SAPE: Promoting quality education amongst Indian and foreign students


SAPE: Promoting quality education amongst Indian and foreign students

Event Management is not just a program but a connection. It’s a project that connects people and messages. It makes people think and act in a different way. It instructs people to share, learn and motivate each other. Overall event management is fun but a huge responsibility since it can make or break the special occasion of your client. Organising education fair takes huge responsibility but same time fair are an invaluable tool for talking to university, school or college representatives face-to-face and then making your study decisions and ensure the best possible future for many students.

SAPE is one of the leading event management and educational promotion organizations of South East Asia & Africa dedicated to serving the student community by providing them with easy access to education options and prospects almost at their doorsteps.

“We offer a range of clear and cutting-edge solutions to inspire, motivate and grow business, as well as deliver sustainable and innovative change in the education & skills, creative, cultural, heritage, digital, and media sectors. promoting quality education amongst Indian and foreign students” shares Mr. Sanjay Thapa (Founder & MD)

Over the years, SAPE has grown consistently both horizontally as well as vertically. Delivering customized, cost-effective and long-term solutions to the audience and in the process setting new benchmarks of excellence has been the standard operating procedure at SAPE.

Sanjay believes, “The fact that we have more than 100% year on year growth, is a testimony to our excellence and exceeding expectations of our esteemed clients.”

‘With great work comes great responsibility’. – The team at SAPE believes in this adage and puts in optimum resources, latest technology, best of experience, and personalized services to efficiently organize educational events to ensure value addition to the original outcome of the event.

Mr. Sanjay Thapa shares “We focus on not just organizing a gathering, rather, we endeavor to create a successful convergence of people to achieve a result that not only meets all the expectations of the client but surpasses them. We derive enormous gratification in assisting clients in the culmination of not just consummate but memorable Conferences.”

SAPE Education Fair
SAPE Education Fair is now the most sought education fair in India and various other South Asian & African countries. The Education Fair has extended to more than twenty-five cities and has proudly held more than 200 education shows until now. The initiative has been appreciated by the exhibitors and their continuous support has made it possible for us to explore new markets. Education Fair organized by SAPE is not just an Indian fair but also acclaimed in several southeast Asian & African countries.SAPE organize an Education fair in Port Blair, Aizawl, Gangtok, Darjeeling, Siliguri, Itanagar, Kolkata, Patna, and Asansol and also in Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Ivory Coast.

Sanjay says- Whether you’re a sponsor, participant, or an external stakeholder, our mandate is to create an affable and seamless experience where attendees/participants not only accomplish the stipulated objectives but also have a time which is etched in the memory as a congenial experience. Our expertise is not confined to organizing events and conferences with coveted opulence and demeanor, but also in optimizing resources, managing costs, and planning sequences and emergency response systems. We are also committed to listening to the views of businesses across all sectors and look forward to hearing your views.”

SAPE education fair supported by the local and international organizations, embassies, cultural centers ensures high returns and low-cost investments for the service providers.

Today “Our participant’s satisfaction is highly important to us and we constantly improve ourselves for the best quality and customer satisfaction. As a result of our efforts, many of our past participants re-attend SAPE Fairs every year, and recommend our events to their colleagues in the international education field with confidence SAPE Fairs has a reputation for attracting the highest quality students. Although we need to attract a large number of students, it is essential that we attract the most interested and qualified candidates to our fairs.” says Sanjay.

Meet Sanjay Thapa:
About seventeen years ago, a young small-town from Kurseong, Darjeeling then 25 and academically equipped with a modest Post Graduate degree in Marketing & Sales from Bhavans, Kolkata took a momentous decision. He decided to stop hunting for a Government job like his other friends.

“I faced a problem that frustrates millions of youth in this country and decided to start doing my own thing,” he recalls.

Scanning the socio-economic horizon, he identified education as a high-potential growth area of the economy. This led to the promotion in 2004 of a proprietor firm with the somewhat curious name of SAPE with a mission to stage fairs and exhibitions which would serve as marketing platforms for educational institutions across the country. SAPE’s very first education exhibition was held in Siliguri in 2004. “It was a hit.

This milestone is also a significant achievement as it signifies our commitment to reach our vision to become the strongest medium between students and institutions.

Sanjay tells “The vision of the company is to constantly upgrade the importance of education to the youth and guide them through the path of diverse career options and help in right decision making for a better future.”

SAPE Digital transformation success
The COVID-19 crisis seemingly provides a sudden glimpse into a future world, one in which digital has become central to every interaction, forcing both organizations and individuals further up the adoption curve almost overnight. Thriving in the digital age is closely related to innovation and digital transformation strategies.SAPE able to retain their competitiveness in light of the digital transition, or even capable of strengthening their positions, others are falling behind.

In a digital age, universities and colleges are better placed today more than ever to provide students with easy access to continue their studies online.

The education system has to adjust itself to the new reality. promoted by SAPE Events & Media Pvt. Ltd, the First Organisation to organise a Virtual Education fair in the year 2008.

Using our 21 years of experience in the organising education edufaironline achieved a different milestone. In seven days two lakh student has visited the site and more than 7000 students visited the fair and discover the right institutions for further study. The remarkable success and the early adoption of this technology by our company and students have attributed to this milestone.

With our unified efforts and undaunted struggles, it took this site to number one in google search.

The company will be organizing the next edition World Online Education fair on from 15th June to 17th June 2021. Functioning for three days, this online fair will give you an exclusive opportunity to reach out to thousands of educators, students, parents, and education professionals separated by geographical boundaries. The stall owners can even answer direct queries of the visitors, interact with them online on chat, and attend to virtual walk-throughs. The number of visitors can grow manifold over three days and inquiries rise as the stalls will operate, enhancing your brand visibility in the process.

WORLD ONLINE EDUCATION FAIR 2021 supported by the local and international organizations, embassies, cultural centers ensures high returns and low-cost investments for the service providers. The key purpose to organise the events is to bring all the institutions across the world under one single roof and help them to connect not only with the potential students but to give a global platform to create a strong network. The exhibition will have virtual halls to conduct exhibitions, conferences, virtual meetings from different parts of the world as per their convenience.

“While the pandemic keeps impacting our lives, virtual events seem to be the only certainty. And every tech investor wants a big piece of the pie. Zoom $186 million in profit for the quarter ending July 31 compared to $5.5 million for the same period last year. Edufaironline also got blue-chip investors to want to invest” said Sanjay Thapa

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