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Obesequies Services Pvt. Ltd.

Obesequies Services Pvt. Ltd.

A One-of-a-Kind Funeral Service Provider Facilitating all the Funeral Arrangements and Transportation to Ensure a Dignified Farewell to Life

When people experience the deaths of relatives and friends, taking care of the proper arrangements, rituals, cemetery, transportation, and other necessary tasks seem quite difficult. However, all those essential things need to be taken care of. This is where the funeral service provider comes into the picture. Shining prominently in the landscape of funeral service providers, Obesequies Services Private Limited (OSPL) is one of the renowned Funeral Home Specialists, providing compassionate funeral services to help the family of a deceased person in their most difficult times and lighten their burden.

Prajakta Patil and Gautam Chavan, two young and innovative professionals, founded Obesequies in Mumbai to help with final rituals, cremation arrangements, and transportation to the cremation site. When loved ones pass away, everyone wants their deceased loved ones to be treated gently and assisted with the last rites when they die away. Obsequies has efficiently served over 5000 families from various communities—Hindu, Punjabi, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Gujrati, South Indian, North Indian, Marwadi, etc.

“We are the one company that operates in each phase of the service cycle. We produce the Gokashtha for burial services, have our own ambulances, make our own puja samagri, have our own enrolled Brahmins, and have a skilled professional team, for example. This makes it extremely challenging for competitors to compete. Consequently, we conduct about 10 to 12 funerals each day”, the leading lady, Prajakta Patil (Co-Founder & CEO), further apprised.

An All-In-One Solution for Different Funeral Needs

Obesequies is offering a comprehensive range of services for funerals in and around Maharashtra. The services provided on call are

1. Ambulance and Hearse Van services
2. Pundit
3. Antim Sanskar/Funeral Samagri
4. Sevaks
5. Assistance in getting the documentation and booking of a crematorium

Others Services

1. Immersion of Asthi
2. Dead Body Freezer Service
3. Dead Body Transporation Service: intercity,
interstate, or international
4. Embalming of the dead body
5. Pundit for providing further rituals on the 10th, 11th,
12th, and 13th days.
6. Coordination for Organ Donation
7. Rudali Services
8. Arrangement for Condolence Meetings
9. Arrangement for Food for Mourners
10. Obituary in the News Paper
11. Tribute Film Making
12. Legal Help

Additionally, Obesequies manufactures products for funeral management, like GOKASHTHA, – logs made from cow dung,” and other items. It also offers aged care services and collaborates with doctors, paramedics, and support staff to visit old people often in their homes as needed.

The Tale of Inception

As the parent brand, My Om Namo offers a variety of services, including religious pujas, complete puja samagri, and Pundits. The team started getting inquiries about funerals, and there is a certain distinction between the pundits who conduct these afterlife pujas.

Being a spiritual start-up, they didn’t want to miss this part because it’s the most significant service, where people aren’t really familiar with the traditions and don’t comprehend the details, and the whole family is in shock and trauma from losing a loved one.

So they came out with “ANTIM SANSKAR SEVA” after considering creating a separate division and brand for the same. From 2017 to 2021, they offered this service through the same company, but in 2022, they spun it off and established a new business called “OBESEQUIES SERVICES PVT. LTD.”

The co-founder and chief operating officer, Gautam Chavan, has been a part of My Omnamo since 2016. He oversaw the management of Pundit and Samagri and took calls. In 2017, it was his idea to set up a separate subsidiary for funeral management services. And he began overseeing all aspects of the same. As a financial expert, Prajakta Patil evaluated the company’s potential before putting the new start-up on the market.

The co-founders built the workforce gradually, and the company presently employs 40 individuals. With four ambulances that are owned and more than 35 partner ambulances in and near Maharashtra and other major Indian cities.

Business Intelligence Group: At a Glance

Business Intelligence Group is a well-diversified corporation with operations in Ghana, India, Spain, Singapore, and Dubai. In Dubai in 2008, Makarand Patil and Prajakta Patil laid the foundation of the group. The young entrepreneurs started the group with the flagship entity named BIG STRATEGIC ADVISORS GROUP, a Strategy Consulting and Boutique Investment Banking firm focused on Strategy development, growth planning, fund structuring, corporate restructuring, and providing fund raising assistance to corporations and MSMEs. In the last 15 years, the company has grown from its initial base in Dubai to include operations in Singapore, Spain, Mumbai, and Ghana.

As part of its diversification plan, the group entered a number of business sectors, including

1. Fashion Jewelry manufacturing and retail in Spain under the brand “Just Bijou” through “BIG FASHIONS,” based out of Bilbao, Spain, and Mumbai,
2. Marathi media and entertainment include the Mumbai-based “BIG BAG ENTERTAINMENT” theater and entertainment sector.
3. Providing products and advisory services to the waste management industry in India and the Gulf through the Mumbai-based company “ECOTECH XPERTS,”
4. Provide IT and ITES services to MSMEs in India and international clients through “WOW INFOTECH PVT LTD,” based out of Mumbai and Nashik.
5. Launched an Affordable Diamond Jewelry brand through “PANACHE ENTERPRISES.”
6. Development of real estate and Smart City Consulting by a Spanish technical team under the name “BiG Property AND Infra Pvt. Ltd.”
7. Financial Inclusion of Micro Entrepreneurs Through Digital Accounting Mobile Application “LIKH LE”
8. Taproom Discounts Pvt. Ltd. (“Pints N Shots”) is a distinctive start-up with a disruptive discount model for the beverage industry in India.
9. “BiG Digital Enterprises” is a media and events firm that handles corporate events, brand management, and product launches.
10. “MY OM NAMO” is the most successful start-up that was published in Forbes Magazine in 2019 and was reported by Awaaz Entrepreneur of CNBC. This start-up is focused on offering 27 services from “PRE-BIRTH to RE-BIRTH.” Pundit booking for spiritual services, bhajan mandali, astrology lessons, Vastu consultants, numerologists, pranik healers, temple tie-ups, temple prasad delivery, funeral management and after-funeral services, and puja samagri production are a few among them. During COVID, the business got a boost, and the parent company got split into five companies.

