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The outburst of technological advancements is pushing the business community to excel far beyond the fence. The way it’s advancing – technology rapidity will be not slowing anytime soon; and it’s meant for business to improve. Companies can reach heights and gain a niche competitive advantage by successfully leveraging new technology in line with core operations. It assists a firm in increasing business efficiency, lowering operational costs, optimizing the use of technology, and expanding its business with expertise.

While all of this appears to be rather appealing, it is not so simple in reality. Modern technologies are available, but without the necessary skills, incorporating them into company models and growing might be tough. Moreover, with the cut-throat competition between tech magnates, SMEs, etc., it becomes pretty tough to rise above or lead the way without proper tech consulting.

This also involves staying updated with demand shifts of clients at all times. TRITON IT Solutions is a specialist in redefining organisational efficiency through technical assistance and consultations. Business Connect recently got the opportunity to interview its CEO Mr. Hari Prashath Manivasagam. In the conversation, Hari discussed his enthusiasm for technology and how he discoveredand advanced his career in end-to-end technology consulting. The following story highlights the discourse as a whole.

The bug for an entrepreneurial career was present in Hari since his early days of college. During his Engineering, he led the entrepreneurial Cell Lemon Inc. Here he built the much-required experience needed for his startup innovation. Moving on, he spent two and half years in TCS and worked in different departments. And while it had its perks, it’s not the life he wished for; also, he found a lack of excitement and challenges with the work. He left TCS in 2013 and founded TRITON IT Solutions as a product development company handling recruitment concerns of alumni. His experience and established entrepreneurial network were extremely beneficial to him.

But being bootstrapped, eventually, they faced financial constraints to scale fast, which obstructed them in working freewheelingly. “It was really difficult for us to run the show – develop products, pay salaries to employees, and much more,” says Hari. During this time, a few of Hari’s friends needed tech assistance in building products. This is where ‘The Way’ for TRITON was born. Hari helped his friends succeed, and the Company finally started making money.

In a few months, they were overwhelmed by work, which is why they built an ecosystem of talent and tech resources. Focusing on technology- based consultancy, they attracted clients from United States, Germany and other nations. They have a team of 35+ people and have accomplished projects with Govt. Bodies like Chennai Metro Rail Limited, Information & Broadcasting Ministry, Govt of India, etc. Now, TRITON proudly stands as a holistic IT partner for businesses. It ensures clients receive an end-to-end service, from concept to execution to marketing, and then funding.

Tech consulting is a vast field that assists firms in making the most of technologies and software. This can include design, development, implementation, or managing new technology. TRITON offers consultancy in four categories – Technology Solutions, Digital Marketing Solutions, Business Consulting and R&D. The Company has several case studies to explain what makes these solutions unique. It has worked with a Singapore Public Company for its R&D project. It did several trial and error work, which was in relevance to their vision to create something futuristic. Next, it did app development for a healthcare company.

The app can upload a series of therapeutic images and analyse them through image processing without manual intervention. Also, it has worked on data science to develop a predictive mechanism for another healthcare firm. The final offering could analyse multiple health reports to identify if the patient is prone to diseases. TRITON has also worked on predictive analysis for a restaurant in Singapore. It’s enabled them a way to analyse and forecast what customers will order.

Moving on, it has helped companies in marketing and expanding their outreach. It leverages multiple social channels to promote and create a positive image of a brand or a company. This is very helpful for Startups seeking continuous growth. Lastly, it helps companies in strategizing their business plans. Hari explains this, “We bluntly don’t go with an idea. We partner with our clients, understand their vision and roadmap they wish to follow. In case they don’t have a water-tight plan, we help them create one with a two-year road for their product.” The end-to-end model helps them differentiate themselves in the cut-throat technology arena.

TRITON has accomplished projects with revered Tech Magnates, Healthcare Companies & Hospitals, On Demand Services Companies, New age product start-ups, Banking & Fin- tech Companies, Manufacturers, Retail brands and many more.

Its client-centric methodology, bolstered by in-house talent, provides great flexibility in any vertical.

Technology and talent are the two primary resources of a company. However, a defined mission and vision sets a company’s trajectory. TRITON’s mission is to assist businesses to achieve their objectives through innovative solutions while maintaining a high standard of quality. Nine years down the line, the Company has faced series of challenges, but never divulged from its path.

TRITON has always believed in ethics and trust. Hari explains that mistake-making in this journey is human, but it is always a learning opportunity too. Each of their assignments is backed by continuous brainstorming with both parties. This further helps them in their day-to-day challenges. For instance, the COVID-19 outbreak pushed them to the edge, and they just moved into an office at that time. However, being analytical about available resources and how to employ them aided in the transition to remote work and growth.

Maintaining its core vision, TRITON is working on a hybrid model to stay connected and ensure flexibility in functioning. TRITON believed in nurturing talents and empower them. All the employees of TRITON have been part of the company for more than 4-5 years and they have been engaged in all the important decision making process which has given them a sense of ownership and a responsibility in company’s growth.

“Good things happen to those who hustle.” This phrase attests to every persevering innovator. As for Hari, he believes in people’s perseverance. He is a very accommodating leader – ‘A People’s Person’. He has a well-balanced personality which has helped him institute a like-minded culture. As the chief of the flock, he is always ready to roll up the sleeves and get his hands dirty, if necessary. Also, he believes in connecting and keeps up with his stakeholders. His wholesome character also has a prominent role TRITON’s culture.

His employees enjoy a friendly environment where they have the liberty to discuss ideas, make suggestions and decisions. Moreover, they have the opportunity to learn. Hari loves mentoring and spend an avid time doing so. He says, “I want TRITON to always go above and beyond, but there needs to be a talent pool that believes in it.” With a friendly leader and friendly environment, TRITON has flourished in every aspect.

Besides business, Hari has a passion for societal upscaling. TRITON has employees from all walks of life. TRITON have adopted 6 girl children’s education so far as they believe empowering a women happens through education. They are looking to add more girl children every year. TRITON is planning to set up TRITON Foundation in 2022, a not for profit organization to help girl children of economically weaker section, First generation graduates and children who have lost both the parents or the breadwinner of the family.

Goal of the Foundation will be to empower people by giving them the access to right learning materials, right guidance, mentoring and by exposing them to right opportunities at the right time. TRITON helps first generation graduates and economically weaker background students by training them and helping them get placed.

While being in such a competitive market, these CSR initiatives also makes TRITON unique in every way.

With a dynamic leader, talented resources and a clear purpose, TRITON is climbing new heights at a steady pace. As a Technology Company, it has completed nearly impossible projects with perfection, making a mark on its clientele. With this stature, the future only seems bright. It further seeks to make a stronger global presence and grow in eminent nations, like Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Philippines, Middle East and so on.

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