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PURE EV EcoDryft Electric Bike unveiled, company claims 135 km range in a single charge

PURE EV EcoDryft Electric Bike unveiled, company claims 135 km range in a single charge

By Sanjay Maurya

Hyderabad-based maker of electric two-wheelers Pure EV has unveiled its first commuter electric motorcycle, the EcoDryft. The company has unveiled the EcoDryft e-motorcycle, which is claimed to offer a riding range of 135 km per charge. Test rides are now open for this and its official prices will be announced in the first week of January 2023.

According to the manufacturer, this product was designed, developed, and manufactured in India. The company claims that there is no electric motorcycle that caters to the Indian commuter segment, which represents 80 percent of all motorcycles sold in India and more than 50 percent of all two-wheelers sold in the country. Additionally, Pure EV now offers a variety of electric scooters. When it comes to competition, EcoDryft will have to give tough competition to the likes of TVS and Honda to attract the commuter segment.

PURE EV EcoDryft Battery and Motor

Pure EV has fitted a 3.0 kWh capacity Lithium Ion battery pack in this electric bike. This battery pack is AIS 156 certified. The company has not made public the power and specification of the motor fitted with this battery.

PURE EV EcoDryft Range and Top Speed

Talking about the range and top speed of Pure EV EcoDrift, the company claims that this bike will give a riding range of 135 km once fully charged, and with this range, a top speed of 75 km per hour is also available.

Pure EV EcoDryft Design and Colors Options

EcoDryft being a modern bike has standard angular lamps, telescoping front suspension, twin shock rear, etc. It also gets 18 ft front and 17 ft alloy wheels. The electric bike will be available in three modes and four colours, namely Drive, Crossover, and Thrill. The four colors of the bike will be Red, Grey, Black, and Blue. The kerb weight of the bike will be 101 kg and the payload capacity will be 140 kg.

Pure EV EcoDryft Braking & Suspension

Talking about the braking system of the bike, the company has installed a disc brake in its front wheel and a drum brake in the rear wheel, with which Combi Braking System is available. The suspension system, it has telescopic fork suspension at the front and spring-based shock absorber suspension at the rear.

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