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Orange Retail Finance India (ORFIL)

Orange Retail Finance India (ORFIL)

A Credible Partner to Rely on for Growth and Success

Today, NBFC sector plays an extremely crucial role in the development of the country’s core infrastructure. By offering quicker funds and credit to the Indian trade and commerce industry, these entities are enabling the nation-wide growth. Furthermore, small businesses, start-ups, and MSMEs/SSIs are largely dependent on funds offered by NBFCs as the availability of credit is a lot faster. As these small businesses expand their operations, their need for skilled and unskilled labor goes up to fulfill the increase in operations.

Thus, indirectly, each new NBFC registration creates more job opportunities at the macro-economic level. Hence, recognizing the role of some reliable service providers in this industry, in our latest edition, we have spotlighted the success story of Orange Retail Finance India Private Limited (ORFIL). For this, we sat down for a virtual meet with its Managing Director and CEO –Mr. Ebenezer Daniel G. Here, we conversed about multiple aspects of this business venture and its out-of-the-box implementations in the respective space that concluded in the formation of this elegant read.

An endeavour to provide affordable mobility and livelihood solutions to rural as well as semi-urban markets, ORFIL began its journey as an NBFC in the year 2014. With its personalized solutions, quick loan processing, and steadfast digital network, it strives to empower the population of the country in line with fulfilling their aspirations. Their primary products include – Two-wheeler loans, swift cash loans, and Loans Against Property.

ORFIL was established on the firm principles to ensure transparency in their business operations. Economical prices, focussed approach, differentiation at the strategy level, identity as the digital-first, etc. are some aspects that offer them a leading edge in the market. From marketing client’s individuality to addressing the ‘battlefield’ challenges, they have strained every nerve to create a niche for themselves. Moreover, their intense focus on the client organisation’s core values, strength, industry insights and quality services have made them attain the trust of their targeted audience in no time.

Addressing their quality-oriented facet, Ebenezer Daniel conveys that with two decades of deep domain expertise, end-to-end digital approach and a steadfast presence over 10,000+ villages, the company has managed to gain the repute of a ‘go-to’ brand for every household. And in this same direction, the brand aspires to utilize every bit of its strength to capitalize the business opportunities in favour of the budding entrepreneurs or end- consumers.

In the present times, marketing products and services has become imperative for the success of the business. ORFIL has also built a unique marketing strategy that harnesses the power of Website designing, Management, SEO optimisation, Offline Integration, Social Media Planning, Conversion Analysis, Optimization Process and Traffic Building tactics and much more.

For any business, R&D proves to be a valuable tool for growth and improvement. ORFIL has also been benefitted from the offerings that made it grow effectively on the digital front. The RND process has enabled them to become innovative while utilizing the modern techniques for swift disbursement and lesser documentation for the lending process. Indeed, it has relieved the tedious lending process for the organisation as well as the customers.

On that note, tech advances have also proved to be quite handy for their agile and effortless business processes. They have adapted the latest technology for being proactive in functioning. End to end automated Digital Lending Platform via Orange Digi Wheels & Orange Finmobi which will deliver Two Wheelers to the customer residence, Better Online Visibility, The “IT” Factor, Cloud Collaboration, Mobile Payments, Smart Devices, Cyber Security, Social Media App, Convergence of SMAC, Digital First, Mobile First Approach are some key elements of ORFIL tech inclusiveness.

Owing to the global pandemic, the business world has witnessed major setbacks. As the world is navigating through a huge financial turn-around, many companies have managed to develop a new world economy that has evolved in the form of latest financial models. Though the unfortunate global crisis stimulated huge losses to lives and economy, digital financing, banking and digital marketing witnessed major boost in their businesses. The luminary says that the Covid-19 pandemic taught the businesses the significance of going digital, and a learn to be reckoned forever!

Employees are the precious asset, ORFIL avidly resonates with this notion. For keeping the morale high of its workforce, the company relies on consistent evaluation of the out performers and ensures to recognise as well as reward the talent. Internal growth opportunities are also a key aspect of ORFIL’s culture. The CEO revealed, “We are offering various schemes, promotional activities and incentives that help us motivate the employees and keep their enthusiasm awake.”

The business journey for ORFIL thus far has been quite phenomenal as it has carved a considerable brand identity for itself with sheer commitment and hard work of its workforce. With just 1 Branch in 2014, ORFIL now has over 100+ branches across South India. Much more to come as they move forward.

When questioned about the future endeavours, Ebenezer Daniel replied that they have envisioned expanding the market reach of the brand while developing the appropriate management band width for digital transformation and investor relationships.

“Take more risk in your endeavour, do not compromise in your ideas. Be passionate in your vision. Traditionally Digital & Unstoppable Indeed”

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