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Meet the Young Gun who is Transmuting India’s Real Estate with Bigbuildup Developers

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Shivam Kumar, Director, Bigbuildup Developers Private Limited, has indeed transformed these words into his reality and is continuing to revolutionise India’s real estate landscape. Shivam is a seasoned professional and optimistic leader. Under his dynamic leadership, Bigbuildup is touching the sky of success. Navigating through his career, he has faced several ups and downs but his hunger to succeed never went out. He aspires to build successful businesses and help people around to achieve success in their life.

With an aim to emerge as one of the most recognised, reliable, and recommended names in the real estate sector, Bigbuildup Developers came into existence in 2020. Striving to achieve its objective, Bigbuildup Developers offers turnkey construction services, including construction, contractors, civil engineering construction, building maintenance, and a lot more, with superior quality and high value.

“Infrastructure and real estate are crucial to the advancement of the country. We offer a comprehensive range of real estate services, including building, leasing, selling, and construction for residential, commercial, or mixed-use developments. Utilising state-of-the-art design and technology, we provide exceptional, sustainable, and innovative real estate solutions. We use an integrated approach to introduce appropriate skills at every level of the project,” the inspiring leader proudly shared.

Passion keeps them going; it was demonstrated by Shivam Kumar, who entered the entrepreneurial world at the early age of 20 while pursuing Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and took the foundation of “Bigbuildup Developers” in 2020.

Because he comes from a family of company owners, many people thought that his decision to become an entrepreneur and work in the real estate industry was immature because it demands a lot of arduous work and perseverance. But the inspiring leader proved them wrong. Shivam was determined to pursue his interest and make a positive impact on society by using his natural aptitude for business. He had a clear agenda set in his mind to achieve something significant and noteworthy in his life.

Specialising in government contracts and subcontracts like building Rural roads, state highways, etc., the Bigbuildup Developers actively participates in government tenders like NHAI. Some of the other primary services offered by the company include the following –

  • Construction
  • Building maintenance
  • Interior designing
  • 3D Design and Engineering.
  • Project Life Cycle and Control.
  • Master Planning.
  • Civil Works.
  • Project Management
  • Contracting.
  • Pre-Engineered Buildings.
  • Sport and Recreational Facilities.

“The civil construction sector is one of the major contributors to the Indian economy. This multi-billion-dollar industry is enjoying a fillip lately due to the resurging construction market. Keeping this in my mind, I founded this business with the goal of advancing India’s rural and suburban communities. With the support of an experienced and knowledgeable team of architects, engineers, planners, and designers, we construct a few markets, street stores, and some shopping complexes in suburban areas of Bihar and Jharkhand,” Mr Shiva continued.

Working on its mission to build sustainable real estate solutions that create value for the customers and other stakeholders and grow as the most preferred real estate developer in India, Bigbuildup has continuously expanded and made an irreplaceable impact in the market. Here are some crucial factors that provide the company with an edge over its peers –

They offer a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate services, each catering to the client’s unique wants and needs. They offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project and help build solutions that meet clients’ unique needs. They help venerated customers unlock the value of their real estate by creating strategies that drive better outcomes. They use their skills, knowledge, and experience to help buyers and sellers overcome the challenges and complexities of real estate transactions.

When it comes to interior design and architecture, they have unrivalled standards for beauty and excellence. They provide the top-tier and most distinctive designs for residential and business areas.

The young visionary leader Shivam Kumar is currently Studying at “The University of Queensland”, Australia. One of the best universities in Australia, where he got 25% of the scholarship; after finishing his further studies, he will return to India and work on his future plans to grow India and create world-class infrastructure.

Shivam enjoys travelling and trying new adventures in life in addition to being a student and a young entrepreneur. With this venture, Shivam’s vision is to ultimately commercialise the suburbs and tier 2 & tier 3 cities of India with buildings, shopping complexes, and malls by 2030.

It is because no one cares about developing the infrastructure in tier 2, tier 3, and suburban remote and rural areas of our country, unlike in tier 1 cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and all other metro cities. With this in mind, he began his venture to develop these types of cities with all modern infrastructure.

Since his family owns a business in Bihar & Jharkhand, Delhi, and West Bengal, Shivam had a few contacts with the contractors, real estate agents, and some other experts in this industry who helped him in planning the future road map for his venture.

He began with rural and small-town areas of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. If everything goes according to plan, he intends to spread this development strategy throughout the nation. At the moment, Shivam’s foremost priority is to raise money through sponsors, investors, and government funding allotted to this development plan nationwide.

He was honoured with the Indian Achiever’s Forum’s Young Entrepreneur Award in recognition of his outstanding professional achievement and contribution to the country’s development.

Bigbuildup was envisioned to build top-notch infrastructure and aid the nation’s development. They envisage delighting the customers through excellence, quality, and on-time delivery. In addition, the team upholds the following values:

  • They strive to realise customer delight through the diligent pursuit of excellence and quality.
  • To establish trust with customers by making consistent efforts and remaining persistent in order to win customer dependability eventually.
  • Providing clients with best-in-class architecture created using cutting-edge technology in accordance with current market trends and customer requirements.
  • Empower customers by providing them with the best value for money.
  • Continuously improve their processes, services, people, and business to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Mr Shivam just began a new project in Bihar, and if everything proceeds as planned, it should be completed by the end of 2023. Along with that, he founded another company in Mumbai called “Studio Keen Innovation,” which specialises in interior design and architecture. His company will design for all types of clients, including small business owners, large business owners, and underprivileged individuals of all backgrounds. He is always willing to help them expand their enterprises and design their own homes, shops, or other buildings on a budget.

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