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True Talents

True Talents

Find The Right Fit With The Right Partner

Written by: Kriti Anand

The search for the proper fit does not end with matching qualifications—in fact, it begins there. Businesses that recognise the importance of obtaining the right personnel understand that a candidate’s attributes must be correct not just on paper. There also arises a need for cultural compatibility. This is where True Talent Consulting comes in.

Company Overview

TrueTalents Consulting have made a name for themselves for their exceptional recruitment and training services. Since the day of their inception, the organization has aided IT & ITEs companies in finding, recruiting, and training the right candidates. From small to large size companies, they deploy niche profiles to the right position for all of their clients. The company does not stop at recruitment– it grooms the candidates by imparting adequate training.

Moreover, as they understand the pulse of the candidate, they make sure the career opportunity also is in alignment to their aspirations and desires for their career. A process-driven service provider with in-depth knowledge of all business processes & its workaround, they strive to provide the best possible outcome for their clients. The team also focuses on the upgradation of their resources continuously through the company’s wide & extensive networking base.

True Talents predominantly focuses on all the technical aspects of every business, right from programming to networking. This is attained through the technical expertise of the technologically-adept team. They provide effective solutions for their client’s business objectives and transformation needs. Apart from their unmatched skills in the recruitment sector, True Talents also specializes in turnkey human resources, technical training, payroll processing, and project development solutions.

For True Talents, quality delivery encompasses two aspects. First, a baseline quality framework, which incorporates the sum total of everything learned and followed. The company has built an adaptive quality framework where the quality system continues to get enriched with releases made for the end customers across diverse verticals, as well as the OEM customers.

Since they operate in a niche and critical segment, they have the opportunity to learn and improve the QA processes constantly. This helps them to ensure first time right and every time right releases. The clientele of the consultancy firm includes organizations from different sectors like IT, Non IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare. Some of their esteemed clients are Perficient Technologies, HCL Technologies, Changepond Technologies, Yash Technologies, Cleartouch India, and many more.

Gomathi Perumal, the Founder and Director of True Talents states, “It’s true–skills and technologies can be learned and hired. But the passion to build a happy workplace, the experience of true brotherhood, and scaling up to meet end user expectations are some things that cannot be copied. To be with people and care, and putting customers first is a mindset–and not a skill or diploma you can achieve.”

The mission True Talents has undertaken is to create a future for experts, in the growing fortune companies. Its vision for itself incorporates being the best choice for C&C (Client & Candidate), enabling its research for the professionals as its clients’ future resources, and creating values for both itself & the client.

About The Team

The team at True Talents believes in inclusiveness and giving back to society. In the company’s CSR activities, the employees are directly involved. They spend time in supporting visually challenged kids’ education, and work closely with children from difficult environments by helping them to study and do well in their careers. For them, the outside world is the greatest motivator and only it can provide one with the feeling of gratitude.

The True Talent family commits significant time to these tasks. They also regularly invite scholars, activists, eminent personalities, high achievers, writers and ex-servicemen to come and interact with the team. True Talents works on the core principle of empowerment or trust and environment to learn. The key leaders have been working together for a long time and have handled strategic positions in various corporations.

When hiring, they do not simply induct an employee, they induct the person into their family. It takes a lot of commitment and hard work from True Talents family members to bring them into the work family. The second level leaders play a crucial role in bringing young talent and ensuring they get familiar with the culture quickly. The core leadership team has been working together for a long time and has been involved in several green field enterprises throughout their professional careers.

This provided the groundwork for mutual trust, interdependence, and a clear awareness of each other’s abilities. After a long career as a corporate-backed entrepreneur, the logical next step was to launch a startup. They set out from the start to establish a joyful workplace where people would want to leave with a smile on their face. They want to provide opportunities for the most worthy people while also coaching their careers.

Even through the trying times of the pandemic, the True Talents team stood alongside and took care of each other. They suffered many losses, and it had an impact on their personal and professional lives. “We lost a few key mentors and well wishers. Once the pandemic hit, we could feel its impact on the business. Unlike large companies contracts which are typically multi-million, and span multiple years, our contracts are usually sharp-focused and time-bound.

The business leaders took a policy decision to be with all our True Talents family and key customers in this period. This means we were protecting our employees, clients and families, and trying to stay afloat. The short term impact was severe–almost nil billing and heavy cash outflow to take care of the team. We came together to protect everyone, and did not lay off any employees, and did our best to be with our work family.”


As a process-driven service provider, their agility in adapting technology, upgrades, and modifications to the needs of the times enables them to smooth out the complexities buried in any assignment that they undertake and deliver the product on time, without iteration or compromise.

True Talents has used social and digital media to advertise the products as well as new solutions that are being developed. They listen and pay attention to their customers–they monitor feedback and plan their development and training accordingly.

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