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Rubiscape, is a revolutionary tech-data farm that seamlessly harmonizes Diverse Data, Algorithms, Computation, and People.  Born from an idea to connect people’s curiosity and experience with any data, the Company holds the power to decipher any data, simplify the translation of information into actionable insights, and extend the knowledge gained towards prolific outcomes. In short, it gives people the power to discover a world of Data Intelligence and fuel their imagination- from Insight to Foresight.

Rubiscape, was handheld in the industry by a team of seasoned leaders that includes Prashant Pansare (Founder & CEO), Anand Pansare (Co-founder & Director) and Kedar Sabne (Co-Founder & Director). Prashant is one of the most influential innovators with promising knowledge of data analytics. Under his leadership, Rubiscape is growing as an avant-garde startup destined to become the forefront of innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Industry 4.0 and Business Analytics. Rubiscape is an innovative product, founded in Feb 2020, under the banner of Inteliment Technologies – A global leader connecting people with technology and insights.

With the digital revolution, big data is exploding, and to make sense out of that data, one needs to be well conversant with the science of the data. However, the options available are not good enough concerning user-friendliness, affordability (TCO), flexibility, scalability and function richness, easy & intuitive UI/UX, with no or minimal efforts, and investments required in training and adoption.

These series of challenges, laid down a fertile opportunity for Prashant to commence Rubiscape. Prashant has been a renowned leader in the big data space, working with fortune clients, researchers, and practitioners to build tailored solutions. Big Data is a significantly complex subject and while working with these bodies, he felt the dire need to devise a platform that can reduce complexity and manageability while fostering data-driven innovation. Eventually, Rubiscape was incubated at Inteliment’s Innovation Labs in 2017 as a research project. The thought process was to build a one-of-its-kind data science and analytics platform, which is agile, frugal and matches emerging business models and fresh thinking.

Rubiscape was launched as an R & D project, which later grew into a value-adding startup. The prime focus was to create a robust ecosystem of technology vendors, open-source communities, leading institutions, and incubators across India, Europe, and Australia. It has a dedicated R&D team, that continuously evaluates emerging trends and technologies, piloting innovations; also participates in several forums & hackathons to evolve Rubiscape into a groundbreaking brand.

Deep investment in R&D further helped it devise integrated tools, namely RubiStudio (Visual ML-Ops), RubiConnect (API Engine), RubiFlow (Data Orchestration Engine), RubiCast (Forecasting Engine), RubiML (Prediction Engine), RubiText (Text Mining Engine), RubiSight (Visualization Engine) and RubiCloud (Compute Engine). As a user-centric firm, Rubiscape is reinforced with microservices-based open architecture and a stunning user interface for a revolutionary data science experience. Adding to in house R&D, Rubiscape partners with tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia, Google, and HP to offer Data Science on specially designed technologies for HPC, Computer Vision, GPU, Grid Computing, Bigdata, and AI-ML.

Rubiscape, is a product blended with innovative ideas, emerging technologies and backed, by a decade of experience in the technology space. Its emphasis on user-centricity and customer experience makes it incorporate deep knowledge and expertise on changing data needs to meet the industrial expectations. Renowned Enterprises have ventured on Rubiscape to accelerate their Data Science initiatives by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Advanced Visualizations, Robotics and Automation, and Digital Transformation.

In a short span, Rubiscape has carved a niche in the data science space through its overall domain expertise and analytical approach. It has developed a rich library of 100+ pre-built ML Algorithms and Functions, AI/ML models having Image processing, video processing, and text processing, convenient plug and play components. Also, their solutions simplify complex data bunches through effective strategies, creates models that make collaboration engaging and enjoyable that too at affordable rates. Their qualified solutions have brought them a multilingual clientele that ranges from B2B (Enterprise Edition), B2A (Academia Edition), B2G as well as B2C (Community Edition).

Also, they take pride in serving many fortune clients, including leading digital bank of Singapore, India’s largest automaker, Europe’s largest engineering group, and leading universities in India.

Whether its the leadership panel or execution team, Rubiscape is encompassed with the best in the market. The Company has veteran leaders having vast experience in big data analytics, business intelligence, and enterprise allocations. Moreover, Rubiscape’s strategy and core agenda are shaped, by the Product Advisory Council (PAC). The founders and PAC provides the entire team of Rubiscape holistic training to keep upscaling their knowledge on product strategy, roadmaps, innovation, and product management. “We always look for people who synergize with our vision and aspires to build innovative products and scale business globally”, says Prashant. Employees come from the most reputed engineering and business schools through a very scientific process anchored on psychometric assessment engines. The Companyprofferers career-oriented practices that ensure the integrity and engagement of such a talented team.

Moreover, Rubiscape’s HR Model is designed to stay aligned with its mission. Every employee is nurtured on a well-defined career path, encouraging to do more – experiment more, fail more to succeed more, and become more.  To maintain the employees contend, Rubiscapes encourage new ideas and learnings, recognizes talent and hard work, support creativity, incentivize on quality, and much more.

The heinous impacts of Novel Coronavirus have created spontaneous volatility and businesses need to work with an adaptive framework to survive, sustain, and grow in the long run. Rubiscape too innovated its framework, to address the changing scenarios and the changed preferences of customers. It has shifted from top-down decision-making to comprehensive team empowerment, guided teams guided by purpose, driven by data, powered by technology, and enabled by cloud for faster speed to market. The entire team is working with a digitised setup to increase transparency with customers and employees alike. Maintaining cohesiveness and enthusiasm is the need hour, and Rubiscape’s revamped business model has brought them better outcomes and sustainable growth.

Rubiscape is recognized and endorsed by the analyst community and academic institutions and researchers. In a short span, it built progressive relations in India and offshore geographies like Singapore and Europe. In this short time, Rubiscape also acquired MCCIA’s prestigious GS Parkhe Award for Product Innovation– a truly ‘Made in India’ technology partner for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. These developments have given a perfect launchpad to for a global partner program by the end of 2020.

Furthermore, Rubiscape is foreseeing to grow roots in Europe, Australia, and the US regions as well. With the flow in time, Rubiscape is aiming at constant evolution of its platform with forthcoming tech, making it more flexible, robust, and scalable to become a market leader for all the data science requirements.

“Enterpreneurship is not a rat race – it’s a journey laid with challenges, changes, ideas, and motivation. To be successful in this realm, build something – that is innovative, does good for the world and can attract investors with extra-ordinary results. Lastly, be simple but original.” – Prashant Pansare


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