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ReliaBull Financial Services Private Limited Mutual Fund Distributor

ReliaBull Financial Services Private Limited Mutual Fund Distributor

ReliaBull Financial Services: An Investor-Focused Firm Fuelled By Trust

Company Overview
ReliaBull is a group of experienced professional managers from various sectors of the financial services industry who specialize in Mutual Funds, Fixed Income, PMS and Alternative Investments strategies. ReliaBull provides services to a wide range of clients, including salaried individuals, HNIs, corporations, trusts, and non-resident Indians. They provide investment products right to the client’s door. Their post-investment service is a key differentiator for their desk.

ReliaBull is promoted with the goal of instilling financial discipline in the investor class. “Portfolio Management” and “Financial Planning” are two of their primary services. Clients can choose from Mutual Funds, Fixed Income, PMS, Alternate Investment Funds, and Insurance.

ReliaBull’s team is constantly striving for excellence and delivering results. They have always emphasised lowering their clients’ financial risks by creating a pool of profitable options from which to choose. This along with the alignment of their processes with technology has helped ReliaBull in creating a mark in the industry as well as in the hearts of their clients. The uniqueness of the company lies in taking a “holistic approach in meeting the complex needs of investors and providing unbiased advice.”

Entrepreneurial Journey
Mr. Kishan Jakhotia, the Founder of ReliaBull Financial Services is a young entrepreneur who has conquered numerous challenges to envision and create this company. Throughout his career, the majority of the companies he worked for were focused on Sales/Product rather than Advisory/Client. The entire approach to wealth management was based on making money for oneself rather than for clients.

He decided to change this at least in his team, but he was not very successful due to a variety of corporate constraints. He also believed that the industry lacked quality advisors because wealth management firms prioritised product push over learning. Upon recognizing that this needed to be changed, he set out to establish his own company.

ReliaBull faced many challenges at first, but one of the most significant was convincing investors to invest with them and gaining their trust in managing their wealth. “When you have MNC Banks, local Banks, Wealth Management Companies, Financial Services Groups etc. vying for the same client it gets difficult. We were in competition with the big boys. So, to convince clients to try our wealth proposition was quite daunting initially,” he explains. What business approach to take and how to arrange funding were other challenges Mr. Jakhotia and his team conquered.

 Keeping up with the changes in the industry is crucial for a business to succeed. Mr. Jakhotia states, “As the needs of our investors evolve, we evolve too. We have consciously decided to actively pursue SIP business this year as these assets are more sticky. Also, within our core client network we have been actively pursuing PMS & AIF product offerings.”

 ReliaBull is well known for two reasons. The first is the quality of their advice, and the second is their service standards. They have consistently outperformed the market on client portfolio returns, and their turnaround time for resolving all client queries/service issues is two days.

Mr. Jakhotia’s professional goal is to achieve an AUM of 500 crores in the next year. He is also considering expanding the company into new markets and expanding its product offerings. Personally, he intends to devote more time to honing his skills in his field and in the technological realm.

A Client-First Approach
Trust is not something that can be gained overnight. ReliaBull has worked hard over time to deliver consistent results, which has helped them gain the trust of their clients. Their unique selling point is that they take a holistic approach to meeting the complex needs of investors and provide unbiased advice.

The customer is the most important aspect of ReliaBull’s business, regardless of what they do. The ultimate goal of the company is to provide an exceptional customer experience. They attempt to fully comprehend the customer’s requirements before providing tailored investment solutions. Their customers are inextricably linked to them in two ways. First, through their relationship management team, and then through the daily market updates and reports that they provide.

Clients in the HNI segment that ReliaBull serves have access to so much information from various sources that they can accurately determine who can or cannot be a good advisor. They approach a client with the right mix of experience, market understanding, and product knowledge, making it easier to gain a client’s trust. Client referral programmes and connecting on LinkedIn have worked the best for the company in promoting initiatives, offerings, or services among all the business development activities it has undertaken.

When asked about client trust, Mr. Jakhotia is proud to say that the company has consistently been referred by the clients to their extended family members & friends. “This is how we know we are doing a fairly decent job. Also, not a single client of ours has left us, so that’s one more measure of how much they are happy with what we have been doing- and the way we have been doing it.” Some of the client relationships of the company have now exceeded 8-9 years and are getting stronger by the day They plan to expand into newer geographies, such as other metro cities and to add new products to their portfolio, such as stock broking and loans.

Parting Words

“Starting a business is hard, making it successful is harder. Honestly it has been a fulfilling and a rewarding journey so far. It has been a learning experience. If you have passion then things will happen. It taught me newer aspects of leadership. Also, initially we started with only Mutual Funds, but we have consistently added new products to our bouquet like PMS, Alternate Funds, Unlisted offerings etc. Our clients are happier that they can have access to all the financial products under a single roof today

I am still young myself and learning so I can’t give advice but all I can say is do whatever you do with Passion, Integrity and ethics. Know your product and market well before taking the plunge and embrace feedback.”

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