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Redefining the Industry with Innovation

In India, Science is purposefully lifting the bar in a huge manner. With the considerable number of investments to push the biotechnology arena, India is on a path of glory. However, the current market scenario is posing a major challenge for the manufacturing domain in this industry to grow. With innovation & innovative applications, manufacturers in India can shoulder with western counterparts and may surpass them as well. Universal Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd., a well-seasoned organization of importer & manufacturer, envisions such as India.

As we sat down for an exclusive conversation with Universal Biotechnology’s key protagonist- Deepak Negi (Founder & Director) for this inside story, our team across some valuable nuggets, that we are pleased to share with our readers. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the pool of profoundness offered by this brilliant leader.

Conceptualized in the year 2011, Universal Biotechnology is a leading brand in the biotechnology realm providing exclusive products and services across the country. As an industry leader, the company cherishes all the challenges, that come in its way and stand firm upon the pillars of business values, creativity, & innovative products to get through.

During the journey of more than a decade, Universal Biotechnology has paved the way to tremendous growth with compelling services & disciplined delivery in the arena of life science research reagents, equipment, and related works. The company is a prime biotech trader and manufacturer and an Indian channel partner of numerous renowned manufacturers of overseas brands in India.

Universal Biotechnology started the journey with a young and energetic group of people who bring with their experience of more than 15 years of satisfactory service to the bio-world. Armed with a deep understanding of the needs of the sector, Universal Biotechnology strives to provide to its clients, products, services of the highest standards possible, consistently superior- and more satisfying than that available anywhere else. The prime focused products of the company are antibodies for Influenza viruses, Dengue Virus, Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV), Hepatitis Viruses (HCV & HBV), SARS-COV2, And Zika Virus, and many more.

“Like every business, our inception began to open opportunities for the individuals who are willing to explore creative fields with the utmost dedication and to increase their talent utilization in the market,” states Deepak. The luminary asserts that for him, the first impression would always be the last one- as he appreciates confidence more than experience.

Universal Biotechnology understands its client’s requirements and proposes appropriate customized solutions that will help them succeed in the competitive market- and every new project meets rigorous quality standards that are in line with global practices

“In the sales and marketing industry, your priority is your connections and relationships with your clients. My relationships with my client and my team are very much cordial and open in the COVID-19 crisis- and I always stay in touch with clients, colleagues, and my friends. We help our clientele with goods that come under essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic, so it helped us to do even better in the business” says Deepak.

Quality of services is something that is never being neglected by the team of Universal Biotechnology- and that is also the foremost responsibility of the organization as the client is the prime priority for them. Moreover, Deepak himself ensures that every product and service should be of utmost care.

Deepak Negi: He is the Co-Founder and the Director of the Universal Biotechnology and a passionate leader. Persistence is his first lesson and a trait that helps him cope-up with failures- and strengthens his belief in the process of focusing on the path. He has 15+ years of experience in the biotech sector. He has established the firm with the powerful vision of filling the void of quality in the biotech research & development industry.

His immense leadership, backed with confidence to achieve something of his own, sparked the inception of his startup- Universal Biotechnology. And from a single service provider, the company now delivers a complete range of research products and service solutions. In this journey, he has excelled all business operations, from executive meetings to development desks. He has a robust belief in connecting with like-minded people and bringing out the best in them.

  • Manvir Singh: He is the Co-Founder and the Finance Director of the company, holding 25+ years of experience in the recruitment industry- with expertise in time management CRM. During this tenure, Manvir has made numerous notable contributions to the industry with his innovative solutions & ideas.


  • The Universal Biotechnology provides products for the research & development in the realm to enhance the quality of life science research.
  • The team has the immense capacity to fulfill clients’ demands with tailor-cut produce services, environment-friendly product category, price effective, short time goods delivery, etc.,- and it’s a one-stop shop for the infinity solutions in the arena.
  • At an earlier stage, the business concept for the team was very conventional- but from time to time, they adopted new technologies that completely transformed the business model.
  • Every company has its own rules and policies for the development of its employees’ knowledge. Universal  Biotechnology builds policies to develop every individual’s personal technical growth that motivates them to achieve organizational goals.

To illustrate the importance of teamwork, Henry Ford rightly said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Universal Biotechnology, with its passionate and industrial team, is scaling the success ladder at a brisk pace.

The Universal Biotechnology is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, having certification of MSME by the GOI. The company has been listed at Government procurement portals eg; GeM, CPPP & eTender etc and has been identified by numerous government organizations for best quality products, including the ‘Best Startup’ by the department of biotechnology (DBT) and ‘Company of the Year’ by the CEO magazine in 2018.

In a world full of competition and a life that’s turned to nothing more than a rat race, Deepak encourages everyone to not compete with others but to just be a better version of themselves. Your success is to believe in your potential, and one should measure his or her success from the last achievement to the current, rather than trying to measure success with others achievements.

As an entrepreneur, Deepak is stepping forward to create new and emerging opportunities for the people who want to work- but didn’t get appropriate opportunities due to fewer resources. Besides that, he also aspiring an industry that operates without harming or affecting the environment.

“If you have an idea, don’t hold back. Set a clear vision and aspire to attain it. Never doubt your idea for its worth is more than what others may value it.”- Deepak Negi.

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