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Shavo Technologies Private Limited

Shavo Technologies Private Limited

Cutting Edge Engineering Solutions For Emerging Markets

Now, in our zeal to feature some outstanding organizations performing exemplarily in their niche markets, we found the profile of Shavo Group of companies quite noteworthy. Owing to its diversified and impactful portfolio targeting different industries, the Group consists of Centraline Lubrotech Engineers and Shavo Technologies Pvt. Ltd- ventures that scaled to prominence within a short period.

Since its inception in 1960, as a pioneer in industrial pneumatics to now leading in providing solutions to some cutting-edge emerging markets like Space and Hydrogen, it has come a long way. A few well-acclaimed organizations are under its customer umbrella in the space of energy absorption, gas  management, static elimination, valves, fittings, air-moving products and many more.

In this inside story, we are about to take a deeper dive into the overall portfolio of Shavo Technologies. For this, we sat down for a virtual meeting with the Managing Director, Rushil Shah who enlightened us on different aspects of the organization and its overall operations.

The Preface

Shavo Technologies is well-positioned to maintain its strength in custom engineering solutions. It has developed solutions for growth industries like Hydrogen, Battery Tech, Solar, Semiconductor and Lab-grown diamonds. While investing in resources across various functions, they are working with global enterprises that provide the latest products and solutions to evolving markets.

For instance, Shavo has developed experience in high-pressure Hydrogen catering from source to end-use as required in H2 station infrastructure. Another area is the complex wet processes is Solar and Semiconductors where the organization possesses a range of Gas delivery and Purification Systems that can cater to PV cell manufacturing and Chip fabs.

While witnessing aggressive growth, they have also been investing heavily in Surat which is the hub of another growing market of Lab-grown diamonds- a complex chemical vapor deposition process.


The ethos that drives the company is deeply rooted in the philosophy of credibility and integrity. It is combined with deep expertise across their targeted areas ensuring them an edge where customers become loyal to the brand. At present, they are working with the world’s topmost suppliers that cater to specific markets with industry-leading innovative solutions.

Despite having such an expanded business territory, their team of area experts is apt in consulting the customers on what are the best products for their applications. Educative selling has been the foremost mantra that allowed them to gain acceptance while pushing people towards a better value proposition over the cost.

“Under no circumstances, do we ever compromise with the integrity and credibility of the agile success and growth of our organization. It is something that covers every aspect of our business- be it how we deal with our team, customers, or authorities,” claims the founder.

What technologies do they offer?

Shavo is divided across 5 verticals covering specific markets and technologies to ensure customers get access to the best products and experts-
• Gas Control Equipment : It is the segment that majorly contributes to a large share of their activities. At present, they are offering a comprehensive range of gas delivery equipment and components produced by world leaders and offer bespoke solutions with these products. For instance, they have emerged as one of the largest suppliers of Mass Flow Controllers to the lab-grown diamond market for use in the Chemical vapor deposition process used for creating these lab-grown diamonds.
• Static Elimination Solutions : Shavo Technologies is supplying best-in-class static elimination solutions from its reliable Partner Meech International to almost all the major Machine manufacturers and end users in the label, printing, and packaging industries, like Rajoo, Uflex, Kody, Nilpeter, Avery Dennison and many others to mention.
• Aerospace & Defense : The pressure control equipment and bespoke testing rigs and solutions are extensively supplied to the department of space and major private Defence integrating companies for a wide variety of applications. Today, the company can count IPRC, VSSC, L&T, Tata Projects, Kirloskar, Godrej and many more as its regular clients.
• Pneumatics Division : This division deals with a range of pumps for the medical and analytical markets. They are also a licensed manufacturer of a unique range of Air Amplification Products for their principles Meech International in the UK., interestingly a recent application for these Air Amplifiers was in Formula 1 motor racing where it was used for cooling the drivers as they sit in their cockpits in the pits or on the grid.

All across their targeted sectors, they lend ceaseless support to their clients offering design, assembly, sales, service, and installation & commissioning. To provide the best post-sales services to the end client, they have invested heavily to create a Technology Centre in Pune for Servicing and Building Custom solutions for various applications. They also have a dedicated and experienced team that goes out to customers to offer onsite support.

Staying ahead of the curve

Keeping a constant eye on the market trends across various industries allows them to stay ahead of the curve while ensuring better access to the latest and highest quality products. To lead in technical capability, they have internally equipped themselves to deploy impeccable solutions in the market. Owing to this dedication, they have established one of the largest technical libraries that allow them to offer solutions to some of the most demanding applications.

R&D and its impact

Being one of the leaders across the industry, persistent R&D is their utmost priority. Driven by the latest technologies, they have positioned themselves at the top of their targeted industries. At present, they are focused on adapting the technologies to ensure that customers receive high-end value while harnessing the power of tech-inclusivity and staying up to date with the market trends.

At present, they are focused on building complex and quality systems for their end customers by adopting state-of-the-art design, manufacturing, and assembly in which R&D plays an indispensable role. “It was due to our internal R&D process only that we saw a need to develop a new in-house remote gas pressure monitoring system for multi-cylinder users who have gas rooms.

Moreover, we have launched our Made-in-India integrated Auto Changeover Panels to provide uninterrupted gas flow with best-in-class performance to customers who have continuous processes. This has been possible thanks to our R&D facility only,” asserts Mr. Shah.

The work culture at a glance

The management at Shavo Technologies is acutely aware that excellent work culture is a significant contributor to their business success. “We have a dedicated and loyal team and as the CEO, human resource and culture are an important part of my function with considerable time devoted to it.

We always ensure that we have the right people to deal with future opportunities and our current team is constantly developing new skills. We have various initiatives to keep the team motivated and engaged from rewards, events, team building, etc, but I think freedom to operate with extended empowerment is central to why we have been able to retain people,” revealed the founder.

The notches under the belt

Scaled from humble beginnings, the organization has managed to establish itself in the industry and now operates from a 7000 sq. ft. facility with its very own Technology Center. They have 10 long-term partners and a headcount of 65 committed team members. “We are today considered experts in Gas Control, Static Elimination and Aerosol Lubrication.

We have won numerous sales awards from our principals over the years for outstanding performance and are the only distributor worldwide to win an award for technical capability. Our growth has all been organic and from internal accruals, we are also constantly highly rated by Crisil, which is an external audit that we carry out annually,” quoted Mr. Shah while putting an end to the conversation.

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