1. My OmNamo Spiritual Services Pvt. Ltd.: This venture serves a group of independent service providers in the spiritual sector. The organization employs over 10,000 pundits, astrologers, vastu consultants, and other service providers, and it operates in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, and India.

2. My Omnamo Spiritual Products Pvt. Ltd.— the venture manufactures puja samagri, such as agarbatti, dhoop, kumkum, haldi, ashtagandh, chandan, and many other products linked to puja. They are affiliated with almost 42,000 women through various NGOs, women’s organizations, and self-help groups in this endeavor.

3. My OmNamo Devotional Services Pvt. Ltd.: This venture is into providing institutional services to devotees such as temple tourism, yoga and meditation center booking, marriage and other spiritual event organization, etc. This venture is active in India.

4. Nirvana Obesequies Global Pvt. Ltd. is a holding company for taking care of the Funeral and post-funeral services.

5. Nirvana Fintech Services Pvt. Ltd., the venture, specializes in pre-ordering funeral services.

6. Obesequies Services Pvt. Ltd. is the startup that takes care of the unique business proposition. Under the brand “ANTIM SANSKAR SEVA,” they offer complete funeral management services.

Serving during COVID with Ease of Service

Since Obesequies is focused on funerals, it was the only company serving day and night during COVID. They were working closely with local authorities and crematoriums to provide ease of service to the people. They assisted people during this difficult time of COVID and provided many families with affordable and safe services. The team performed these services with proper dedication and took all safety precautions.

Clientele and Corporate Ethos

Serving clients from all strata of society, Obesequies has built a distinctive stance in the market through Google search, just dial, or hoardings or billboards outside crematoriums. Due to their excellent and top-notch services, Obesequies gets most of its clients through word of mouth. The majority of their customers come from Bollywood, where they have recently performed cremations. Veteran Marathi and Hindi film actor Ramesh Dev Many industrialists and HNIs lived in Mumbai, Pune, and other parts of Maharashtra, including the late Mr. Ravi Tandon , father of Ravina Tandon.

The key elements that make Obesequies the most sought-after service provider include a neat and clean ambulance, welltrained, polite, and professional personnel, a well-educated pundit, quality products, and prompt service.

Take on the Significance of R&D

The team continuously learns new skills and makes use of cutting-edge tools. Numerous other research and development projects are currently taking place in the production unit, including the development of the sliding stretcher for body movement, the creation of cremation blocks made from cow dung to conserve forests, the development of the pet cremation stretcher, and many others. The corporation has an advantage over rivals thanks to these new pieces of equipment, service goods, and attachments.

Leadership Behind the Success: A Brief About the Key Officials Prajakta Patil

A versatile personality and inspiring leader, Prajakta Patil is a Chartered Accountant by profession, a veteran banker, and a strategy management consulting professional turned serial entrepreneur. She graduated from the prestigious Mumbai University with an MBA in Finance. Prajakta has a keen attention to detail and is intensely focused. For every project she takes on, she thoroughly researches and produces a strategic plan while keeping in mind the limitations, growth criteria, risk identification, and risk mitigation techniques.

Gautam Chavan

Gautam joined the BiG team in 2017. He has a postgraduate degree in marketing and extensive expertise in marketing a range of goods in the FMCG and services industries. Since then, he has focused on carrying out the services. He effectively leads teams and is a people person. He evaluates the circumstances, makes future plans, and effectively carries out the tactics.

Obesequies’s Key Focus: Employee Motivation and Satisfaction

Employees are self-motivated, and they have the basic instinct to do something good for society at Obesequies. Gautam Chavan (Co-founder and COO) trains his team to be motivated and explains to them how important the emotional quotient of the employee is while performing this job. Gautam has devised multiple training modules, an incentive structure, and employee stress management. As this is a service that is call-based, a reserve team is always based in one of our offices for quick response. Which is on rotation and is incentivized for better performance.

Major Milestones

Within five years of its inception, the company has climbed a significant number of steps on the ladder of success. “As My OmNamo, we have been featured in Forbes Magazine and were also covered in the CNBC Awaaz Entrepreneur Show. ABP Majha has also covered our story”, revealed Prajakta Patil (Co-founder and CEO). Additionally, the company’s promoters have received numerous honors and distinctions in Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Dubai, and Spain. Their stories have been published in over 40 newspapers and magazines.

Road Ahead

Having made strides on the journey for several successful years, Obesequies has been actively working towards building a clear roadmap that directs its attempts for growth either through greenfield expansion or acquisition of local players. The company is planning to expand its presence in Metro cities and Tier 2/3 cities in India, beginning with Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Indore, Ahmedabad, etc. Additionally, the startup is financially boot strapped, and negotiations with investment bankers for dilution of stock holdings and funding are ongoing.

Words of Wisdom by the Visionary Leaders

We would like to just share our experience, but we need to have a clear motive in mind and commitment to the business. Focus should be there on the quality of the product and service delivery. Success is bound to be achieved. At the end of the day, dedication, commitment, patience, and perseverance pay off. Especially for start-ups, the motive should be to build businesses and have a great, sustainable business model. If the business model is perfect and the value proposition is clear, business will sustain and employment will be created, resulting in benefits to society and the economy of India.

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