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Vandana Seth: An Award-winning Influential Business Leader Strengthening Businesses with Her Innovative Endeavor RV Solutions


There are few stories of Indian women leaders in the business world who overcame social barriers and obstacles by believing in themselves and their initial ventures despite overwhelming odds against them. Vandana Seth, a dynamic leader, is the founder, CEO, and the key driving force behind the success of RV Solutions, a technology lifecycle services company providing services for multiple services domains including After sales services, Telecom, System Integration, and Software.

From humble beginnings to an astonishing revenue of 136 crores in 14 years, Vandana has been able to hold the anchors and steer RV Solutions through the highs and lows with incredible tenacity and resourcefulness. With a professional B-Tech degree and a drive to start her own business, Vandana Seth left her high profile corporate job in the private sector to go into business for herself and provide jobs for others.

In 2008, RV Solutions opened a small office in South Delhi. Today, it has a presence throughout all of India and employs more than 750 people across a variety of service sectors, including after-sales services, telecom, system integration, and Software.

RV Solutions at a Glance: A Blazing Star in the MultiService Domain

Technology Lifecycle Services Company RV Solutions is the brainchild of Vandana Seth, an amazing business leader with remarkable qualities. As RV values being responsive, reliable, and result-driven, the company provides end-to-end services across various industry segments, including telecom, IT, defense, MNOs, PSUs, MIS, automobiles, railways, and more.

In addition to providing the finest customer service possible, RV Solutions Pvt. Ltd., strives to keep staff members motivated and always seeks out ways to improve the work environment so that everyone has an equal chance to develop professionally.

Because of its excellent solutions and remarkable support, RV Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been felicitated with the prestigious “Mobility Excellence Award” in the Best After Sales Service Provider Category by Mobility Magazine for 7 consecutive years. The honor is given in recognition of the contribution made by the company in strengthening and providing excellent after-sales services and support in India.

An Insight into Vandana Seth’s Journey

A shining example of what can be achieved with grit, determination, and a never-saydie attitude!
Breaking barriers in a male bastion, Vandana Seth, the indefatigable leader of RV Solutions Pvt. Ltd., has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the ICT industry. Vandana’s entrepreneurial experience is characterized by unconventional decisions across a wide range of fields. She expanded her debt-free business to cover the whole India and generated an astounding 136 Cr in revenue in FY 2021–2022.

The company delivers end-to-end services in technology in the sectors of after-sales services, telecom services, system integration, and information technology. She co-founded the company in 2008 but was pushed to take the reins completely in 2012. She discovered that she was fighting an uphill battle against her financial difficulties and lack of direction.

She took charge of turning the business around on her own since she would not give in. With her founding team still in place and the business at the top of its game, Vandana has successfully navigated her entrepreneurial journey despite experiencing her fair share of ups and downs.

Vandana’s Take on Women’s Entrepreneurship

In the realm of technology, women are taking the lead in a number of ways, from founding businesses or startups to holding senior positions like CEO, COO, and CTO. More and more women are taking the helm of technology startups, utilizing their skills in fields like software development, design, manufacturing, services, data analytics, and more to create profitable businesses.

In the past, women’s roles were typically confined to the domestic sphere, with little emphasis on their education or professional development. However, as societies evolve, so do gender roles and expectations. Today, women are empowered to pursue careers and take on leadership roles, while also managing their familial responsibilities. Balancing the demands of a career and family can be a daunting task.

Despite the difficulties, women are multitasking, prioritizing their time, and seeking support from their partners, families, and friends to make it work. Women are also embracing technology to help them balance their roles more effectively, from remote work options to video calls with their children during the workday. Moreover, women are redefining what success means to them. Success is no longer solely defined by traditional markers such as job titles, salaries, or promotions. Today’s women find fulfilment in other areas of their lives, such as volunteering, hobbies, and personal growth.

However, there is still a need for greater support from society and workplaces to ensure that women can pursue their career goals while maintaining their family responsibilities. Despite the challenges, women continue to excel in both their professional and personal lives, proving their capability and determination. As a society, it is essential to create supportive environments that enable women to achieve their full potential.

Jewels in the Crown and Future Goals

With a decade of experience, Vandana has earned the competence to create bespoke tech solutions and nurtured her solid presence in the industry. While moving on her victorious journey, the inspiring woman has received various honors for her remarkable career, including being named “Most Successful Women Entrepreneur” by Mobility Magazine in 2020.

She was given the “Mahila Vishisht Ratna Samman 2022” by Union Minister Smriti Irani at a CAIT-hosted ceremony. She is also an active member of FICCI, FLO, and MAIT. Vandana’s vision for the future is to create a premier organization that delivers world-class technology services with a revenue of 500 Cr by 2025, contributing to the growth of the nation.

Wrapping UP…

Vandana’s journey hasn’t been easy, but Ms. Vandana Seth achieved numerous milestones throughout her journey thanks to her unwavering commitment and hard work. She firmly believes in equality and has been successful in fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace culture at RV Solutions, motivating her team to work towards a common goal. Her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is simple: “For any developed economy, women should have equal participation in all kinds of businesses. RV Solutions itself has many women in leadership roles.”

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