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Sceptertech Digital

Sceptertech Digital

Ambitious and Inspiring Pooja Rohan Patil Embraces Success in Digital and Content Marketing Solutions with Sceptertech

Tech advancements have made the most pertinent impact on the advertising world, like the development of wireless technology and the invention of television. Now, the internet has profoundly transformed what modern advertising means. Looking at the opportunities after some research and discovering a niche in strategy-driven content marketing, public relations, and brand building for enterprises, Pooja Rohan Patil, along with his friend Ninad Deshpande came up with an idea of a go-to place for B2B firms looking for market intelligence services – Sceptertech Digital.

The leading marketing firm in India, Sceptertech, was founded in July 2022 under the dynamic leadership of Director Pooja Rohan Patil, a visionary leader driven by innovation. Steering her brand fiercely since its inception in an extensively dynamic IT industry, Pooja is a fabulous woman entrepreneur who leads by example as a leader who learns from others’ experiences.

She is a wonderful woman entrepreneur who has steered her business tenaciously since its inception in the highly dynamic IT market. She leads by example as a leader who learns from others’ experiences. With more than 14 years of expertise in various business fields, including research and development, business intelligence, market research, marketing, and corporate communications, she is efficiently combining creativity with marketing to turn opportunities into success.

In academics, she completed her ‘Master’s in Business Administration after receiving a post-graduate degree in Science. She worked in product and business development for a renowned pharmaceutical company after graduating from college. She performed well throughout her and went high on the corporate ladder. Pooja is leading Sceptertech Digital in the key role of Director, making sure that the clients stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving market and maintain a respectable reputation with the public, clients, and business associates.

A Glimpse of Sceptertech Digital and its Inception

Sceptertech Digital was envisioned to offer high-quality, reliable, value-added content solutions, establish a community of tech lovers, and establish themselves as industry leaders in B2B communication. They provide a range of services to the customers, such as marketing and content development. Services in media relations, public relations, and social media marketing and branding transformation Talking about the core motivation behind the inception of Sceptertech, Pooja Rohan Patil stated, –

“I’ve worked in marketing and corporate communication for over a decade and have managed several vendors. Being in a technological company requires the development of technical information that the readers can also understand. This major gap became my primary source of inspiration, and I was lucky to realise this while managing corporate communication for an Austrian MNC in Industrial Automation.

The majority of B2B enterprises, whether they are focused on providing products, solutions, or services, all confront similar challenges despite having access to highly skilled technical personnel. Organisations faced a monumental burden when it comes to converting it into marketing and content. With my technical expertise and experience, I was confident I could capitalise on this market and create a successful business to provide these services.”

The primary goal of Sceptertech is to provide best-in-class service to clients. Pooja aims to break down complex, difficult-to-understand technical data in any organisation into easily understandable content. She is highly focused on making the generated content relatable, which makes it easier to understand. Until today, she has been immensely successful in creating such content.

The Exclusive Content Development Strategies at Sceptertech

Content is not rocket science. It is not difficult to create content. It lays a solid basis for a company’s growth and success if done correctly and in an organised manner. The end user comes first, followed by market demands and needs, and then products, solutions, or services. As a result, the consumer is constantly the problem. All sectors, including sales, service, support, marketing, and content, are affected by this.

A company can succeed when the user or client takes centre stage and becomes the focus of everything. You may have read or heard, “Don’t sell the product; sell the problem you solve.

Insight on Social Media Management

The success of every social media management is determined by strategy. Before anything else, the team at Sceptertech meet with their clients to learn more about their needs and objectives, whether those be to increase brand recognition, develop devoted fans, or produce higherquality sales leads.

To create a well-informed plan of action outlining what they want to post, when they want to post it, what platform they will use, and how much of people’s budget they recommend spending to promote it, they first conduct extensive research on everything from current trends to competitor strategies to the social media habits of the client’s audience. To make sure that everyone is on the same page and that our strategy fits in perfectly with all of the client’s needs, they collect all that information and give it to the customer in a monthly content calendar.

Pooja’s Take on Women Participation in Entrepreneurship

Because entrepreneurship is the foundation of any nation’s economy, regardless of gender, it is necessary to start the process of economic development in both established and developing nations. In this era of globalisation, digitisation, and start-up booms, women entrepreneurs are changing in India.

Today’s female entrepreneurs come from all backgrounds and regions of the nation, not simply from well-established business families or the wealthier sections of society. In recent decades, there has been a significant improvement in the roles that women play in society. Women now hold once macho corporate jobs and sometimes outperform their male coworkers. Gender prejudices that were widespread in society decades ago are gradually disintegrating

The Source of Inspiration

Pooja’s father has been a role model for her throughout her life and has helped her grow as a person. Her father helped Pooja grasp the corporate world, which is generally seen to be dominated by men.

“I am grateful for my family’s support and for the people who have placed their faith in me during my career. Throughout my life and work, I have been fortunate to be supported by incredible mentors, both men and women, who have motivated me to take on new challenges well beyond my wildest dreams.

Mr Sivaram, who was my boss in my earlier organisation, taught me the importance of collaboration, which is lifelong learning. My husband has pushed me the most to take up new challenges in life. I will always be grateful for all the people in my life” ,Pooja Patil further apprised.

Technological Evolutions in the Advertising Space

The foundation of contemporary B2B marketing strategies is technology. This covers everything from artificial intelligence-powered programming to instant survey tools and automated emails. Sceptertech’s clients are able to reach a broader audience in a highly distinctive and tailored way thanks to these solutions. This aids results and engagement. They make use of technologies for SEO, paid search, content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Milestones on the Way

Pooja is proud to share that her organisation has grown exponentially since its inception, and she is overwhelmed to say that her corporation is a trusted partner for many Indian and European companies. Owing to their ideology and quality, Sceptertech is an extended department for clients.

Words of Wisdom by the Leading Lady

• Every challenge teaches you something new and helps you see more of the world. If you avoid challenges, you won’t grow as a person or in your career.
• Always try to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. Don’t worry about change.
• To keep educating yourself, you need to learn as much as you can and do as much as you can.

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