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Changing the Dynamics of Brand Promotion by Innovating the Existing Advertising Strategies

According to technological advances, advertising has definitely changed. We are currently living in the age of the virtual advertising world, which predates advertisements on leaves. Advertising has a significant function in the economy in addition to informing consumers about goods and services. With the discovery of wireless, the introduction of television, and most recently, the internet, technological innovations have had the most significant impact on the marketing industry.

Looking at the opportunities after some research and discovering a niche in the advertising world, Brijesh Solanki, MD, TheCraftTank and Kedar Shet, CEO, TheCraftTank came up with an idea of a multifaceted creative agency that believes in ‘advertising for people who give a damn.’ From integrated campaigns to business design, TheCraftTank efforts are focused on creating genuine connections with people and driving results.

They have tremendous experience in the D2C sector and have cratered to the result-oriented advertisement. The creative seed of TheCraftTank was sown by Kedar and Brijesh in 2018 when they were at a very early stage of their careers. Brijesh came from a sales background, whereas Kedar had experience in the creative process.

They made a great combination because of their different backgrounds and complemented each other’s working styles. At present, Brijesh looks after the business and strategy, whereas Kedar is in charge of execution.

Services Offerings

TheCraftTank offers the best solutions to help brands cross their hurdles. The offerings from the firm are stated below:

Marketing & Strategy

• Marketing
• Brand Strategy
• Experience Strategy
• Campaign Development
• Content Strategy
• Performance Marketing
• Public Relations
• Social Media
• Influencer Marketing


• Experience Design
• Brand Identity and Naming
• Retail Environments
• Campaign Design
• Packaging
• Media Planning
• Communications Planning
• Research


• Content Production
• Interactive Production
• Event Production
• Photoshoot
• Print Studio
• TVC & Digital Film
• Post-Production
• Full Stack Development

Prominent Clients

The D2C sector is where TheCraftTank excels. mCaffeine, Pintola, SwissBeauty Cosmetics, Denver for guys, Upstox, Saucy Affair, and Tit-Bit Spices are just a handful of the first brands the company has worked with. It has gone on to work on more brands from similar categories along the way and deliver holistic solutions which could bring more relevance and transparency to its clients in the market.

TheCraftTank is determined to deliver a comprehensive suite of digital advertising solutions to create immersive experiences for brands to reach out and be memorable in the minds of their target audience. Their goal was crystal clear from the beginning; they wanted to engage with D2C businesses since they presented interesting challenges and opportunities. And one of the factors contributing to their success is their exclusivity in this market.

Obstacles on the Way

“Just like every other new venture, we had our own set of obstacles to overcome. One of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome was getting my family on board. They were right to be sceptical as we didn’t come from families with business experience and were foraying into unknown waters,” asserted Mr Brijesh Solanki when asked about the major hurdles throughout the journey.

“Up until the lockdown, everything went better than we could have imagined. We had just recently relocated into a new office, acquired a fantastic team, and had a unique group of clients when things started to feel shaky. I was about to give up as I watched everything crumble, but Kedar never once faltered. We have already been together for two years, and we are getting stronger every day. He persuaded me to persevere for another six months. We are even attracting investors’ attention, which is significant for any startup,” he further added.

Competition in the Industry

No matter what position you are in within the industry, competition is present everywhere. But the best approach to handle it is to comprehend the opposition, acknowledge your weaknesses, and seek to improve.

Corporate Ethos for Employees

Keeping employees’ content is definitely essential. Pressure does help churn thoughts better, but unhappy employees do not make for solid pillars. The organisation’s management makes sure to give people the time and space to take breaks as needed to renew their minds.

Their contentment is ensured by holding regular team events, going on excursions, celebrating holidays, and preserving some energising items in the workplace. They also provide the employees get time off from work when it means the most to them – teamwork gets the tasks done well in advance.

At TheCraftTank, R&D is regarded as the initial step before doing anything new. Visionary leaders ensure that everyone in the team adheres to this procedure. This has undoubtedly assisted them in accomplishing something innovative without making mistakes

A Glimpse of the Industry

Digital media is necessary for advertising; no brand can avoid it. This needs to be incorporated into their planning. In addition to giving organisations new ways to experiment, it is also paving the way for young adults to discover their vocation. Due to the fact that it is an artistic field where such people can work and openly express themselves, is bringing out their latent talents.

TheCraftTank’s Future Outlook

Over the years, the company has taken part in a number of significant campaigns for well-known companies in the market. Several brands have also been able to achieve heights they never thought possible in shorter amounts of time because of it.

The company is excited, and it is taking the year 2022-23 as a challenging one. It is thrilled to synergise its efforts so that it can reach new heights. It plans to reach a stage where the team only works with a select group of brands and only focuses on churning out the best for them.

Words of Wisdom

Stereotypes are good for nothing other than making people feel less. Not everyone can break stereotypes, but it is your responsibility to at least give it a try to do something that will make you happy. Do it for yourself if not anyone else. Aim high. There are lessons to be learned everywhere, so keep your eyes and ears open.

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