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A Company, Committed to Deliver Best-in-Class Solutions in Digital Transformation with Shrinivas Kumar Kaushik at the Helm

Instrumental in building the brand to fulfill the mission of being a trusted digital transformation partner to their customers. Templegate Technologies, for more than a decade, has effectively steered towards this mission and orchestrated solutions for the remarkable business development of its clientele by leveraging disruptive technological advancements.

Laying its foundation in 2010, Templegate has been developing under the able leadership of Shrinivas Kumar Kaushik, Director, COO & Co-Founder. He has over 25 years of expertise as a Business transformation Specialist and a successful track record in solution sales and business development. He steers the strategy of the Organisation with technical prowess and enthusiasm for managing and directing a team of market units.

He is recognized for his incredible strength in closing High-Value Deals and assisting in the business turnaround of enterprise cloud solutions in the Indian Subcontinent. Shrinivas Kumar has made an indelible mark in the domain thanks to his excellent “C” level relationships in the area across sectors and the Partner ecosystem.

Shrinivas Kumar sees leadership as a responsibility rather than a position to make sure that unified teams are formed with a drive to improve the Organization. Kumar’s leadership style is characterized by a combination of trust, inspiring others, adaptability, dependability, delegation, and support. Driven by his philosophy, Templegate Technologies has expanded its global business footprint.

Templegate Technologies was started as a business process consulting company in 2010. However, for a few years, the emphasis has been on creating a company that offers products and services, particularly in the fields of supply chain, IoT, and predictive analytics. One of the main drivers for changing the way businesses run is by recognizing a significant gap between client expectations and the lack of unified teams. Building an ecosystem where customer-centric solutions could be provided by excellent teams has been the driving force behind converting decades of experience into practice.

At present, Templegate Technologies is delivering best-in class Source to Pay Procurement Transformation, software solutions for various Industries, committed to solving the various problems in procurement and supply chain for industry, SMEs and large enterprises. Each procurement service is customized to meet the requirements of the Organisation. Since the company offers specialist teams and category managers who can manage procurement on behalf of the customers’ and also provides Auction-as-a service.

“At Templegate Technologies, we see ourselves as disruptors in the supply chain sector, making small but significant contributions. On the innovation and growth front, we still have a long way to go. Learning never ends, but we are making progress toward gaining market share, customer trust, and building a business that offers value to clients,”-Shrinivas Kumar Quoted.

“Companies Do not Buy Technology they Buy Value” Templegate Technologies has continuously advised and assisted businesses in selecting the best solution, the one that is the perfect match in terms of features and functionality, at a reasonable price. One of their key differentiators has been their ability to combine consulting with a software solution with business objectives, requirements, processes, and technology to Deliver high value and clear ROI.

Customers today are looking for clear value with ROI, the Best Technical support and at the most affordable costs. The main USP of Templegate Technologies has been its software’s capacity to connect to and interact with any third-party system while also sharing the data for analytics. The proposed solution is well-liked for its user-friendly features, and highly adaptable system that encourages collaboration.

Additionally, the company offers automation for the entire cycle of procurement from source to pay, including material receipts, scheduling, asset management and tracking. This includes supplier onboarding, supplier performance, sourcing, RFx & auctions, negotiations, and comparative analytics. Additionally, the customers have appreciated quick deployment time along with the support services.

“Customer Experience” has been a constant endeavor for Templegate Technologies. They hold the view that “products get built at the place of the customer” and that innovation is driven by the constantly shifting market dynamics and customer expectations. Innovations are continuously incorporated into products and services in order to keep up with this change and provide high value to the customer.

In addition to the most recent technological developments in the sector, R&D keeps track of current and emerging practices in order to create high-performance solutions. One of their top priorities is “Make in India” for the rest of the world, on which they are putting their best minds.

“Company is Made of Unique Individuals” who are also culturally varied. They have a gender parity of over 40% and are an equal-opportunity employer. Templegate Technologies supports, enjoys, and celebrates each employee’s unique cultural traditions and beliefs in a spirit of employee empowerment.

Customer Experience has been regarded as one of their Critical Core Values. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of the entire team. The guiding principle for everyone at Templegate Technologies is to go beyond one’s role and profile, to be creative, and to always put the needs of the customer first. “Happy Teams create happy Customers, which creates a happy company.”

“People Make the Company” is their belief! However, Templegate Technologies looks for the right attitude in its team. Skill may always be developed. The foundation of team relationships has been shared values and passion. Consistent training, skill development, and knowledge transfer have been the main priorities. Because “Great Teams Deliver Great Results” fostering a sense of accomplishment and value in each individual team member has been a top emphasis.

“Building and delivering the best-in-class solutions that work for the customer while considering current and future best practices has always been our aim. Although the journey has been filled with obstacles, some of the noteworthy accomplishments are the recognition by small and large companies that we can provide high-value technology solutions.

“The patience to listen to us about how we can help in their journey toward digital transformation and placing trust by signing off on long-term relationships with us to be their mentors and technology partners has been one our achievements,” the visionary leader proudly shared.

Templegate Technologies understands the changing market dynamics and plans for a future that will be taken over by AI and advanced analytics. In future, the emphasis will be on delivering AI & ML-based Supply Chains, Demand Planning, Forecasting, and Advanced Spend Analytics that will give customers more value.

It is all about the people; we deal, buy, sell, and interact with them. Any leadership position requires an awareness of the complexities of people management. The cornerstone of a good team leader is patience, trust, and most importantly respect for every member of the team.

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