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Where would you go if you need a reliable source of information on covid-19 restrictions in Zimbabwe or road closure due to protest in France or any political disinformation campaigns in India or any malicious mobile application or online child endangerment or anything else? We suggest you a source of information that will provide you with any data available publicly. Karimganj is the name that does this efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Arpita Roy is the COO of Team Karimganj and in a tete-a-tete with us, she highlighted several aspects of the business that is into collection, collation, analysis, and dissemination of publicly available information as per its client requirements.

For better delivery of the services, they follow a six-pronged strategy to ensure greatest value to their partners. The worthy mentions are as follows

a) Tailor-made solutions: One size doesn’t fit all. Unique requirements need unique solutions. The company prides itselves in catering tailor-made solutions, where each of the partners just receive what they need – nothing more, nothing less.
b) Only signal, no noise: In the world of information overload, OSINT consumers rarely have the time to go through all findings. Utilizing bandwidth and data requirements, the analysts at Karimganj identify the signal, discard the noise and only allow relevant data to be delivered to the end users.
c) Human intelligence: Inclusion of automated tools enforces the need to rely on human analysis to verify and validate various solutions before deploying them to the end-partners. It allows team Karimganj to seek best possible solutions and deliver as per the client’s needs and capacity.
d) Cost-effective: For any business, employing skilled intelligence analysts is quite a costly function. Owing to its specially curated business model, it has introduced innovative solutions to access a large pool of experienced intelligence professionals without being concerned about affecting the bottom line.
e) Scalable: For different needs like a single analyst for two weeks or 20 analysts for a year- their unique operating model fulfills any requirements one wishes for. You only tell us what you need and we deliver.
f) Heavy lifting: No more need for using expensive resources on time-consuming and manual yet critical processes in your workflow. We can do all the heavy lifting on your behalf so that you can focus your limited resources on dealing with the most pertinent issues.

Headquartered at a small Tier 5 town of India, Team Karimganj firmly believes that small towns and villages in this country have an untapped pool of highly competent youngsters. While being greatly versatile, they are adept in solving any challenge thrown at them. They are just seeking an opportunity to prove their competencies under proper guidance. The corporate world pays less heed to this talented pool of human resources but team Karimganj believes in including their capabilities in creating an impact.

Apart from this, cost-effectiveness is something that gives them a leading edge in the market. A multitude of organizations across the globe offer Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) services but only, Team KarimGanj is the exclusive company in the world outside of Israel that claims to provide Web Intelligence (WEBINT) services to its diverse clientele that is a super advanced form of OSINT collection. This term, WEBINT is commonly used in Israel and it only comes out of the country’s government’s cyber security and intelligence agencies. As per the leader, “We are very fortunate that we have been working with a very reputed Israeli cyber security company from the very beginning and hence, have been trained in the field of WEBINT by the best in the world.”

The clientele of the company includes following names that works with them as per the contractual obligation)

a) Sherpa, Canada
b) A3M, Germany
c) National Open-Source Intelligence Centre, Australia
d) A Cyber Security Company, Israel
e) A Technology Company, UK
f) A Technology Company, USA
g) The leading dark web monitoring company in the world, USA
h) Adrianople Group, USA

Arpita explained that the workforce is a biggest asset for any company that makes the way to greater success with perseverance and hard work. And team Karimganj never fails to meet the expectations of the employees. “We have ensured many of our employees with 300% salary hike in a single year. They started managing teams after 2 months of joining as a junior analyst, given access to the company finances within a year of joining the company or managing a team of much older analysts at the age of 23.

The average age of the employees of the company is 24.5 and anonymous surveys have revealed that most of them would like to work in TK for the rest of their lives. This is because we follow an extremely lively and friendly office culture. Even the junior-most employee of TK can enter the office of the CEO by just knocking at his door and most of them can call him even at 2 am in the morning.” reveals Arpita.

The events and parties hosted by Team Karimganj are said to be legendary across the town. This has indeed provided the employees with a specific social status and respect in the remote town they are located in. Moreover, the management ensures that each and every individual is equally involved in the decision-making process of the company, which is one of the essential aspects behind their exponential growth factor.

The biggest accomplishment in itself is the fact that Team Karimganj is the first technology company in Northeast India that is strictly serving only western technology companies. Their analysts are working in different hi-tech projects for some of the top technology and social media companies in the world. What started as 6 people in 2019 has now multiplied into 140+ people today- headcount growth of 2300% in 3 years. Not only this, they have also witnessed a 4000% growth in revenue in the last three years.

Enhancing employment opportunities for talented individuals is the adamant vision set up by Team Karimgang. “We fervently believe that small towns and villages in India have got an enormous pool of extremely talented youngsters. They can take on any challenge thrown at them. All they need is an opportunity to prove themselves and proper guidance. Unfortunately, this talented pool of human resources remains largely untapped by the corporate world. Team Karimganj’s mission is to be a platform for the youth of the region and serve as an intermediary for connecting these talents with the global supply chain. And we have so far been extremely successful in achieving that,” conveyed the leading lady in her part.

It has been estimated that India will be the world’s talent factory with 20% of the globe’s working population in the coming years- making the century ‘an Indian century’. And this is where, Team Karimgang wishes to target and create an ecosystem that could allow other smaller towns of India to be benefitted from this scenario. “We strive to make Karimganj not just a national but a global talent hub of skilled professionals,” concluded Arpita Roy.

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