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The legendary author Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”. While this adage interprets various aspects of life, the most credible and inspiring reflection is leadership, particularly female leadership. Across time and physiology, women have stood out to be vigorous and benevolent leaders. They are the epitome of multi-dimensional skillsets, managing home and pursuing dreams simultaneously.  Working mothers, in particular, provide a good example not only for society but also for their children.

The internet is sprawling with stories of such women, and they are from all kinds of segments. Standing among them is Preeti Phuskele, a seasoned entrepreneur who has shown splendid leadership while becoming the backbone of her family. She is the founder of two workforce solutions provider – Concord Talent Hunt & Pinacolish expertise in hiring critical technical positions of engineering and automation companies. Furthermore, she has edited many books, which are available in libraries around the world and written numerous papers on Economics and Finance.

Turning into a fully-fledged entrepreneur from a professor in MBA College in Pune was a pure roller-coster Preeti. While she planned for a sabbatical for child care, fate had something else in store. An unforeseen financial crisis, followed by her husband’s untimely death and his losses in business, forced her to take the helm of Concord Talent Hunt. What made this transition more acerbic – is she had to rear two children without any financial or family support.

But, that didn’t shake her will or deviated her focus. Despite not having any strong network or experience in the HR space, her interest in learning and admirable hard work kept her going. She found her first breakthrough in her very first assignment from a renowned automation MNC. The success of this project helped Concord Talent Hunt rapidly ascent through the automation sector and gave it an edge over peers. Furthermore, this helped Preeti understand the need for a competent staffing Company for technical recruitment. Since then, Concord built its stronghold around technical hiring, including Automation, automotive and engineering companies across Pune and further delved into IT Sectors.

But with the innovation surge in recruitment space, Preeti realised the need for outsourcing solutions. The mayhem of COVID-19 further made this the immediate reason. Since the last year, the job market is in distress; and global companies are seeking recruitment partners for offshore projects. Thus, Preeti incorporated her brainchild, Pinacolish. Born amid chaos, the Company works on a candid mission – address the hiring challenges due to COVID -19.

Managing resources working in India without having physical offices in the country is a significant challenge for Global IT Firms. Mobility of staff is also drastically curtailed considering pandemic and challenges at the personal front. Pinacolish caters to these challenges with skilled resources. Although the client is responsible for managing the resources, Piancolish ensures all candidates have the required IT skillsets, as per the client’s preferences.

Concord Talent Hunt has grown into an avid firm for churning and delivering the best talent. With a focus on recruitment, training and retention, it has developed a portfolio consisting of Contract and permanent staffing, Executive search and Selection, Flexible Resourcing and Employee Development through training, coaching and mentoring.

It has a customized suite of HR consulting solutions drawn upon the client’s framework that focuses on increasing productivity and improves access to opportunities. The provided services are closely monitored – from the beginning to the end and further provided support if required. They specialize in crafting a customized

“Our end-to-end HR solutions are tailor-made to suit every unique business need and designed to be cost-efficient”, says Preeti.

Its team on board is adept, and they ensure the solutions are compliant, professional and qualified. Concord Talent Hunt primarily works with Engineering, Automotive and Automation Manufacturers. , and its results-oriented services boost business efficiency and employee performance. With end-to-end solutions ensuring complete customer satisfaction, CONCORD TALENT HUNT stands as a “Partner of choice”. Its assurance built around seasoned expertise and technology helps the Company deliver innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions.

Leveraging upon its sister concern’s technical competency, Pinacolish offers innovative business optimization solutions, which includes Permanent Hiring, Software Projects, Augmented Staff Services & Outsourcing, Management Consultancy – Training, Organization Development, Marketing and Sales Consultancy, Insights & Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Financial & Accounting Support. With such a diverse portfolio, Pinacolish ensures holistic development while keeping companies off the stress of seeking different agencies.

A detailed consultancy also provided to guarantee that every element of the process is operating at peak efficiency. Staff augmentation and outsourcing have evolved as two flexible strategies for completing projects for offshore companies. And the scenario propels the need for Pinacolish, for it is a single umbrella for companies seeking application development across diverse technology verticals.

The industry has gone through simultaneous transformations over the last few years. And it has raised the demand for committed service providers. Although this creates an emergence of big players and MNCs, as well as shared service centres, staffing players are still counted for skilled and competitive hiring for R & D centres. Complete outsourcing often takes down consistency and quality, while shared service centres have their own challenges in terms of overheads.

In such a scenario, recruitment firms sourcing for technical positions will have an advantage and better visibility amongst clients opting for niche skillset with a prescribed background. Upon this understanding, Concord Talent Hunt focuses on recruiting for niche positions, senior roles and specific positions for R&D sections of engineering companies. Her involvement further propels confidence amongst clients. She and the staff on board are continually learning about various sectors of automation and heavy engineering, and it reflects on their deliveries.

“The learning curve helps in gaining client’s confidence, boost productivity and acquiring new clients through references”, opines the founder

Preeti’s journey to be in the pantheon of leaders is quite stirring as challenges we an integral part of her growth. And learning from them, she has built an inspirational culture at her Companies. She believes that leadership requires more than just academics – it requires a large part of inner-self. A proper blend of attitude, compassion, decision making, risk-taking and management skills not only makes a good leader but ensures a prolific track.

Preeti is well-imbibed with such qualities, which gives her the ability to nurture a young and energetic ecosystem. The collaboration contributes to overall professionalism and growth of every individual with independent decision making, management skills, multitasking capability and ability to seek new trends. Very soon, the team is aiming to bring AI-Powered solutions for better optimization.

Preeti’s interest in learning further helped her cope up with uncertainties and market challenges. Digitisation is influencing the face of every industry; hence, Preeti is working on generating more productivity through their digital marketing. Pinacolish is also a pillar of support for every woman entrepreneur. The Company is helping emerging women to strategise their businesses and cope-up with challenges in marketing, brand building and statutory requirements.

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