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Revolutionising the Logistic Industry With Leading-edge Technologies: Truxcargo is a One-stop Shipping Solution Provider

An industry will collapse if the logistics components of the industry are compromised. Earlier, logistics was generally considered a military science, but with the growth of the middle class, the consumer market, and the economy, logistics has emerged as an independent industry. The most recent technological advancements and integrations acted as catalysts for the expansion of the logistics sector.

Striving to narrate the inspiring stories of pioneers in different sectors, The Business Connect Magazine got the opportunity to write about Truxcargo Pvt. Ltd., an AI-enabled shipping platform (SaaS) with decades of knowledge and expertise that has established its position among the fastest-growing tech-enabled logistics firms. The aim of Truxcargo is to offer hassle-free and streamlined shipping solutions to make your market presence a smooth ride.

Mr. Gaurav Sharma, an accomplished management expert with a track record of working in the supply chain, sales, and marketing sectors, is the visionary leader behind Truxcargo. In a conversation with Business Connect Magazine, Mr Gaurav Sharma, Director at Truxcargo, discusses his inspiration for founding the company. “I started my job as a sales executive at an organisation that sold items.

I used to sell the company’s product door-to-door as well as online while working I realised that if the owner of that business could earn by doing so, why couldn’t I? I eventually began selling the product on my own and launched my own startup under the name “Leepix,” where I had a terrific experience. However, after a few months, I got the opportunity to work at “Delhivery,” which is currently the leading logistics firm in the nation. During my job in Delhivery, I found there were a lot of gaps in the industry that motivated me start my own company.

As a result, I made the difficult decision to follow my passion, and “Truxcargo” was born. I have always wanted to have an impact on the world, and business has given me the chance to do that. Through my work with smaller businesses and larger industries, I have gained a thorough understanding of the various aspects of shipping and logistics. By reimagining the overall process of utilisation and cost reduction, I have been able to reduce transit costs for our Indian micro-sellers and other businesses.

Truxcargo at a Glance

Incepted in 2018, Truxcargo, with its headquarters in Delhi, offers door-to-door shipping to over 29000+ pin codes with multiple carrier partner options. The company uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise operations and boost customer happiness. Their tech-enabled logistics platform, which is present all over India, is a dependable supplier of integrative logistics solutions for clients there. The company assists its clients in streamlining and simplifying the procedures in logistics operations while meeting their supply chain needs.

It is made up of a team of highly qualified and experienced logistics and supply chain specialists from the sector. Truxcargo has established a solid reputation for being dependable, fast, and affordable by providing an innovative one-stop shop for all logistics services, from the automatic allocation of the courier to dispatch through the last-mile delivery of products at the best market price.

Tuxcargo offers air and ocean freight shipments in addition to land transportation, choices for warehousing and storage, customs clearance services, and special handling for risky items, large cargo, and perishable commodities. They employ AI to provide specialised and efficient services to their customers, with features like AI-powered chatbots to assist with customer questions and AI-based predictive modelling to anticipate potential issues before they occur.

Overall, by integrating AI technology into its services, Tuxcargo is able to provide logistics solutions that are more effective and efficient while also providing individualised service and expert advice to help businesses navigate the complexities of international trade and transportation.

Truxcargo’s Exclusive Service Portfolio

Truxcargo continuously pursues innovative strategies to integrate all logistics solutions in one place and develop into an integrated logistics service provider. With the goal of providing high-quality services on schedule, the Truxcargo team takes into account the unique requirements of each project to achieve excellence using the most recent technologies and international best practises. The outstanding range of services offered by Truxcargo includes practically all commercial activities in the logistics sector, including e-commerce-retail, B2C air freight, document courier, full truck loads, part truck loads, and hiring a fleet. Let’s take an overview of the primary characteristics that make Truxcargo’s services unique:

