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Sensys Technologies

Sensys Technologies

The spiffing epitome of online payroll and software services

There are two ways of constructing a good software design: First way is to make it too simple, that there are obviously no deficiencies, and the second way is to make it too complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult. But Mr. RAVINDRA MISHRA, the Director of “The Most Innovative Company” Sensys Technologies makes it Entrenched, Developer and Supplies the advance range of Taxation & HR-related software products.

Sensys technologies incorporated in the year 2004, a pioneer in software development & sales with proven expertise in the field of

  • Payroll & Human Resource Management System
  • Tax Solutions, Accounting, Inventory Systems
  • eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
  • Fixed Asset Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Process Management Solutions (BPM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Application Integration
  • Attendance, Biometric & CCTV Solutions
  • Customization

Today, they have mustered a huge clientele due to their streamlined business operations and effective and feasible solutions. Their aim is to achieve complete client satisfaction by building this company for the long term profitable company that is highly relevant to its clients, supportive of its people, and respected in the marketplace.

  • The transformation of the company as a leading software company in small, medium & big enterprises, which bring out the software products and services through innovation and modern technology and also can compete in the local & global market.
  • They have a proven track record of developing and delivering solutions that have helped the customers in reducing costs, time savings, and increased efficiency.
  • Counting on SENSYS is like bringing you valuable expertise that assures faster implementations & greater business benefits.

Unfolding layers of anecdote struggle

They believe that their unique key features, quality software solutions & services, client’s satisfaction, technical knowhow & intellect differentiate them from competitors.

Mr. Ravindra Mishra has a success mantra that says – “Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.”

No business was not at all easy for anyone, not with them. They started with Rs. 2,500/- each, in the year 2004 to buy a second-hand computer and started their business running from one of the director’s home. They have struggled a lot to reach from 1 Employee Company to 175+ employees’ company. Opportunities don’t happen easily, they create them and their struggle story is tough and inspiring.

A start-up for them is only good as its people. And their company can thrive only with the help of its employees, who motivated it to make as successful as possible. That’s how SENSYS, become a successful small business to a fully developed industry of 175+ employees, has come a long way doing great things.

Good Employees Build Customers – Business Relationships 

They have catered to many industries and to be it be from Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing Industry, Insurance, Retail, Media & Telecom, Transportation, Government sector, etc. To name a few, Esteemed Clients like Reliance, Raymonds, Finolex, Jai Corp, Kanakia builders, NIIT, SIES College, Baggit, Suntech Realty, RICHFEEL, OPPO Mobiles, DELTA Corp, etc.

Ensuring and maximizing the customer satisfaction by providing the effective software products & services with built-in measures and controls and offers more comprehensive functionality, more flexible delivery models, more responsive customer service, and more overall value.

Future of Software Marketing – Trends & Changes

They are continuously taking efforts in the field of Payroll & HR for improvement in software technology & support through research & development. They make significant investments in their people in the areas of orientation and initial and ongoing training.

It is of utmost important to keep the employee happy and motivated. Their dedicated team of HR keeps on doing various activities to keep them working, motivated and happy.

R&D is essential for the growth to cope up with changing market trends of the market for the company. Without R&D, no one will be able to survive in this fast-changing technology. It is always necessary to keep refining one’s skills and never stop learning. Their positive strength is that their key person Mr. Mishra, organized and maintain himself as a goal-oriented individual. His role model is his own father, who is a highly motivated individual and a winner in life. He endeavors to have the same zeal for work as him and this keeps him going forth and this long.

Milepost juncture and Personal exigency

“SENSYS” is very proud of the fact that their software’s are considered the number one choice of countless small, medium & big businesses. Thanks to their innovative & dynamic software development and marketing team. They have witnessed the birth and growth of many corporations and companies, and they will not stop until they make sure that everyone in India makes the most use of their software’s and they will be proud to call them their own. The contemporary approach of the milestone are:-

  • Realistic, Scalable Marketing Strategy
  • Repeat business from the existing esteemed clients
  • Strong development & sales team
  • Gain recognition in the industry
  • Profitable Company

His personal interests are extensive reading and writing blogs on issues affecting the IT industry. His professional interest is Microsoft, .Net,,, C#, Java, PHP, Multimedia, Graphics, Website, B2B, B2C, Software, Offshore Software Development, Application Development, Web Portal.

 Posting Memorandum: Message to business connect readers

They, at Sensys Technologies, are aware that not everyone has what it takes to have complete control over all the aspects, that make a business successful, and that is especially true for small and medium businesses.

So, they’ve decided to invest their time and experience in creating the best web-based Payroll & HR Management software in the market. The result of their efforts is called HRMTHREAD – a robust web-based Payroll & HR Management Software

So, it’s safe to say that when it comes to managing the payroll, you always need to know where you stand with all the salaries, bank transfers, reimbursements and other statutory payments that you make.

Thankfully, HRMTHREAD’s user-friendly interface serves as a guarantee that one will get all the reports needed with just a few clicks, giving the time, one needs to focus on all the areas that need immediate improvement. In India makes the most use of HRMTHREAD – payroll software they are proud to call it their own.

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