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Techfynder is helping companies around the world to hire professional talent using a simple subscription, saving on average of 80% on total recruitment cost

Written By – Kajal Dobhal

Today, HR pros are facing many impediments in seamless operations of recruitment processes as well as related functions. And the novel Coronavirus has only worsened the scenario in the whole procedure. For the time ahead, HR needs to acknowledge the significance of the HR Tech Platform to offer real-time solutions, up-to-date information and much more to ensure exemplary success to an organisation. Techfynder has entered the HR Tech industry with the endeavour to be substantive in this direction only.

Techfynder is a unified HR Tech platform that allows companies and agencies to directly connect with professional talent and to carry out every aspect of the recruiting process via a single portal. A very targeted solution to find top talent with specific skills in any location, but with no commissions for employers and free for professional talent to join.

As we sat down for a virtual meet with the Founder-CEO of, Praveen Madire, our team came across some inspiring business insights that have been penned down in this elegant read. He is a passionate individual with an entrepreneurial mindset when it comes to business. His wealth of experience, unique insight into the HRTech industry and entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive this business venture forward.

Techfynder has attained the stature of being a unified HR Tech platform that assists client organisations and agencies to establish a direct connection with professional talent and to carry out every recruiting process over a single portal in an efficient manner. Under the parasol of its subscription-based services comes— direct hiring, background verifications checks on candidates, pre-screening interviews, direct messaging, and shortlisting. Today, the start-up has become a one-stop solution for all size of businesses in its niche market where its clients can avail the direct access to ‘Global Talent Pool’ of professionals in over 130 countries.

The expertise of the company is fixated on the HR Technology space, however, it has exemplary opportunities in almost every sector, including Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Banking, Insurance, Sales, Marketing, Pharmaceuticals and considerably more. At present, it is operating in 138 markets globally with 4 international workstations.

“Our HQ in India is our epic centre for operations and growth marketing, and we have just completed designing our new offices in Hyderabad,” unveils the Founder.

Regarding its proposition, the luminary claims, “Although it was not in the marketplace till now, the premise is a direct product for businesses to hire professional talent worldwide for onsite or remote projects. What it is, is a very targeted solution to find top talent with specific skills in any location, but with no commissions for employers and free for professional talent to join.”

The phenomenal journey for Techfynder began in 2019, when the Founder was struck by the fact there were no straightforward platforms that professional talent could use to promote themselves to companies and to find new opportunities. Though businesses were facing a similar scenario, the Founder comprehended the inefficiency of the job portals formulated by the companies.

It was a light bulb moment for him that boosted his entrepreneurial passion that led to the establishment of a comprehensive platform that could bridge that gap between the professionals at the global level. This led him to assemble a self-motivated and passionate team of developers and marketers to ensure excellent prospects for job seekers as well as companies.

Techfynder guarantees access to the best value for recruitment processes and so far; its thunderous success story has been grabbing eyeballs across the industry. Despite commencing its journey in January 2020, the organisation not just only survived Covid-19 Pandemic but witnessed upscale growth too. Its impressive cosmopolitan clientele, talent audience and unique sourcing portal have helped it to stretch its presence a cross new markets and industries.

Techfynder defines its USP as adaptability, speed, flexibility and high success rate of solutions. All of their clients are enabled to have effortless access to professional-quality talent globally to bring cost optimisation and efficiency to the recruitment processes with the help of tech trends.

“We are constantly looking at the global landscape from machine learning to automated behavioural science with AI logic. Our platform is an excellent space for immediate results in the recruitment journey. Employers have access to real-time availability from the best professionals located across the globe. The platform allows both sides to talk directly with each other, set up interviews, and sign contracts without needing to leave the portal,” quotes the luminary.

Using their strategic license, the employers can be relieved to see the squad of senior recruiters, delivery leads, and account managers to handle all administrative processes— from evaluation of job descriptions, rates, and promotions of jobs to supervise the overall payroll and onboarding processes. In all of these processes, proactivity and transparency play crucial roles for the successful implementation of the outlined strategies and Techfynder ensures it in the best possible manner.

Additionally, their constant investment in the latest technologies leveraging the benefits of AI, ML, and Blockchain to bring Global Standards to their products is what gives them a competitive edge. These tech advancements shorten the recruitment lifecycle for the clients while allowing them to stay tuned to global markets in this fast-paced tech era.

The Hybrid Solution offered by Techfynder in the form of a Strategic License avails a dedicated account manager and a recruitment team that can manage all administrative and deployment needs of the client companies to allow their sheer convergence on their business growth only. Emphasizing the significance of this unique solution, the Founder asserts, “We believe the hybrid model of utilising AI Technology with specific account management is the way forward if not already.

”Since February 2021, there is a sneak peek in the hiring contingent of skilled people that have 3× if compared to the previous 3 months. Especially the segments like Payment Security, Financial Engineering, Digital Infrastructure, Risk Assessment, and Cloud Computing, have witnessed heightened demand of adept professionals. Owing to the inadequate supply of specifically skilled workforce, the recruiting industry has better possibilities to seek.

