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Preventia Wellness

Preventia Wellness

A Unique Endeavour Setting New Benchmarks for Overall Wellbeing With a Holistic Coaching Approach

Striving to promote the entire well-being of a nation through social and personal well-being is the key focus of Preventia Wellness, a significant part of the Preventia Group. The Preventia Group was founded in 2012 with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between traditional medical practises and contemporary medical discoveries and technologies.

Driven by the motto of โ€˜Health, Wellness, and Resourcesโ€™, they are on the route to seeing incredible growth in the years to come, and the leadership of Dr. Hareesh AS (Chairman) has proven to be a key differentiator in the companyโ€™s resounding success. One of the major initiatives by Preventia Wellness is Hygeia, a mental health-oriented wellness program.

It is a set of programs, certified courses, and diet and wellness products in a single theme that helps to cope with stress, anger, anxiety, and other issues. We sat down with the visionary leader, Dr. Hareesh, to learn more about the key concepts and expansion strategies of Prevention Wellness and the Preventia Group.

Lessons from leadership: in a talk with Dr. Hareesh AS

For a better understanding of the readers, provide an overview of the company and its offerings. The Preventia Group is a consortium of nine registered firms that focus on the sectors of wellness, health, and resourcesโ€” the trinity of developing a healthy lifestyle ecosystem.

โ€ข Health: Preventia Healthcareโ€™s primary areas of interest include the development of hospital projects, the establishment of hospital rehabilitation centres, and the promotion of medical travel to India. In addition, we offer facilities and training for stress and sleep centres, Allureโ€™s womenโ€™s healthcare, and sports medicine. Preventia Healthcare stands out because of its distinct approach and dedication to the next generation.

โ€ข Wellness: Preventia Ventures Pvt. Ltd. oversees wellness programmes, produces food supplements, and offers general training courses. Their wellness industry sets itself apart by addressing stress related to mental health and employing a stress management strategy based on practical psychology. Their wellness sector focuses on corporate wellness, the education sector, the therapeutic sector, and sports and fitness areas for industry-based stress.

โ€ข Resources: Jasper has evolved into a comprehensive solutions supplier for enterprises of all sizes as a member of the Preventia Group of enterprises. They provide a wide range of services, including worldwide communications, trade, the provision of human resources, technological advancements, and events. โ€œExpanding into the education sector has allowed us to tap into a diverse pool from multiple companies and an expanding network, enabling them to succeed in providing professional solutionsโ€, explained Dr. Hareesh AS.

Did you witness any transformation in your respective industry over the years?

The transformation in our industry has mainly been about our aim to promote and create opportunities for intellectual development. We plan to transform our company in the near future by expanding our scale of operations and activities to promote healthcare and wellness tourism abroad the way we have been successful here in India.

Please shine some light on the work culture of your company.

At our company, we believe in fostering a relaxed work atmosphere that promotes employee well-being and job satisfaction. One of our main goals is to reduce the need for internal medicines by focusing on preventative measures such as healthy lifestyle choices and early intervention.

To achieve this goal, we strive to attract like-minded individuals who share our passion for preventive care and healthy living. Our team is made up of dedicated people who are passionate about making a positive impact on the health and well-being of others. We also have a strong volunteer base that shares our values and works tirelessly to help us achieve our mission.

How are you planning to expand the growth of your business venture?

Our consortium, the Preventia Group of Companies, plans to expand the growth of our business venture by promoting health and wellness tourism overseas. We plan to expand our scale of operations and put in efforts to offer our medical services and hospitality experiences from India to tourists and potential new clients abroad. Through these efforts, we aim to keep contributing to the health and wellness tourism industry as well as continue to innovate and develop new medicines and methods of treatment that are the need of the

What does the company hold for it in the future?

We are currently focusing on our next programme, Hygeia, which is being developed under the wing of Preventia Wellness. This programme works with our main motto of focusing on health, wellness, and resources and seamlessly ties into our Wellness India Project, with which we will be creating the largest wellness network. Under Hygeia, there are three major categories of programmes:

โ€ข Wellness Tourism

With wellness tourism, we plan to utilise our resources to create

1. Tourism gateways (in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Palakkad)
2. Hospitality facilities in the form of our own resorts, dignified specialty hospitals, Ayurvedic resorts and hospitals, and sites for special wellness stays
3. Satellite centres to coordinate the activities and programmes across overseas centres

โ€ข Wellness HUB and Apoorva Homes

In this programme, we are creating a wellness hub across eight acres of land for cultivating wellness via premium wellness stays and for production via industrial and lifestyle training.

The facilities on this site will include: an open lawn for training and parties; stress management facilities; neurorehabilitation facilities; therapeutic stress care; first aid and consultation; a small training hall (for 50 people); an open kitchen; a herbal garden; and gardens for fruits and vegetables surrounded by a thicket and lush greenery.

โ€ข Hygeia Lifestyle

A lifestyle centre with a unique and integrative 5-Zone Therapy for preventing health issues and protecting you from stress The fifth zone is all about developing perfect individuality, a method of practical psychology that integrates oneโ€™s physique, mind, nerves, and energy pattern. Practical psychology is a part of Bio-Plasmic Modulation Therapy (BPM Therapy) and will not interfere with any of the other therapies or require the need for internal medicines for stress care.

What milestones and achievements does the company boast of?

I am proud to share with you some of the accomplishments of our company:
  1. ย I had the honour of being invited as a special guest at the United Nations Young Changemakersโ€™ Conclave in 2016.
  2. ย I developed a special intervention to manage burnout stress during ASICON 2016.
  3. ย In 2015, I was felicitated at a national seminar of psychologists held in Belgaum for my contributions to the study of psychology and for integrating modern concepts with ancient Indian science.
  4. I am currently the Chairman of The Preventia Group and Luminous.
  5. Ms. Prameela Prasad, CEO of the Preventia Group, was presented an award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Science Innovation in Practical Psychology at the Pride India Awards 2023.
  6. In March of 2023, Ms. Prameela Prasad, CEO of the Preventia Group, accepted an Excellence Award on my behalf for my contributions in the field of mental healthoriented wellness at the Global Virtual Academy for Peace and Education.

Lastly, is there a message you would like to give to Business Connect readers?

Modern society demands that businesses operate ethically and prioritise social responsibility. Prioritising ethical practises has a huge role in building long-term success and contributing positively to society. One of the key reasons our business has been successful is our firm belief in the three pillars of corporate sustainability in business: environmental, social, and economic.

We strive to operate our business in a way that supports these pillars, ensuring that we are mindful of our impact on the environment, prioritise social responsibility, and maintain a sustainable economic model. Incorporating these principles into our company has helped us create a positive impact on society and contribute to building a better future for everyone.

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