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In line with our ‘Company In Focus’ issue, Shaip has been recognized as one of the outstanding service providers that have set major benchmarks across the industry with their exclusive offerings. As we sat down for an informal conversation with the CEO – Vatsal Ghiya, we came across some phenomenal insights into the Artificial Intelligence industry. This freewheeling conversation with him gave us valuable nuggets of knowledge that we believe will help our readership bag better insights of the AI World.

Shaip is a comprehensive data management platform designed for organisations that are looking to solve AI-related issues to ensure a smarter, swifter and better workflow. The company has been supporting all aspects of AI-training data by seamlessly scaling the client’s people, platform & processes to develop AI/ML models. Shaip has many clients, including Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. The company has put forth a diverse range of services such as AI Training Data Collection, Data Licensing, Data Labeling / Annotation, Data Transcription, and Data De-identification.

It stimulates value, insights intelligence to induce business scalability by catering end-to-end AI solutions. All of this has been made possible by offering a unique combination of humans-in-the-loop platform, proven processes and skilled people. Their forte is to create, license, and transform unstructured data into highly accurate and customized training data for the clients embarking upon the challenging AI initiatives.

Shaip has ensured an exclusive 3-way approach.

  1.  Platform: Shaip’s web-based platform has been proved to be an instrumental part of every project. Relying on full end-to-end integration simplifies workflow, reduces the friction of working with a distributed global workforce, inducing better visibility, real-time quality management and immaculate partnerships.
  2. People: With its robust team of 7,000+ collaborators consisting of credentialed project management, technology teams & task-groups work on Data Creation, Annotation, Sentiment Analysis, NER, QA, etc., team Shaip well acknowledges the nuances of the client’s businesses to add significant value- be it individually or collectively where high-quality is the foremost priority.
  3. Process: When it comes to processes and policies, Shaip is defined as encouraging open communication targeting- scale and quality. For impeccable processes, the dedicated team of 6 Sigma Black Belts strives every nerve to introduce a set of processes allowing short feedback loops and promoting a rapid time-to-market.

When asked to reveal the differentiating characteristics of the platform offered by Shaip, Vatsal responded by saying, “Our platform supports 150+ languages, text, audio, and images where we prove our expertise in data collection by customizing the solutions as per the client’s requirements. As a proprietary Data Collection App & Platform, its efficacy has ensured a sheer repetition of several projects from Fortune 500 customers. Owing to the low-cost data sourcing and cost-effective resources hailing from emerging geographics, Shaip has made its steadfast commitment to the targeted audience in the most affirmative manner.”

Vatsal explains that Shaip has firm access to the best resources and tools if it comes to being in sync with the tech advancements. The tech team of the company is in constant touch with the industry experts, influencers and thought leaders dominating the technology space.

Every team member is ensured to regularly undergo certification courses and be part of the relevant events to be in harmony with the tech-trends happening across the market. He concluded that the teammates also make individual efforts by considering tech forums, social media and tech blogs to upgrade their existing knowledge.

Moreover, innovation, invention, and progress are stimulated by a seamless R&D process, affirms the CEO. He states that it is a first-mover advantage to stay ahead of the curve and get a leading edge in any market. In this direction, the development of productive technologies posing cost- optimization and automation has always been their focal points to invest in. A culture channelizing positivity.

The thought leadership at Shaip makes consistent strides to build a healthy and nurturing culture by setting up solid systems via personal development pieces comprising training, channelizing energy, motivating employees, for which, a work culture promoting work-life balance is the mandate. The cultural principles on which the company thrives are – integrity, learning attitude, consultancy, and practising what you preach. All these values have allowed them to earn the trust of the customers, maintaining their reputation in the targeted market.

“We all learn every day and enrich ourselves through healthy discussions to gain insights or advice from leaders who have the requisite experience. People don’t do what you say, they will do what they see their leaders do,” conveys Vatsal.

Within a short span of time, Shaip has witnessed a manifold expansion in terms of its growth. And throughout its journey, the company has crossed several milestones while bagging multiple recognitions. From being the fastest-growing tech company with a 7X growth rate in terms of revenue to being self-funded yet cash positive from day one, Shaip has seen exponential growth. What started as a 2 employee company has now turned into a firm with a 130+ headcount within 15 months only. Additionally, they are already in talks with some of the leading Venture Capitalists in the US for Series A funding

A few of Shaip’s considerable achievements have been mentioned below-

  • Shaip has been awarded – Leading Innovators in Data Licensing & Sourcing 2020 and Best Scalable AI Platform Start-Up 2020 hosted by Wealth & Finance published by AI Publishing.
  • It has bagged recognition as the Most Empowering AI Initiative Developments Facilitators 2021 in North America Business Elite Awards by AI Publishing 2021.
  • Shaip has been featured as one of the Most Promising Data Annotation Companies to Watch out for in 2021 by Silicon India.
  •  It has been featured as one of the Best Data Annotation Companies for Machine Learning by AI demands.
  • Shaip has also been acknowledged as one of the leading vendors by Data Magazine UK in the Big Data category.
  • Shaip was identified as a leading vendor in the AI space by start-up tips.

All the CSR initiatives ensured by Shaip have contributed to the sustainable growth of the society along with focusing on their core values. Business profits have never been their priority instead people-centric approach is what exists in their DNA.

Vatsal claims, “We aim to promote sustainable development in the market and strive to make a difference within the community that we live in.” With the insightful approach to start the waves of change, the leadership team has introduced- PRAYAS… Ek Soch. This has been done in recognition of the fact that as a fast growing organisation, they have an obligation to society and contribute to its growth- environmentally, ethically & economically. Under the umbrella of PRAYAS, they have started a dedicated blood donation camp, tree plantation drive, sponsorship education, cloth, food and book distribution campaign,etc.

The core leadership team of Shaip has envisioned building an Integrated SaaS Data Platform that endorses every data type i.eText, Image, Audio, Video, and offers different services such as Data Collection, Labeling, De-identification, Transcription round the clock. The platform will be supported by managed workforce in real-time from all across the globe as the ‘additive’ propositions in their solutions soon.

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