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Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU)

Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU)

Educational Institution

PDEU: A Beacon Of Transformation And Hope

About The PDEU
The joint vision of Shri Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Mukesh Ambani, and others led to the establishment of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University. PDPU has flourished as a top university under the direction of Mukesh Ambani, Founder President. Through the State Act passed on April 4, 2007, it was formed as a Private University with the intention of having diversity and scholarship for developing a significant talent base in the energy sector. Numerous courses in engineering, science, management, humanities, and social sciences are available at PDPU.

The University was created to bring the transition that would put an emphasis on energy, academics, and research by changing with the times. They expanded throughout time to encompass humanities-related professions and renewable energy sources. As University has explored many areas in Energy sector, the name change of the University was suggested in its 8th Convocation address from Petroleum to Energy University. It has excelled in giving its students access to top-notch education and exposure through a variety of national and international exchange programmes.

PDEU has established itself as a prestigious organization with notable national and worldwide awareness today. The university’s main areas of focus are:

ENERGY FOR ALL: PDEU was created to concentrate on renewable energy and promote important research into the subject in order to achieve “Energy for All”. “PDEU has completed extensive research on new energy sources. The Centre of Excellence in Geothermal Energy (CEGE) has conducted exploration surveys for geothermal prospects in several parts of Gujarat and has drilled two shallow wells in the Dholera region in India’s west. It has established first of-their-kind projects on heating and cooling in Dholera, honey-processing, and balneology using geothermal water,” Dr. Sundar says. He adds,

“The Centre for Biofuel & Bio-Energy Studies (CBBS) has developed expertise in designing energy-efficient
biodiesel processes. This includes an energy-efficient biodiesel reactor unit that is capable of producing
biodiesel from readily available Indian feedstocks, facilitating a reduction in dependency on imported fossil
fuel and increased self-sufficiency in the Indian energy sector. PDEU also has a Solar Research Development
Centre, a 1 MW solar power plant, and a 1.5MW rooftop facility”.

SOCIAL IMPACT: With funding from the European Union through Horizon 2020, PDEU is working to design, develop, and demonstrate high-recovery, low-cost water treatment systems for saline groundwater and wastewater in response to the United Nations’ call for sustainable development goals for clean water and sanitation. As part of its obligation to the community, PDEU has adopted adjacent communities.

The university’s students have launched periodic awareness campaigns about many current societal issues that have addressed the academic and physical demands of the schools. With seven patents in this pandemic’s engineering solutions to tackle COVID-19, PDEU has emerged victorious in doing its part to fight the pandemic.

YOUTH FOR TOMORROW: The need to prepare children to be global citizens is growing as we live in a global village. Many students are arming themselves with adaptability and adjusting to changing circumstances through international cooperation and exposure programmes. They are assisted and encouraged by PDEU to enroll in international exchange programmes so they can get ready for exciting professions abroad. Since 2010, the institution has collaborated on research programmes and summer internships with various foreign universities.

By holding various events such as guest lectures, seminars, workshops, industrial visits, and short-term training programmes, PDEU disseminates its conviction in active and continuous engagements with industry players to establish stronger bases and long-term professional partnerships.

“This Industry connection helps the university to facilitate Industry exposure to the students. This exposure allows students to apply technical knowledge to real-life situations and problems. Industrial training is an experience where a student closely works with other professionals and follows instructions to get insights about the operations”.

In order to encourage students to engage in research during their formative years, the university also supports travel grants and student research projects. They are also given scholarships based on merit and merit-based incentives.

A Boon For The Students
A dynamic learning atmosphere and cutting-edge technology are the ideal combination that PDEU offers its students, transforming them into future professionals. For its students, the university has a strong track record of finding placement. Top Indian businesses have employed the students, and other businesses visit PDEU each year to look for engineering students. Many students have accepted employment offers from organizations with a strong focus on their field.

The institution has transformed the teaching-learning process to make it more flexible for future generations. The goal of preparing students for the future has undergone a paradigm shift as a result of the change in how concepts are taught and learned. Syllabi have been created to include STEM subjects and connect them with practical learning as a result of the hybrid approach to learning.

Experts from business and academia are invited to contribute their knowledge during 10% of all classes. This is done practically in all topics, and the taking of the subject by the involved faculty member facilitates it. With all of this in mind, PDEU keeps working to create a place where students can safely express their originality and creativity.

The university’s top-notch facilities and good upkeep provide students with the perfect environment for performance excellence. Whether it be in festivals, athletics, or other activities/events, the students take an active part and excel, bringing honor to the university. With more than 40 student clubs, members actively participate in club operations as Core Executive Members and in events put on by other clubs. Students from many colleges across the nation engage in the three main festivals, Flare, Tesseract, and Petro Cup.

Awards And Achievements
The PDEU Innovation and Incubation Center (IIC) was founded in 2014 with the intention of transforming the enthusiasm and potential of young students. In order to assist aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, and technologists in advancing commercial projects and initiatives, it was subsequently officially incorporated as a Section 8 corporation in 2017. The Intellectual Property Protection Organization (IPPO) awarded the center the title of “Incubation Centre of the Year with Prominent IP Culture” in IP Fest for three years in a row, from 2017 to 2019.

Many honors have been given to PDEU for its outstanding efforts to make the university stand out, including the ARIIA Ranking in 2021, which placed the institution fifth in the category of Universities/Deemed Universities. At the SSIP Prashansa Awards, which were held by the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat for 2019 and 2020, the institute was recognised as the Best Performing Private University in the Private University category.

The university recently accomplished the following:

  • NAAC A++ Grade (3.52/4) in 2022
  • NIRF Ranking: 106th in Engineering Category, 101-150 Band in University Category, and 89th in Management Category.
  • Awarded with Centre of Excellence status by Govt. of Gujarat.
  • SIRO Recognised by Govt. of India
  • Member of Study in India Initiative of Govt. of India

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