, Bhilai etc. and they are now able to work with the company to obtain premium rates for their raw materials.

Clientele & Corporate Ethos

NSEW aspires to provide the most excellent customer service possible in their pursuit of excellence. It is actively providing services to a variety of industry sectors, including the steel, foundry, automotive, construction, and engineering industries. At the same time that they are giving customers a plethora of options, they are making sure that the quality is not sacrificed. The local team at NSEW collaborates closely with suppliers to offer cost savings to buyers in the range of 3 to 5%.

When you take into account the ongoing volatility in commodity prices, this cost-saving in essential raw materials is enormous. They believe in Continuous feedback. The team is on the ground engaging with customers and addressing any issues in minimal lead time. They have a tech platform where they have minimized human interface. Apart from buying and selling in real-time and venue allows users to upload purchase orders, check balance status and order details, and raise any complaint with a single touch on their phone.

From the Desk of Visionaries

Every 1% decrease in the price of raw materials increases a company’s operating margins by 8 to 10%. SMEs and MSMEs make up 95% of all industrial units in India and generate 45% of its industrial output. For raw materials, SMEs and MSMEs rely on regional dealers, brokers, and agents. Quality suffers as a result of localised traders & brokers’ limited supplier choices. On top of that, their high pricing for raw materials prevents small enterprises from obtaining the best products at the best prices.

Additionally, several intermediaries are involved before the raw material reaches the final user. Nearly 70% of its manufacturing costs are accounted for by the raw materials we supply. When we first started, we believed that if we could reduce their procurement costs by 1%, our goal of launching NSEW would have been accomplished. However, we are delighted to inform you that we have been able to reduce the cost of raw materials by 3 to 5 % across categories.

Significance of Research & Development

Significance of Research & Development NSEW believes in Continuous innovation and development. In order to ensure that the proper materials are used in practice, they always take a consultative approach when selling raw materials and have frequently worked with suppliers to produce joint products. They have unique platforms powered by integrated technology where buyers can instantly compare and purchase essential commodities.

Introducing the Leader – Kush Jeevan Deep

Kush Jeevan Deep took the foundation of NSEW Metals on Dec-21. In his last endeavour, Kush was designated as Director Ferrous with Vedanta. He formerly held leadership positions in Kalyani Steels, RPG Group, and Indian Railways (Ircon). He has an engineering degree from Delhi College of Engineering and an MBA from IIM Calcutta.

What’s Next?

Enjoying profitable growth and expanding their business in categories of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals and Construction Raw Materials are the plans in the pipeline for NSEW. They want to contribute to nation-building and ensure that SMEs and MSMEs get fair trade and equal opportunity for buying raw materials. At the same time, they also feel that there is a lack of companies in India like Glencore and Trafigura and NSEW aspires to be one of them soon.

Words of Wisdom
Well, if you think you can do it – You will do it.

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