  • Ecommerce-Retail: A significant portion of the costs in eCommerce are related to shipping. Truxcargo’s USPs are cost savings, early COD availability, providing you with the most serviceable pin codes, and lowering shipment TAT.
  • Document Courier: Use Truxcargo’s courier services, which are focused on the legal and accounting sectors, to send papers and documents straight to your client. They are well prepared to plan international envelope deliveries with signatures upon reception and last-minute pick-up possibilities because they are aware of the needs of the sector.
  • B2C Air Freight: Air Fright is the perfect solution to instant shipment. Truxcargo offers a variety of extremely flexible services that enable you to choose the delivery speeds that best meet your needs. They operate on all of the world’s major routes.
  • Full Truck Load: FTL services, also known as full truckload, are provided by Truxcargo. In this shipping method, a single shipment is transported between two points by a single truck. Freight logistics for full truckloads (FTL) assist you in completing high-volume, high-capacity orders more quickly. This service is appropriate for a company that has to transport a full truck over great distances.
  • Part Truck Load: A portion load refers to goods that only partially fill a vehicle. In essence, the shipment is larger than a less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment in terms of volume. Part truckload (PTL) freight solutions are available from Truxcargo to assist you in moving your items by sharing space with other companies moving over the same route. Pay only for the goods you use and split the burden.
  • Hire a Fleet: The Truxcargo Panel is getting a new feature that details the hours spent improving some of the platform’s fundamental functionalities in order to give users a better user experience. Hiring a Fleet’s FLT and LTL services has become easier than ever before with the ease of booking through the client panel and online tracking.

The Spirit Behind the Success

Gaurav Sharma, Director of Truxcargo, is a seasoned professional with exceptional skills in supplier relationship management and risk mitigation, production planning process improvement, logistics operations, and cost reduction strategies and analyses.  With 18 years of experience in the field, Gaurav is a veteran persona who excels as a business leader, thinker, inventor, and enabler.

Before founding Truxcargo, he held leadership positions throughout his career while working with reputable companies including Glowlite Industries, Bluegape, Leepix, and Delhivery. He has played a key role during his tenure in helping organisations achieve operational excellence. His demonstrated expertise is in starting and running businesses while building them up to become lucrative and sustainable enterprises. In terms of education, Gaurav has a graduation degree from the prestigious Delhi University.

Peaking the Performance

The initial steps of Truxcargo were taken in 2018, and the firm is now a distinguished, cutting-edge tech-enabled logistics shipping platform that has disrupted conventional delivery and transportation management methods thanks to its state-of-the-art AI technology. The company has made significant progress over the course of nearly five years on its path to success, having reached many milestones that have given it the potential to make a lasting impression on global logistics.

The top cream of Truxcargo nestles strategic alliances with significant industry players like shipping lines, airlines, and customs brokers to offer more comprehensive and efficient logistics solutions. The company has successfully created and implemented sustainable logistics solutions to lessen its impact on the environment and support ethical business practises.

By introducing new technology like a new warehouse automation system or an AI-based logistics management system, Truxcargo strives to deliver dependable and effective logistics services to customers in order to increase customer satisfaction and promote repeat business.

The Vision of Truxcargo

The vision consists of kick-starting their highly organised services with a bang to provide the finest possible results.

A well-planned and ordered process

  • Maintaining, monitoring, and taking care of the requirements and procedures
  • Employing the best and most cutting-edge technology and making quality investments
  • Undergoing statutory and regulatory methods
  • Providing end-to-end management in a definite order

The Future Outlook

By partnering with local transportation providers, the company, which has the blazing aspiration of flashing Truxcargo around the globe, aims to revolutionise the B2B logistics industry. Through this, they will be able to provide the clients with the quickest turnaround times and the lowest prices. Local vendors provide better prices since they have fewer overheads than the listed companies.

Despite offering end-to-end services, the needed technology is not yet accessible. The team, on the other hand, is stepping in to close that gap by putting in place and supplying the essential technologies to support this burgeoning industry.

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