In view of this, the CEO affirms, “This curve has continued to grow throughout Q2 this year and the demand has not stopped but supply is not plentiful for specific skills in 5G and new payments technologies. The anticipation is that things are better within the recruiting industry, albeit in-house or through agencies, the remainder of the year will see demand continue with institutional-backed grants and funding to help the domestic market unfold more positively.”

Some of the salient features of Techfynder’s Hybrid Model are-

  • Evaluate job descriptions, evaluate rates per location.
  • Place all of their jobs on our platform and promote where appropriate.
  • Source all candidates on Techfynder and other networks.
  • Clients receive a dedicated manager and 3 senior recruiters.
  • Techfynder manages interviewing, tech pre-screening, and run background verification checks.
  • For specific clients, the company manages onboarding payroll services.

Although most of the businesses witnessed major setbacks due to the global pandemic, Techfynder was able to navigate through the crisis by launching the right services at the right time for the right industrial space. Even during such unprecedented times, their reach extended up to 130 countries across the world. Owing to the peaking demands in cybersecurity, e-commerce, and financial engineering throughout the pandemic, Techfynder has grown in leaps and bounds by expanding its client base from many SMEs to now global accounts in India, Europe, South Africa, North America with some of the top tech innovators in the business.

Since the businesses started relying upon remote working models, the company has experienced an upsurge in digital transformation projects propelling them to register on its platform to hire Subject Matter Experts here to bring effectiveness in these neoteric transformations in terms of their present IT systems. Acknowledging their market understanding, global evaluation of rates, competencies and experience, many big names like HCL, KPMG, NTT Data and Oracle.

And when the leader was asked to mention the impact scale of Techfynder in its targeted market, he answered that they evaluate it on the retention of their excellent colleagues and teams across the globe and client retention, of course! To them, maintaining 90% of the active user base is what keeps them ahead of the curve at present and they feel rewarded and recognized when recruiting and technology industry giants in India and Europe reach them out for advice on market demands and tech tools for talent mapping and much more.

The humble base for the exponential growth of Techfynder is its Management team that is diverse as well as experienced with an array of skills, contributing to its exclusive vision. Paul Guy, the Director of Global Marketing, brings a wealth of experience with 20 years of in-depth industry knowledge, insights, and expertise. Alongside
the team, he is shaping a Growth Strategy, scaling the business into international markets, and developing global sales & marketing teams.

Techfynder is immensely obsessed with quality in every aspect of its functions. Its determined commitment to high-quality standards to exceed the client’s expectations in terms of its services is what it strives for persistently. Shattering the conservative outlooks, the company constantly seeks innovative and outstanding ideas to make justice to the client’s as well as job seeker’s needs. Here, creativity is nurtured and encouraged at every level among the employees.

The workforce at Techfynder has a robust creative, problem solving, and knowledgeable mindset. Their in-depth acuity, cultural sensitivity, thoughtful and unique perspectives are helping them to make leaps towards exponential growth at a rapid pace. No doubt, the positivity of their work culture is majorly reflected in their services and products that have speeded up the rate of business growth.

Techfynder has become the epitome of reliability when it comes to its offering solutions. And owing to this fact, institutions of national as well as international repute have recognised as well as rewarded it with awards and accolades. Techfynder takes immense delight to have received — Silver for the ‘’Top Tech Start-up of the Year’’ category in the 2020 National Start-up Awards in Ireland for its first- phenomenal year in business.

“The National Start-ups Awards is the most prestigious and sought awards program for early-stage businesses in the Republic of Ireland. The awards support, recognise and applaud businesses on every stage of the entrepreneurial journey from inspiration and learning through to start-up, scale-up, and becoming champions,” unveils the founder.

Moreover, establishing its base by stealth in India as well as abroad in such a short span is yet another considerable achievement that Techfynder takes pride in. And winning the international accounts with megacorps like IBM, Oracle, KPMG as well as of thousands of SME type companies like Grid Info, Virtusa, etc, also gives them a sense of satisfaction which is a major milestone on its own!

For the future, it is unwaveringly focussed on the vision of becoming a global leader in the HR Tech industry, where it aspires to add substance with its affordable and quality-driven service for businesses to source professional tech talent. Currently, they have envisaged a short term goal of on boarding — 5 million professional job seekers on its platform across the globe and 50,000 clients across all the top sectors within IT as well as other industrial segments.

The leader wanted to share an exclusive piece of news with Business Connect Magazine. “We have been working on another product over the last 4 months called, ‘Techfynder Reference Check’ which is a blockchain-enabled Career Reference Locker for employees to store all their references for applying for new jobs that allow new potential employers to check references with previous employees on their work history and visa versa.

Techfynder allows companies to hire vetted candidates on our portal, we are the first one to offer a blockchain based work reference solution to our customers. Employers will see the work references of each candidate before they make a hiring decision. We are making quality hiring simple.” This unique blockchain service will be launched into targeted markets in Q3 2021 and will add to Techfynder’s innovative streak!

“Techfynder is leading the future of work. We need to innovate to be part of a new digital edge. The future belongs to businesses that use technology at the centre of their outlook. This is a revolution, as it impacts society and is becoming today’s reality for millions of workers and companies around the world, reflecting the best of the digital and physical worlds. The challenges and opportunities posed by the future of work may seem limitless, and they can present new realities every day. Investing in the digital is fundamentally changing business and forces the future of work.”

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