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The Rising Star Of Plastic Solutions

We don’t care about where our stuff comes from. We use goods and seldom think about the discomfort that is involved during the processing of these goods. Manufacturing has a long history and how we have gone from only human-made to man-and-machine-made is a beautiful journey, Pashupati Group is the wanderer of such a journey with over 12 years of experience in the industry of PET Recycling, Packaging, Textile, and Hospitality.

Starting with the textile trading in 1979, Pashupati is now a leading name in India for PET waste recycling and packaging solutions. The Company has eight production facilities in various states of India with more than 500 permanent employees and 1500 contract workers; it is a leader in PET Recycling.

The manufacturing facilities of this Group are Pashupati Polytex Pvt. Ltd., Pashupati Laminators Pvt. Ltd., Shree Ram Polymers, SRM Spinners Ltd., Pashupati Excrusion Pvt. Ltd., Kundana Techno Tex Pvt. Ltd., Salasar Techno Tex Pvt. Ltd. and Shyam Techno Tex Pvt. Ltd. Himalaya Ecoz Pvt. Ltd. being the waste management and Pashupati Agencies being trading arms.

Here, the goal of Pashupati Group is to provide textile solutions that concern the environment and human beings, and they are looking for every opportunity to transform ‘waste resource into value’ and aim to achieve continuous milestones to provide the planet with sustainable and closed-loop solutions.

To retain the market for the long term, every organisation needs to stand out from the crowd because the distinction is the element that any consumer looks at in the world of similar operating companies. The nature of Pashupati, therefore, lies in the conversion of degraded and burned waste for the development of useful PET products by Chemical / Mechanical recycling. Among their manufacturing plants, the Organisation recycles most of its process waste and continually aims to establish themselves as “A Zero Waste Group of Companies”.

Besides, as per government guidelines, all Pashupati Group facilities adhere to “Zero Liquid Discharge” and controlled emissions.

The team at Pashupati Group concentrates on large volumes of finished products to achieve low conversion costs to ensure an advantage over the peers, and they even provide a diversified product range to keep their customers intact. Also, the Business focuses on offering realistic prices and genuine quality in the long run, and it has helped create trust in its customers.

The credit for the tremendous growth and success of the Company goes to its highly professional and experienced management. The Business’ Board of Directors are industry veterans who guide and empower the spirit of hard work and commitment. They are Mr Vishnu Prakash Goenka, Mr Bankey Bihari Goenka and Mr Piyush Kumar Goenka.

Mr Vishnu Prakash Goenka is the Founder and CMD of Pashupati, and he is a Commerce Graduate with 45 years of industry experience. His experience and advice helps to provide direction to the Company. Mr Vishnu’s expertise lies in the fields of industrial management, import-export, finance, distribution and education.

Mr Goenka is a social person and also knows his social obligations. As the trustee of Hanuman Prasad Poddar Cancer Hospital in Gorakhpur, he is very well socially placed. He is a member of the Vikas Bharti Public School, Seva Samarpan Sansthan, and Marwadi Seva Sansthan.

Here, the Managing Director is Mr Bankey Bihari Goenka, who is responsible for an overall administration of the Company. He’s a college graduate with 25 years of related business management experience and is responsible to the Pashupati Group for development and strategic planning. Mr Goenka is instrumental in achieving technical and managerial excellence in the operations of the Company.

Mr Piyush Kumar Goenka is the Company’s Director and has been a visionary in the enhancement of the Group and is responsible for Pashupati’s purchase vertical. He is a Commerce Graduate with 20 years of rich industry experience. In attaining various certifications for the Company, he played an important role. Also, he manages the Company’s administration.

Management believes that criticism helps to construct an organisation, so they believe that criticism should be accepted with open hands. It must be taken positively to take suitable lessons from it.

Since idle money is equivalent to no money, it is the mindfulness of business persons that works on the expansion and always looking for new opportunities of investment and growth. Pashupati Group is therefore using its resources to extend the waste collection network to ensure its recycling plants have a better quality of separated post-consumer and post-industrial waste. They are also diversifying into the recycling of non-PET and MLP and also increasing their PET recycling and woven fabric manufacturing capabilities to satisfy their customers’ increased demand. Besides, the Organisation is diversifying into PET goods that are compatible for food-grade packaging.

Uncertainties make up a large portion for every company, and every business person knows that there are no profits without risks or uncertainties, it is also said that higher risk leads to higher benefit and lower risk leads to lower profit. Therefore, Pashupati Group works with advanced and sufficient preparation to deal with the complexities that exist in the conduct of the business venture and keep themselves up to date on various market trends for strategic decision-making. Group’s management is very flexible and always ready to jump on board with new technology and culture.

Workers are the foundation of an enterprise and to ensure full efficiency from the entire workforce, this Company uses encouragement, periodic training, decentralisation of authority, and morale-building as the essential tools to cope with employee productivity.

In a difficult period like COVID-19, Pashupati Group permitted work from home for the desk employees, paid salaries at regular intervals and without any delay. Also, the organisation has not taken the direction of employee retrenchment. The management and key officials have consistently made efforts to address the problematic situation. It is the belief of the Management that they will wade through these unprecedented times together with hard work and determination.

Pashupati Group has a great relationship with its employees and clients, not just now, but since the Company’s inception. They still have workers working with them since the beginning, and the Company also partners with their next generation. It is assumed that the Company’s most impressive accomplishment is a long relationship with employees and customers.

Talking of the awards and recognition, Pashupati Group has a handful of them with “Best Supplier Award” from TATA CHEMICAL LTD in the year 2009 – 10, “CONCOR EXIM STAR AWARD 2010-11” for Enhanced Performance Importer in Northern Region, “CONCOR EXIM STAR AWARD 2010-11” for Emerging Customer – Import in Northern Region, and “CONCOR EXIM STAR AWARD-2015” a special award in Importer category for Northern Region.

Further, the Company’s future planning involves the start of commercial production at Kundana, Salasar & Shyam Techno Tex Pvt. Ltd. by the end of the year 2020-21. Besides, they intend to enter into the hospitality industry with the 5 Star Hotel in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. Finally, at the Jaipur & Kashipur manufacturing facilities, the Company plans to start solar power plants.

At last, Pashupati invites potential suppliers of technology, consumer industries, recycling associations and communities, independent consultants and like-minded organisations at Pashupati Group to join hands with the business in their plans to become part of the journey. The Group promotes the usage of Recycled PET Products towards its contribution to keeping the environment clean by recycling of PET waste. Along with the idea of “Sab ka Saath- Sab ka Vikaas,” they believe in moving forward.


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