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Simple and Handy Ways to Overcome Anxiety

Simple and Handy Ways to Overcome Anxiety

Worrying over something which is still in future can be defined as anxiety. In today’s fast paced life, it is quite common to encounter anxiety every now and then. That is a normal reaction to uncertainty coming in the next moments or days. You may be dreading a conversation going to happen soon or heart may be racing before a presentation or assessment. Because of such things you may start having sleepless nights. The things which haven’t happened yet, or possibly won’t happen, start creating havoc with your mind and heart.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. This article only suggests general non-medical advice and doesn’t replace any medical prescription. Consult a certified medical professional for any questions and concerns.

Impacts of anxiety: Among many impacts of anxiety below mentioned are the few.

  • Restlessness
  • Fatigue
  • Poor concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Fear
  • Intrusive and unwanted thoughts

What causes anxiety?

In general, anxiety is a response of our body to stressful life events such as stress at work or school, toxic relationship or financial issues etc. The most common symptoms of it are increased heart rate, dizziness and shortness of breath. However, there can be other possible causes of it. Take a look of some of them.

Underlying Medical Illness: hypoglycaemia, heart stroke, heart attack etc

Side-effects of Medicines: If you have been taking or recently have taken a medicine, it may cause it too.

Emotional Traumas: loss of a relationship or death of a loved ones sometimes can translate in the body as anxiety.

Phobias: Most of us have one or other kind of phobias. Some fear high altitude, some fear of narrow places, other may have fear of dogs. Such phobias express themselves in the form of anxiety.

Anxiety disorders, which is quite different from normal anxiety, are the most common mental illness in the USA affecting 1 out of 5 adults.

Identify your triggers and learn how to manage them:

In many cases, people are not even aware what triggers their anxiety. Journaling can help you in this. When you put your thoughts and feelings into a journal regularly it gives you a track to identify the triggers. This identification of triggers can be done with the help of a therapist as well.

Some common and obvious triggers: Smoking, Caffeine, drinking alcohol.

Some less obvious triggers: long-term problems, unemployment, financial issues, relationships etc.

Once you know your triggers, you may avoid them. If that is not possible, you can follow any of the following handy and simple tips to take the control back:

Accept The Anxiety to Calm It:

First thing first. Simple yet effective. Acknowledge that sudden rush of emotion called anxiety and don’t fight with it. It is one of the most effective ways to deal with it. By doing that you make it powerless. Avoiding wont help. In fact, it makes the matter worse and can be a cause of panic attack.

Also, when in this situation, instead of criticizing yourself for being anxious, say something accepting and positive, “ This is normal. My body is reacting to this difficult and stressful situation. I’m ok.

Mindfulness, Meditation & Deep Breathing:

Putting your focus in the moment and not thinking about past events nor imagining future scenarios is quite effective in coping anxiety. While meditation helps you become more mindful, deep breathing assist you in the process effectively. A combination of all these 3 is certainly going to relieve anxiety.

Proper Diets or Supplements:

It is said that what you eat you become. When it is so, then why not to consume the healthiest food. Our body is made of cells and cells are made of the food we intake. After a certain period of time each old cell is replaced with new cell. The food makes those new cells. While facing day to day stressful situations a body made up of healthy food is quite resistant and doesn’t fall sick easily. This gives you a strong guard against anxiety.


Any kind of exercise, aerobics, yoga, Zumba, or weight lifting has a good effect on body and mind altogether. It lowers stress level, improves our mood along with concentration and allows us to have a good night sleep. In the long run it helps you to stay healthy.

Articulate your thoughts and feelings:

This advice is so basic and common that I feel not writing it. I need to remind it to you though. Every living being expresses their pains and pleasures in a certain way. We are no different from them. Being expressive relieves us from anxiety and makes us feel better about ourselves instantly. We humans have the advantage to express ourselves in multiple ways. Talk to a close friend. If that is not possible, write about your condition and feelings. Even shouting out loud can be considered here if you feel doing so, just be careful that if you do it, do it in a controlled environment lest you should not create panic for the people around.

Spend Time with Nature: we are natural being and an integral part of the mother nature. Going into the lap of nature always comforts us and bring mental peace, helping us reduce stress and anxiety. We get healed even spending a few hours with it.

These tips have proven to be effective in controlling and mitigating the effects of general anxiety. If you follow these tips, you may also lead a happy and healthy life. You must seek help though in case you are struggling coping it. It’s wise to do so.

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