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By utilizing the internet, the video business platform has created a worldwide inter-connectivity, opening plausible opportunities for organizations to grow and innovate. Spotting this scope, RankTech Solutions, a global technology platform is innovating the arena of digital interactive services, with avant-garde technologies.

RankTech is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company; founded in 1st July 2013, by Mr Anil Prakash Kastuar, in one of the popular metros of the country, Kolkata. Started as a software provider and developer for a global client base, the company attracted Vidyo inc. – A leading platform for enterprise-grade, video conference solutions. Vidyo Inc. was looking for software developers, who could inculcate software updates in their video conferencing module and RankTech proved to be exceptional. By succeeding the deal, RankTech became Value-added tier-1 partner of Vidyo Inc


Mr Kastuar is a seasoned leader with a humongous experience in areas of Business Transformation Management, SAP & other ERPs for Large & SME segments, Strategic Business Intelligence solutions, MES (Manufacturing Enterprise Systems) for Shop Floor control and its Integration with Top Floor. He is an ardent fan of innovative technologies and enjoys troubleshooting to revive failed ERP projects.

He has succeeded in leadership designations (CIO and CEO), in many companies around the world. During his professional stint, he had to utilize the video conferencing platform on a large scale. This exposure stimulated a surge in him, leading to developing video interface solutions.

He started to Innovate video interaction solutions for call management services. IndusInd Bank became its pioneer customer to provide video interactive banking services. The USP of his Digital Interaction & Video Conference Management(DIVCM) was that customer’s call could be routed to distinguished representatives, as per the company’s choice. Also, the platform allowed conversing through the chat process and access to banking solutions consequently.

The service was accessible through a browser, in any type of smart device. Until the middle of 2016, RankTech marched, with its innovative Video Interface Solution and served many notable foundations like HDFC Bank, Reliance Mutual Fund, etc. Then, they shifted to product creation. Currently, RankTech has exemplary products, serving diverse verticals like finance, education, healthcare, BPOs, and much more.


Introspecting the last few years, mankind has seen a wide array of technological evolutions. With the inception of the internet and android technology, people can gain access to online services and video conferencing; but an integrated platform wasn’t available. RankTech grabbed this opportunity to create a one-stop-shop for all customer’s needs. By leveraging on technological advancements, it combined the two elements – Online services and virtual interface, to create a revolutionary third product. The new application enabled users to use online services while interfacing with a representative.

An example is their prized product Kuber – Video banking that helps customers do face-to-face banking anywhere, anytime, without going to the bank. The product was a relief for both service providers and customers. Customers could gain 100% access to all solutions, whereas service providers can increase their reach over the globe.

The product is also significant for NRIs, as they don’t have to do ISD calls, also access and contact the bank on their phone. Following Kuber’s success, RankTech has conceived 7 more products namely Hermes – Video financial Services, Vinus – Video Insurance, Heka – Video Healthcare, Tenjin – Video Education, Athena – Video Enterprise Talent Acquisition, Muses – Video Hr Training and Pegasus – VCollaboration.


“Our initial challenge was convincing people that Virtual Interface will be a breakthrough for better productivity”, says Mr Kastuar. Since video conference solutions, require an adaptive technology, several companies tend to avoid it and resort to the prevalent interactive framework. However, with the increasing dangers of the COVID-19 outbreak, organizations have increasingly ventured on Video Conference apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. as they have become the finest means for face-to-face interactions.

The situation has also created a beneficiary for RankTech. By leveraging on technology, RankTech has devised cost-effective, disruptive platforms for BFSI, HealthCare, Education, Enterprise HR Talent Acquisition, Enterprise Training, Supply Chain Collaboration, Field Force Collaboration, CRM, Video Call Centers & BPOs and Enterprise Human Resources. The Company has crafted associations in many countries like India, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Africa, Ukraine, etc.


R&D plays an integral role in the overall development of an organization. RankTech has witnessed the rise, of groundbreaking advancements, over the period. To stay abreast of the advancements, the Company has performed in-depth R&D practices to procure innovative and transformative solutions, to satisfy clients’ needs and achieve new levels of growth.

By leveraging on digital technology, RankTech has created user-friendly solutions that are accessible through all categories of smart device and network connectivity. Powered with highly secured OTP enabled transactions, 128-Bit encryption, Biometric, OCR and photo identification features, products are compatible, with all sorts of cybersecurity protocols.

Every product is designed with, a built-in core management system and powered by unified communication technology and can adapt proficiently to the nature of business. The products generate productivity by, creating efficient MIS reports, cutting down costs, improving TAT and optimizing workforce requirements.


The Novel Coronavirus has shaken the operations of many companies; however, some of them has proved their diligence. By venturing on digital technology, RankTech had initiated work from home. The Company has formulated a communication channel, with all the employees and ensured an autonomous workflow. Every morning and evening, the leadership panel commences group meetings with their team to discuss and review day-to-day operations.

“The 21-day lockdown brought our team closer and we learnt a lot of new things. It was genuinely a novel experience for us”, asserts Mr Kastuar.

Through VPN access, RankTech ensured a freewheeling operation and devised new frameworks for ensuring data security, IP security, productivity, real-time customer support, etc. Being a technological startup at the core, It stands as a new challenge for them, to deliver their qualified services and solutions in this crisis, which they are doing, that too, with efficiency.

Recently after the lockdown was partially removed, RankTech allowed a handful of employees to work in office premises, with absolute safety measures (Face masks, sanitizes, PPE Kit, etc).  Even in these conditions, they have devised their own video interface platform and has shifted from utilizing foreign Video conference applications. In short, RankTech has made plausible breakthroughs, even in a dearth condition.


Throughout the stretch, RankTech has achieved many milestones for its unparalleled solutions and services. For its video banking solution, RankTech proudly stands as “The World’s First Successful Video Banking Solution” and are accredited by NASSCOM India under its “10K Start-up companies initiative”.

They are also honored with “Partner Leadership Award 2016”, for being the best SVAAS Partner (Software and Video as a Service), by IPTV. Mr Kastuar is also accredited with “Global Excellence Awards 2017” in the category of “Best Software Innovations CEO – India & Software Product Engineering Company of the year – India”. They are featured in the prestigious CIO Outlook magazine under “25 Most Promising Insurance Solutions Providers – 2016”.

Amidst the melancholy caused by COVID-19, RankTech has welcomed 2 new customers for its Video e-Clinic Solutions. Within the next month, RankTech is aiming to bring new clients for its digital education module (On-Line Classes & On-Line Assessment v- Education) and Today more than 12,000 Motor Insurance Claims per month are being remotely settled on RankTech’s v-Insurance Instant Claim Settlement platform, by four leading General Insurance Companies in India.

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