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Pangea Global Services

Pangea Global Services

Marketing approaches that directly impact your bottom line

Imagination is the best resource in the marketer’s toolbox and Digital Marketing, on the other hand, it is not only an art of selling a product but an art of making people buy the product that you sell.

Yes, data-driven campaigns are critical to success in the age of digital transformation. What keywords are performing well? What pages are ranking for those keywords? Is your content attracting strong leads? If not, what content is, and why? These are all crucial to delivering the right content at just the right time. Pangea’s Founder and Director,Mr. Prashant Pednekar has achieved an international accolade in recognition of various techniques and scientific methodologies in the field of marketing research to help marketers in hitting the right market.

Good education is a foundation for a better future.

In 2012, Mr. Prashant, with a good balance of image and text, for Pangea Global Services established their company as a Grandness with the submissive point of marketing consultancy, advisory, and service provider. In operating for the spectrums of Business Intelligence, they also have their experienced hands in Market Research, B2B & B2C marketing, Lead Generation through telephone and Email marketing, Brand Engagement with Consumers, BTL as well as Digital marketing activities with stability and growth.

By continually strive to find innovative ways, Prashant himself is a great scholar and a good mentor for his organization. Along with that, Prashant’s global exposure and aggressive professional approach have made him the recipient of many awards in the corporate world. In addition to his corporate experience, He has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineer from the Rochester Institute of Technology (NY) and later got his MBA degree from Harvard school of Business.

Being a Joint Partner and Director with brands like IBN Technologies, MIT Global and SNP ventures, he focuses on providing high-quality data collection and data processing services to these industry analyst firms and boutique market research firms globally.


No joy can equal the joy of serving others

The more I help others to succeed, the more I succeed.

Pangea kept themselves humble and the way they do that is, by serving other people. They kept there value proposition simple. Nothing consoles and comforts like certainty does –They always prepare themselves one step beyond what the client needs and that starts with their identifying approach towards what clients exact needs.

The price ranging of the company is designed in such a way that the clients pay for only what they receive if they are satisfied and happy. Past 5 years are said to the proposition, that has made them accumulated clients such as the crème-de-la-crème in the IT, Automotive and Retail Sectors dealing with Software, Hardware, Analytics, Data Mining, Personal Grooming, Apparel, and Shoe brand and Marketing Research, Consumer Feedback, Lead Generation and Email Marketing.

Spoil your clients with richness in quality, that’s what makes them one of the biggest vertical today at Pangea. The possible reason behind all the achievements is the immense determined team.

Hereby, the company able to offer its services in

  1. Data analytics
  2. Lead generation ( email and Tele )
  3. BPO & KPO services

It has built its forte in Market Research, which is further classified into Audience Research, Lead Generation Research, Product Research, Content Syndication, Email Marketing, Brand Analysis, Database Research,Scanner Research, and Post Sale Research.

These ways of serving is to help them to provide their clients the transparency to observe daily metrics, on which Pangea always walk an extra mile to deliver the best services.

Future Plans and Leveraging Technology

Pangea Global Services offers the best with its various techniques, scientific methodologies, offers data analytics, and lead generation with BPO & KPO services. They have built their forte in Market Research, where Technology is further classified into Audience Research, Product Research, Lead Generation Research, and Email Marketing.

Being the handful of Research Company that has invested experience in technology and performs online & offline Market Research methodologies, for utilizing various tools to understand the pulse of the consumers.

The new-age technology professionals of their company have a three weeks of training to learn about market trends in research and various tools & techniques among others.

Be a yardstick of Quality

The company has a corporate DNA approach which has one key highlight – “Quality.” Mr.Prashant is always keen on quality in delivering work. He sees and comprehends this as the important talent and he believes one should not compromise on the technology for the company to continue to climb up on the ladder of success.

While, the company operates on such footsteps, which is one of the first start-up companies in India to incorporate and advanced technologies in any field and this frowned to their hand. Then, the challenges that came-up is recruiting resources such as quality care for new start-up companies. Despite such things, the company was among the first few Indian companies to do research for an automotive brand for the United States. Starting with a 15 member team in 2012, today, under a span of just 5 years, Pangea has grown to a fully-fledged team of 180 people.

Sometimes the hurdles aren’t really hurdled at all

 Mr.Pednekar thinks that Quality means doing it right when no one else is looking for you. Quality tends to fan out like waves but the most challenging thing for him is to prioritize his stakeholders and ensure they are aligned to his vision. There are other million things that he needs to focus as a CEO, including motivating others, setting new strategies, and manage financial flow. challenging part is sometimes you need to stick on  to the situations in which you have to convince everyone around you when you yourself are not sure.

CEO’s do not have any scripts and set of rules on which they have to define themselves, but they struggle accordingly to obscure every hurdle around them.

Consequently, as the business is growing, a CEO also needs to make sure that he and his teammates grow in the career and they become one of the best among all

Company grows faster when your employees internally invest the best practices.

The future ‘plan’ starts today, not tomorrow.

Carve their name from a middle-class family, Mr.Pednekar had a keen interest in the business from the school time. A legacy of business is etched with his parents and then it later turned into the financial downfall. This hard time passes like weather and never bothered him. The experience and time he invested, has helped him to grow the business sense more stronger and deeper.

He never let his instinct die of any situation he makes it a point to be in touch with all his employees, influence them and his one downs, whenever he has free time he makes a point  to invest that  time in building new strategies and best practices in office  For now, he wants to invest his time, resource and efforts in bringing the best out of young entrepreneur who hail from poor families and cant afford funding, he is keen tp extend his hands to get them up and give a boost to their ideas by his wisdom. He always wanted to expand the big idea globally by empowering the potential minds everywhere

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