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Sapphire Capitals

Sapphire Capitals

Helping traders embrace a probability mindset in trading Stocks and ETFs

By SandhyaAgrawal

Financial markets are a fascinating world apart from all the apparent glitters. People are easily lured in expectation of making it to the riches overnight. The increasing glory of the stock market attracts a greater number of traders from all over the world. Interestingly, most aspiring traders or investors in the financial markets hardly make any effort to learn the tricks and trades of the market and use the right kind of decision-making tools.

It is like turning up to play a game of golf not knowing the rules of the game, where and how is that game is played, what clubs and accessories to have, which club to play with for various shots and most importantly, how the players are scored. Learning to trade is a skill that needs time and effort to master and it is only a fair that traders develop the skill before they put their hard-earned money in such a speculative market. To a very large extent, trading in financial markets is a marathon and not a sprint.

Sapphire Capitals mission is to make available the right tools and techniques to the traders so that they can learn the skill and also make objective trading decisions based on science, mathematics and statistics. It’s all about embracing probability and reward-risk ratio, the two best friends of a trader.

Sapphire Private Assets, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, is a proprietary asset management company. The Company is involved in development of trading strategies, and provision of training services to traders and DIY fund managers. Sapphire Technologies, with its resources spread across Australia and India, is actively involved inbuilding technologies to support different trading strategies.

The Idea Behind The Business
Necessity is the mother of all inventions, as they say. There was a time in life when it looked too unpredictable and covered with apparently insurmountable challenges for Sid Bhattacharjee, the co-founder and chief strategist. So, he, decided to learn a new skill, not only to upskill himself for better employability buta skill that would bring some hope and stability so that he could take on life’s challenges. Earlier, Sid learnt a lot about the fascinating world of financial markets in discussion with his classmates during the MBA days and developed a passion for that. He also learnt a lot from reading books, blogs and posts, as well as listening to some of the industry’s leaders. It helped him, not only to find the best way to trade in the market but also build several tools to do so. To paraphrase Thomas A. Edison’s famous quote, Sid found out what works in the financial markets instead of counting the numerous failures he had in the process. He knew that there would be millions like him who would have taken a path similar to that of him. So he thought how about making their lives a little better and their learning curve little shorter by sharing the learning and the tools and techniques that worked. Well, that’s the genesis behind the Sapphire Capitals’ existence.

Operations At Sapphire Capitals
Sapphire Capital’s current portfolio of trading technologies includes stock market data mining, global stock Seasonality trading analytics, Volume spike trading analytics, Price-action trading analytics and Day trading seasonality analytics covering over 20,000 stocks, ETFs and Indices from more than 20 countries in four continents. These trading analytics are available to retail traders as web-based software applications that are intuitive and intended to provide unprecedented insight into the market for making trading decisions with confidence. Sapphire Capitals’ client base is the entire community of traders around the world who trade in financial markets, retail, or institutional. By covering the four continents and all major stock exchanges around the world, Sapphire Capitals look to be at service of traders around the world, the most important among those being Australia, Europe, India and USA.

Generally, people look to Stock markets to earn an additional income or to supplement their existing income and some would like to do it full time. Following the outbreak of pandemic in early February in 2020, there has been a huge spike in search for the words “Stock trading” in Google search. Admittedly, these are new or budding traders who do not know about the market and the rules of engagement. This is where Sapphire Capitals play the vital role of providing the education and research so that traders can take objective trading decisions keeping probability on their side and learning to manage risk using strict reward-risk ratio.

Service quality is of paramount importance at Sapphire Capitals, and these are not only linked to the products and services they provide but also on the overall user experience. As an example, very comprehensive support, rather unmatched in the industry, is available to traders through 24X7 email support apart from weekly digital classrooms for direct communication with the traders so that they never feel left alone.

