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“Our team comprises of professionals who are fully inclined towards the responsible and orderly growth of M2M and IoT, bridging gaps in infrastructure, technology and services with a responsible contribution to standards, policies & regulations. We assist OEMs to make a secure and intelligent connection with mobile operators in the most frugal way.”  -Sharad Arora Managing Director

Sensorise is a role model IoT/ M2M Service Provider with an experienced management team that has several decades of rich experience in Telecom, Analytics, Products and Services, supported by a strong and dedicated team of 60+ professionals. Sensorise solutions address mission-critical use cases and significant industry gaps for connecting and managing IoT devices and applications. Sensorise is credited with bringing the multi-network, multi-profile ESIM compliant to TEC specifications to the Indian market and has been a pioneer in the Smart Cities, Transport and Automotive domain IoT/ ICT solutions.

International research reveals the IoT potential to transform processes and improve visibility and efficiency across a range of industries. The necessity of end-to-end security is an emerging parameter to gauge IoT/ M2M efficacy. As an industry leader, Sensorise is committed to creating a standards-compliant ecosystem that ensures world-class IoT solutions for end-to-end security with multi-network remotely manageable connectivity. Sensorise offerings are based on cutting-edge technology, frugal business models and impactful solutions that solve critical industry problems of machine-to-machine connectivity.

The Founder and Managing Director of Sensorise, Mr Sharad Arora is an Engineer by profession and has more than 31 years of experience in a broad range of leadership roles across various verticals of IT and Telecommunication Services. His in-depth knowledge of global technology and industry acumen is the impetus for the establishment of new business models, data security standards and innovative IoT solutions. He is a technology evangelist and has extensive expertise in the areas of Telecom, IT, Cloud, Security, Analytics, and Embedded Design. As Vice Chair, SGSS & Governing Council member, TSDSI, he has contributed to the standards and policy development initiatives for Telecom, IT, Transport and Urban Development.

Under his visionary leadership, Sensorise has achieved significant milestones, secured accolades & patents, and is profitably transforming technology complexities into impactful IoT solutions. He manifests the brand tagline “Connect & Serve”.

Sensorise has an in-house R&D team with expertise in telecoms, security, messaging, over-the-air management, portals and applications. The company offers SLA bound solutions, services and support for its hardware, embedded software, portals, analytics and field deployment. The offered products and services have raised the bar of service standards in the respective domains. Serving the IoT/ M2M space for over five years, Sensorise has outstandingly delivered state-of-the-art solutions for improving Quality of Service (QoS), remote management and lifecycle management of M2M and IoT Devices. Sensorise also has a US Patent on ‘Method and System to control expense and usage of subscriptions in a mobile device.’

Sensorise QoSIM® ensures secure and high QoS Connectivity and compliance to KYC norms for machines required for the Tracking and Traceability of Public Service Vehicles, as per AIS 140 mandated public safety initiative. This multi-profile ESIM is an exclusive solution that supports optimum performance in diverse territories by remote, automatic, device assisted network switching. SenseLCM® is a cloud-based portal that allows users to manage and control QoSim services from a single platform. It offers a variety of capabilities including order, inventory management, lifecycle management, change order management for activation, top-ups, renewals and reactivations.

Sensorise horizons are not curtailed only to the extent of innovations delivered through QoSIM® and SenseLCM®. The company has also developed an IoT device portal for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs -MOHUA that allows people to send feedback to the municipalities in order to check the hygiene of the public restrooms. The capability deployed by Sensorise, additionally has a portal, dashboard, analytics & a field support module apart from the customer feedback device, which is used by Swachh Bharat Mission in Delhi NCR, Haryana, and Kerala.

Aside from aforesaid innovations, Sensorise also helped the Ministry of Women and Child conceptualize an IoT device for Childline and architecture for the back-end call centre infrastructure. Sensorise had also set up the IoT Experience Centre for the Indian Public Sector Manufacturing giant- ITI Ltd. and Telecom Engineering Centre.

Under the insightful leadership of Mr Sharad Arora, the company’s contributions were valued and recognised by the industry with several awards and accolades in the technology domain viz.

  • Awarded the ‘Best IoT Service Provider’ at ET Telecom awards 2020
  • Won the 2019 International Stevie Bronze Award, Vienna in the category of the Most Innovative Telecom Service Provider for its ‘End to End Connectivity Service Provider for Machine Critical Use Case (IoT/ M2M)’
  • CMAI TEMA ITU 2019, ICT Award for ‘Excellence in IoT of the year’
  • Award for the ‘Best Use of Technology – Startup’ at India Procurement Leadership Forum & Awards 2020, SCMPro, Mumbai
  • Excellent Electronics in the Internet of Things (IoT)’ by National Electronics Summit & Awards 2019, CMAI Association of India at 2nd India International Electronics & Smart Appliances Expo at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, December 2019
  • IoT@Award for ‘Deployment in Logistics and Asset Management’, EFY at KPTO Trade Centre, Bengaluru

Sensorise offers a secure platform and trusted services for the orderly growth of M2M and IoT, to promote local innovations harmonised to global standards. As an industry leader, the company has established a certification practise that has assisted more than 100 ecosystem partners in developing certified telematics solutions.

Collaborating towards compliant ecosystem of dispersed assets, remote provisionable connectivity and security-by-design, Sensorise is committed to ‘Do More to Connect & Serve its customers and partners with frugal business models, impactful IoT solutions and intelligent machine connectivity… anytime, anywhere!

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