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Roha Dyechem Private Limited

Roha Dyechem Private Limited

Food Colours (Natural and Synthetic) 

Roha Dyechem: Carrying Forward A Colourful Legacy

Written by: Kriti Anand

Coloration is in great demand in a multitude of industries. Be it clothes or food and beverages, the presence of colors makes the appearance more attractive and distinctive. ROHA Dyechem is a leading name in food industry, having a strong global presence in twenty two countries, and is focused on building a portfolio to meet the growing market need with an exclusive range of Synthetic, Natural and Clean Label colors, dehydrated ingredients, flavouring extracts and industrial dyes and pigments.

The business of ROHA Dyechem can be broadly divided into two: manufacturing synthetic colors comprising water-soluble or food colours and non-soluble or lake pigments and manufacturing natural colors, dehydrated ingredients and flavor extracts from natural resources.

Their product portfolio is diverse in terms of the raw materials they use and the final form in which they supply the products to their customers:

Food Colors: Natural colors, Coloring Foodstuff, Synthetic Color

Industrial Pigments & Dyes: Acid Dyes, Basic Dyes, Organic & Fluorescent Pigments, Pearl Pigments, Solvent Soluble

Dehydrated Ingredients (Food): In today’s fast-paced world, there is a growing demand for processed and preserved foods which bring convenience to the life of the consumer. ROHA has expanded its product range to include dehydrated natural ingredients without additives, in the dairy, meats, fruits and vegetable segments.

Flavored Extracts (Food): ROHA has stepped into production and marketing of natural flavours and extracts, including organic and highly concentrated aromatic bases. ROHA supplies its clients with a complete range of flavours and extracts for all applications i.e. liquid aromas, powder, atomized and also a micro-encapsulated format which can withstand the heat in kitchens.

The long journey of ROHA Dyechem to becoming the success it is today began with a small step. A small colour manufacturing facility was incorporated in 1972 by ROHA Group’s Chairman, Mr Ramakant Tibrewala. The company is led by his vision, which has always been instrumental in building the company through key acquisitions, and by ensuring that the company stays up-to-date with global requirements and systems.

Every customer, partner or collaborator is given the best of support. ROHA’s focus on being reliable throughout has helped it earn an enviable place in the minds of every customer regardless of the type of business agreement it has. The focus on innovation of natural & clean labels has helped ROHA in a big manner. ROHA ensures the best possible application to the product through its fourteen technical application labs across the world where their scientists work with clients to analyze & develop the perfect colors. In keeping up with evolving trends, ROHA also ensures the solutions are legislative compliant and are set to adapt to new developments in a stringent F&B legislature.

The key customers of the company have been with them for many years, even decades. As the customers expand into newer markets, ROHA expands with them to service them better. Many of their customer engagements are for multiple product needs and multiple applications repeated across years over product categories. A very high entry barrier enables ROHA to have a steady, long-term relationship with the clients across the globe.

ROHA has been developing food ingredients for almost fifty years to meet the demand for bright and vibrant colors. The company walks on the pedestal of innovation that has helped ROHA to grow into the global behemoth that it is today. ROHA has several R&D teams across the globe to meet particular market requirements.

With fully fitted applications laboratories in St Louis in the US, Valencia in Spain, and Mumbai in India, ROHA can carry out a range of customer-specific application testing from ice cream and yoghurt to beverages and prepared food. The focus on innovation of natural & clean labels has helped ROHA stay relevant and popular.

ROHA has been aware of the shift towards organic or natural foods for a long time, and this has set the basis for how the company wants to shape its future. ROHA Dyechem seeks out new alternatives years before the need is realized and brings them to scale at the right time.

At ROHA quality testing is not merely protocol but a determination to provide safe products. Several actions are taken at the company to reduce the quality risks, which include survey and factory audits to ensure high quality products, manufacturing process control systems, quality control methods and identifying non-conforming materials.

Finished products and raw material specifications are prepared to understand the starting material and finished goods, which helps to reduce batch to batch quality differences. The product specifications include relevant physicochemical properties and other instrumental analysis data.

Test methods are developed and validated with relevant standards. Raw materials and final products are tested to determine if the respective specifications are being met. R&D labs are equipped with all desired analytical instruments as well as lab model machinery to develop new products.

Instruments are checked for optimum performance at notified intervals. Quality checks are performed during the production cycle which reduces the risk and cost. Special care is taken while packaging the finished products.

ROHA’s research, development, and quality assurance personnel support the company’s efforts to improve existing products and develop new products tailored to customer needs, while providing ongoing technical support and know-how to manufacturing activities. Their R&D labs carry out technical activities including basic research, product development, process development and optimization, analytical method development, forward and backward integration, quality and yield enhancement, value addition from waste, trouble shooting for operations, effluent treatment functions, and commercialization and application development support for customers as required.

They devote considerable resources to the development of product applications and processing improvements to support the customers’ requirements for reformulated products with patented processes and inventions.

ROHA Dyechem’s workforce is its biggest strength and it believes in meritocracy. The inclusive nature of ROHA allows it to be relevant locally. At the same time the senior management treats each other as family and ensures the business is in good hands. Employees are encouraged to innovate and better themselves all the time to keep up with the evolving global marketplace. The workforce at ROHA understands what every client needs, and works toward that goal in unison.

Each employee is mentored by seniors and their career path is clearly defined. The HRD goes beyond the normal and extends help, even to the family members, if needed. Women form 25% of ROHA Dyechem’s workforce and all necessary compliances are set to global benchmarks.

ROHA is seriously gearing up for the new millennium with intensive investments in technology.




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