Further, the Organization aims to ensure that the products and services they provide not only deliver unique value, but employ a delivery model that is designed for the success of the traders. The organization further aims to take every possible measures to ensure that traders have the best experience in using the applications and other services throughout the lifetime of the engagement.

Research & Development At Sapphire
For about two decades, Sid Bhattacharjee, was an R&D scientist and engineer in fields of industrial automation, SCADA and telemetry. So, R&D is in the DNA and forms an integral part of what Sapphire Capitals do as part of the products and services development and delivery.

At Sapphire Capitals, there are few stages in R&D. The first among those is aimed at the creation of the application roadmap. The first stage is an important starting point of the R&D effort as it is critical to conceptualize what parameters can help traders with higher probability trades. The second stage of R&D is to bring the pieces together as a minimum viable product and to make the high-level trading application work. And at the third stage, R&D efforts are aimed at optimizing the trading applications for best user experience and further improving the performance.

As an example, a genius combination of algorithm and technology implementation is used inthe flagship trading application called Seasonality Trading to deliver the results to users in seconds, which could have otherwise taken several minutes depending on the size of the stock index that is being analyzed, because of the sheer amount of computation required and handling the size of the database to bring the results to the end-user.

Sapphire Capitals’ trading applications are unique and are not available anywhere else. These applications are solely intended and designed to impart a scientific method of decision making to the trading community. Most traders, particularly the budding ones, have a mindset to make it big in one trade and this is the mindset that Sapphire Capitals look to change by education and research and ensuring that traders understand the rules of the game well and are prepared to use a structured long-term profitability strategy.

Sapphire Capitals’ marketing is fact-based, straight forward, and upfront about the trading application’s capabilities as these are based on science, and there is no exaggeration, no ambiguity and no beating around the bush!

Key Persons Behind Sapphire Capitals
The team is made up of individuals with different capabilities and qualifications, coming from a very diverse cultural and linguistic background, but sharing a common theme: an uncompromising dedication to producing something of unique value for the trading community.

Sid Bhattacharjee, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of the Sapphire Capitals, with his decade-old background in financial markets and hands-on experience in trading is the lead originator of trading strategies. Sumita Bhattacharjeeis the Sapphire Capitals’ other Co-Founder. She has the most pragmatic view of how these early ideas should be turned into practical solutions and how the right combination of people can be developed and engaged in doing that. For over a decade, she has been a trader herself and is the nerve centre of the Sapphire Capitals.

David Lambert is a trading strategy expert who is also a problem solver. He is one of those who come up with ideas that others have not yet thought about in the industry.

Suman Sengupta is the technology advisor at Sapphire Capitals. He is an accomplished data scientist who provided the initial technology direction and technical guidance on issues faced in development and early delivery phases.

Rahul Choudhary is the technology evangelist at Sapphire Capitals or, more formally, the head of technology. He is at the heart of how all these trading algorithms are converted into usable trading applications using the most contemporary technologies available and employing smart solutions for best performance.

Saurabh Srivastav is the Program Manager at Sapphire Capitals. He is instrumental in building the team and bringing together the right mix of technical people who make all these discrete pieces of technology work together. His calm, collected attitude and ability to maintain cool on the face of all the challenges faced in development and deployment of the technology solutions is infectious,

Further Innovations
Sapphire Capitals have put together the trading applications in record time in just over 18 months, from the draft of Business Requirement Specifications (BRS) to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), including extensive product testing.

The roadmap for Sapphire Capital is a detailed list of trading applications that will exploit emerging technologies as they mature. While they will continue to incorporate the latest innovations, as and when they become available in the area of their application development and implementation, but they do not want to be early adopters and risk user frustration,

The next release of Sapphire Capitals will be the Trading Proficiencytraining program for new traders looking to learn a new skill. The training program is a very comprehensive one and can be taken on a variety of devices, mobile or tablet or laptop, at any time. The outstanding feature of the program is that the users have life-long access to 24X7 help and weekly interactive digital classroom for live sessions.


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