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Creating magnitude via digital transformation technologies……

Yes, it holds a special place within any company since it possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to deploy new technology, in addition to understanding the technical landscape and forecast for a particular sector. Understanding the applications that employees use and reviewing the most eminent apps for company-wide IT stacks are opportunities provided by digital transformation.

This enables IT to exert more control over cloud technology without upsetting users with strict rules. In this direction we happened to come across a company that leaves no stone unturned to keep up with the customer expectations in terms of using high-end technologies in creating a better digital ecosystem for businesses seeking better efficiency and productivity.

Sanchovni Solutions Pvt. Ltd. aka Sansol Inc. is being featured here for its globally reckoned IT laced products that allows businesses to tap their unleashed potential. We sat down for an exclusive virtual conversation with Mr. Srinivas Attili, who is the founding father of Sansol Inc. He walked us through different aspects of the company and shared some food for thought with us. We sincerely believe that this success story would amaze our global aficionado in the most sophisticated manner while fanning their entrepreneurial spirits. Let’s dive into what he has to say-

Today, a technology fix is just one aspect of digital transformation. To be successful, a digital transformation team needs the proper mix of business understanding, technical expertise, creativity, and leadership. Undeniably, IT plays a crucial role in facilitating the digital transformation process, even though it may not always take the lead. When it comes to ensuring the business with what it needs, IT will do a lot of the hard work.

Service portfolio at a glance

Sansol provides a wide range of services to support its clients’ digital transformation journeys and assists businesses achieve higher productivity, simpler operations, high-quality goods, speedier delivery, and increased profitability. Sansol provides a wide range of services, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, business intelligence and data analytics, CRM, human capital management, staffing solutions, managed services, construction and real estate, printing and stationery, and import and export.

As Mr. Srinivas proceeded to explain about his venture’s impact scale, he asserted, “The systems and operations of enterprises across a wide range of industries can be transformed with the help of our extensive spectrum of IT solutions. Agriculture, automotive and manufacturing, media and entertainment, construction and real estate, engineering, education, mining, pharma and healthcare, among many other industries, use our end-to-end IT solutions to achieve successful results.”

• Through Enterprise Applications they provide robust, customized, and secure enterprise applications that combine business logic to deliver outcomes like improved productivity and efficiency.
• Their use of artificial intelligence and machine learning allows them to redefine customer interactions, improve process visibility, and produce quantifiable results
• They contribute to the development of strong, user-friendly, high-performing, and secure web applications using custom web application development to meet the needs of people throughout the world.
• IT Staffing enables them to develop comprehensive IT staffing solutions at reasonable prices to meet our clients’ erratic and changing hiring demands.

The intro

Sansol Inc. is a global IT company that strives to provide unparalleled, customized digital solutions as well as consulting services to its diverse clientele thriving across different industrial verticals. The mantra it sticks to isaccelerating the digital transformation journey of its valued clients. For this, they have curated many exemplary products that are creating a spur in the market grabbing eyeballs.

At present, they are primarily targeting industries like Engineering, Oil and Gas, Retail Telecommunications, Automotive Manufacturing, Construction & Real estate and Education. So far, the Engineering industry has been under their focus as innumerable ‘big wigs’ happened to come under their clientele.

Mission and vision

As per Srinivas Attili, for strategic direction, it is crucial for a business to have an insightful vision and mission. It aids the employee in understanding the organization’s goals and guiding principles. It is a crucial component of a company’s strategy since it provides a road map for the future by helping to prioritize tasks, allocate resources, and make sure that everyone is working towards the same goals and objectives.

Hence, with the mission to re-envision IT and transform its clients’ businesses, Sansol Inc. aspires to scale the ladder of success. And vision is equally inspiring too- To be one of the leading IT service providers in the industry.

The Flagship products

01.  DeskViu is a cutting-edge employee monitoring, leave management, and time tracking tool created to boost employee productivity as well as management and organisational efficiency. With the aid of inspired and motivated staff, businesses may run smoothly with the help of this all-in-one productivity analysis and organisational enhancement software.

The core features of DeskViu are as follows-

• Real time monitoring of workforce screens with surveillance facilities.
• Proper attendance system and time tracking procedure.
• Efficient working even with slow internet connection
• Impeccable leave management system inbuit in the software
• Individual productivity tracking features.
• Employer has the choice to choose the devices where Deskviu could be implemented and used accordingly.
• Deskviu also allows employers to capture timely pictures and videos of employees or user to supervise the working that is very beneficial for managers.
• Proper management of the work record that comes handy during the time of Appraisal.
• Well managed system that sends well managed reports on one’s team’s productivity on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

02.  Servu is an online platform SaaS that enables a variety of service providers to post service catalogues and let users easily book services. This platform covers a variety of service categories, including cleaning, acupuncture, gym, spa, and salon. With the use of a booking system and back office system, SaaS owners can give Service Providers with a variety of plans, including Trial, Basic, Standard, and Premium, and help them grow their businesses.

All service providers can handle their service requests, scheduling of service requests, employees, client payments, invoicing, and other things using this platform’s back office system. A few of the exemplary features of this product are as follows-

• Admin interface has been facilitated for different service providers in order to ensure various back office operations like manage service catalog & manage staff (Labors/Technicians/ workers)
• Allowing service providers like salons, spa, cleaning, AC workshops, electrical & electronics workshops register and publish services catalog to allow customers to book.
• Guiding and managing admin team while managing service request regarding jobs
• Proper guide on managing expenses and planner- calendar view interface for scheduling service requests
• Better sales report and email and SMS notifications
• Allowing end customers to book a service for advance booking or pay later facility.
• Pay later service helps clients to pay directly to the provider after service has been rendered.
• End to end payment and push notifications.

03.  A product of an advanced vision, Quein is more than a simple queue management system. Standing in line and patiently waiting for their turn to come is the thing that this technologically advanced generation is most tired of. In addition to being taxing, it is thought to waste about six months of a person’s life.

And let’s not even begin to discuss how challenging it might be for some companies to manage such agitated, never-ending lines at their offices. For Android alone, there is the Terminal App. There are business and customer apps for both Android and iOS.

A Culture of Difference

Being the leading face of Sansol Inc, Srinivas Attili, has always nurtured a vibrant work environment at the company. As they say, each business has a distinctive work culture based on its values. It says a lot about the coming success of a business and a positive ambience can boost engagement, retain top talent, and enhance overall organizational performance.

The management at Sansol Inc. recognizes that workplace culture is influenced by several elements including leadership style, rules and procedures, pay and benefits, openness and accountability, and work-life balance. In addition to reflecting individuals in positions of authority, culture affects employee engagement and happiness.

Professionals are attracted to and retained by businesses when the corporate culture values its personnel. Who a company hires is also determined by its culture and Sansol Inc takes this fact into deep consideration before recruiting an individual.

A Well-Defined Leadership Style

Srinivas Attili, has a unique perspective of leading the people at his organization. He firmly believes that by owning the ability to “see within” people and circumstances, a leader is very much capable of finding innovative and life changing solutions to any existing issues, seize fresh chances, and avert challenges.

Additionally, he conveys that it heavily encourages companies to succeed by inspiring dedicated and hard working employees and others to turn the company vision into reality.

No doubt, the grand success of the organization has been a sheer result of the enticing leadership skills personified by Mr. Srinivas.

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