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A Pioneering Player In Revolutionizing The Hospitality Industry

“We are in Generation and serving the clientele which is already geared up with automation of day to day commercial activities and Automation of Revenue Management will be Game Change for early movers- WE at Sysotel aim to Achieve it faster,” opined the CEO, Raj Sahu.

The hospitality industry is driven by the revenue management drive where financial results are derived from selling fairest products, to the best individual, at the right time, at the fair price via the best channel. For a majority of hotels across the world, it has become a pivotal discipline to ensure better profitability in its favor. Hotels are not just restricted to focusing on revenue management to stay ahead of the curve but are also in sync with the latest trends to get a competitive edge in the industry.

Total revenue management, cross departmental collaboration, data analytics, forward looking market demand data, data visualization and a lot more trends have revolutionized the hospitality space. And here, automation emerged to be the most effective and actionable way to optimize revenue. The experts in hotel space have affirmed that automation of the process is making quite an impact on the overall functionality of the hotels. From analyzing hotels and local market data, the hoteliers are able to make most accurate forecasts and effectively precise decisions.

And here, observing the significance of automation in revenue management, a pioneer in the hospitality space has brought forth a uniquely created system. Business Connect is in an exclusive conversation with the co founders of SYSOTEL which has made a mark in the industry with its flagship hotel management software. While conversing with us, the ‘chieftains’ highlighted different aspects of their venture and an avant-garde offering that has amazed everyone in the niche market.

The entrepreneurial trajectory of a duo, Raj Sahu and Ravish Patel, has been nothing but prototypical. Establishing a SaaS-based tech company, SYSOTEL, the founders aspired to transform the hospitality industry via its end-to-end solutions. The motive was simple yet striking- user-friendly, intuitive, cost-efficient and lucrative tech solutions to hospitality ventures, be it mid-scale or low-mid size. It has not been restricted to small or independent ventures but made its reach to a few mid, large and small groups of corporations too.

The crescendo of success witnessed by the company has been a sheer outcome of the founders’ zeal to venture with like-minded individuals who possess a proven track record of hospitality management accompanied by Operations Management, E-commerce Management, Revenue Management, Sales, Topline and Bottom line GOP achievements.

The tool created by SYSOTEL is a state-of-the-art offering in the industry. The Automated Revenue Management tool designed by it has aided hotels of different sizes- to be at the front line and compete with hospitality giants and achieve great results with affordable price points. It is an absolutely AI-based product that is dedicated to helping hoteliers automatically run the show off room yielding and rate fencing.

Addressing several challenges being faced by SMEs or aspiring SMEs, the AI-based Revenue Management System being offered by SYSOTEL plays a major role in balancing income and profit. So far, the technology partner has been able to render efficient solutions to its clientele even with tight technology margins.

Being a comprehensive facilitator of major tech integrations, complex computations, relevant algorithms and robust results with a proven track record of smart, optimal, real-time, and lucrative solutions to its clientele. With its adequacy to cater to the needs of the market, the company has managed to create an extensive network of 200 hotels within a short span. A majority of their client hotels are on the track to meet their respective EBITDA objectives via their respective solutions. It quotes its presence as the enabler of change that ensures a constructive set of solutions as per the complex demands of the clients.

SYSOTEL is a well-accomplished company that is known to provide unequalled solutions for entrepreneurs, facilitating them towards their desired business objectives. Without any hassle to be limited or bonded to paid subscriptions, the platform addresses a myriad of challenges being faced by the hospitality industry. Building solutions from scratch laced with best-in-class technology products, the company is augmenting the expansion prospects for its clientele.

“Our mission is to exercise innovation and novelty in providing a tech solution for every kind of hotel and any challenges faced in the hospitality industry. While the future vision is to drive parameters for our clients that support our success in the long run. We wish to be at the forefront of the technological revolution in the hospitality industry and emerge as pioneers in the field by establishing SYSOTEL as a one-stop solution for all kinds of hospitality tech innovations,” elucidated Raj Sahu.

The hospitality & Travel industry has immense space to leap further. Here, revenue management is a pivotal aspect of the industry where the company is committed to including AI technology in a simple yet powerful interface. Utilizing a complex set of algorithms, they can drive the most accurate projections that assist to hit the bottom line and gain GOP as well as EBITA by effective cost-cutting. Apart from this, there are numerous aspects where SYSOTEL is voraciously staying ahead of the curve. But the most imperative one is creating a System and Technology that is affordable to those in dire need.

Keeping in line with their motto- they are immensely grateful to the AI technology and era of automation that brought some subsequently affirmative change in the process. This has opened immense possibilities in their favour to expand their business goals. “Hotel Total Automation, Pure Revenue Management, Integrations and Connectivity with Key business providers and most important Affordable solutions for All hotel industry which is not available with existing revenue management solution providers,” states the duo concerning the USPs.

By developing an adept and steadfast AI- architecture, SYSOTEL strives to be a pioneer in terms of driving the technological revolution of the hospitality industry. Its AI architecture enables its wellcurated systems to reach, map, connect and collaborate as per multiple systems at a time or at multiple times in a second. The seamless connection of the company with prominent hotel management and property management systems allows hoteliers to access information in real-time while providing a live connection that is aligned with the sales funnel to help the hotels get targeted business sources covered with a single package.

The inclusion of AI technology in its business model has been persistently allowing SYSOTEL to be at the forefront of the industry. For enhancement and development of the systems, their ardent R&D values have added substantial value to the operational efficiency.

Leadership is what drives any company to the path of tremendous success. Different leaders are differently opinionated when it comes to defining this term. For Raj and Ravish, leadership couldn’t be defined with any particular style or pattern as it is a matter of attitude, optimism and willingness to do any work that allows them to emerge as inspiring leaders.

After attaining considerable experience in the hospitality space, they have been able to train their employees as per the market trends while enlightening them with the market requirements and gaps. The luminaries are committed to making the leaders for tomorrow while leading by example. Commendable enough!

When questioned to reveal the future outlooks of the business regarding its growth, the leaders claim that revenue management is not the only focal area. They are fixated on total revenue management which is the future of their newage operations of driving hotels. The core team has planned several exciting AI filled technologies that will be helping hoteliers, retailers and apartment operators reduce costs and gain margin in profits. Here, they are awaiting the perfect time to unveil those technology products in the future ahead.

“I’d like to send a message to your global readership that nothing is impossible with dedication, patience, and smart work, as well as, of course, technology.”

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