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The ‘Shringaar’ Story Bringing Bangles to Life

The ‘Shringaar’ Story
Bringing Bangles to Life

Written By: Kriti Anand

 Devyani Bangles: A Modern Cultural Enterprise
The finest piece of jewellery a woman can own is bangles. They are one of the ornaments that elevate the beauty of anybody who wears them. Devyani Bangles has been a trend setter in the field of ornamental gold bangles with their innovative yet indie styles. They have constantly thought of how modernisation and heritage retention is possible in a single bangle. The intricacy and attention to detail with which they make each bangle is state-of-the-art. Every design is carefully inspected and tested before shipping it out to sales. Devyani Bangles have developed their finesse about the market over the years and have been a symbol of purity in gold for the last nine years.

Devyani Bangles is a wholesaler of handmade handcrafted and antique bangles. They currently provide the market’s finest class and quality in their finished products. Devyani Bangles has a hard-earned and well-deserved reputation, which the company considers its most revered asset. Devyani Bangles has gained a reputation which in the gold market is essential for business. This has been possible due to the fact that Devyani Bangles has consistently exceeded the client’s expectations, delivering before the deadline and constantly evolving its business strategy.

The leaders of Devyani Bangles believe that having an aware customer-seller relationship is way more important than having a customer. An aware customer will refer to other customers Devyani Bangles, in opposition to customers just making a transaction and leaving. Relationships are the building blocks of business. What new businesses are making an effort to do now–establishing a sense of relation with their clients–is what Devyani Bangles is made upon.

A Blend of Purity and Trust
With gold rates increasing day by day, investing in gold and gold jewellery is one of the most profitable investments these days. It has become a prime choice for the people. The future looks promising in gold, and the best way to ensure that you make the most of it is by investing in a company that has up its sleeves almost a decade of trust and purity.

The beauty and finesse that is in part the lure of gold bangles is another reason to initiate a relationship with Devyani Bangles, as they promise not just quality but the finest aesthetics. They deal in a varied range of beautiful bracelets that are a blend of modernity and tradition:

  • Italian bracelets
  • Antique jewellery
  • Antique bangles
  • Handmade bangles

Devyani Bangles have always aimed to make global modern and antique gold jewellery with its authenticity, while connecting the small retailers in the process. Devyani Bangles is willing to go extra miles to put their customers at ease. They provide a certification of purity for their jewellery, which includes the entire wide range of jewellery that Devyani Bangles has to offer. Whilst maintaining the trust of the customer, Devyani Bangles’ second uttermost devotion is to the worth of their products. They never compromise on the worth and quality of their products.

Dedicated to Quality
Devyani Bangles is solely focused towards the quality and finesse of their product, while simultaneously trying to make the making charges as affordable as possible. The team at Devyani Bangles has a strong work ethic, which helps them keep the aim clear and achievable. They try to have as refined a quality as possible and try to avail their customers with the best in the market of gold and gold products. “What is the worth of gold when compared to a relationship,” is the philosophy of Devyani Bangles. It drives them to be and to avail the finest gold. Gold is pure, anything less than pure can be anything but not gold.

Devyani Bangles has an outreach strategy to target their audience and tell them about the benefits of availing the services of Devyani Bangles and forming a lasting relationship. After careful and thorough research and analysis Devyani Bangles has narrowed its brand marketing strategy to five basic elements. These elements are psychologically tailored to appeal to the audience in the most optimum ways:

  • Personalization: People believe in not what they are told to do but what they are shown to do. Devyani Bangles often show an example of their finesse by using their products to show how refined the products are and how prudent the investment would be.
  • Digital Marketing: The internet is the biggest stage in the world and those who don’t use it know the difference between those who do for their businesses. Devyani Bangles has chosen to carefully and strategically place themselves on the internet to boost their business. They have made use of this globalised world in the finest way possible
  • Exhibitions: In the gold business, exhibition is the industry equivalent of broadcasting. Devyani Bangles ensures that with their every new collection showing up in the market, an exhibition follows to show the buyers about the skill and crafting abilities while also cautioning the competitors of the dominance of Devyani Bangles in the market.
  • Direct Marketing: The oldest and noblest ways of marketing is setting up shop and offering the customers the best quality of bangles and other ornaments at the finest prices. Devyani Bangles constantly tries to open up newer and bigger outlets in all the strategic markets and point throughout their target city.
  • Publicity: Devyani Bangles has set up the finest way of publicising their craft: by word of mouth. It creates a sense of trust and faith from both parties and Devyani Bangles goes to great lengths to ensure that the customer is nothing short of satisfied and content with what they bought.

Admirable Work Culture
Devyani Bangles has created numerous job profiles for their staff and ensured a complete purchase protection program to further service their customer post-purchase. The company focuses on following the standard safety norms to the letter.

Devyani Bangles invests generously in their most important assets, their employees. They have ensured and created a positive and motivating working environment with loyalty programs for clients and incentives for employees. This helps make an Incentive-Responsibility relationship on both ends which makes them bond in a system where no one lags behind.

They look for self-motivated team players, who support their team while also working for the company as if it is their own. This makes for a healthy and productive work culture and keeps everybody interested in working with minimal exhaustions.

Our inspiration comes from feedback of their customers, and they keep updating themselves accordingly. Devyani Bangles is committed to delivering excellence and aspiring to be a world class, state-of-the-art gold bangles provider to the dealers & retailers internationally.


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