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Vinculum Group: Enabling Seamless Shopping Experience Across Channels

In today’s world, we are transforming at an exponential rate with innovation enhancing the universal quality of life. Over the last few decades, we have witnessed the most exceptional evolution of technology. Robots, electric cars, smartphones are all less than a few decades old, while newer transformations like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, have led to swift global digitization.

As a result of the internet, eCommerce has emerged as a huge platform that is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world. Statistics say that there are presumably 2 Billion digital buyers in this world in 2019 and it is expected to become 2.41 Billion by 2021. Global eCommerce has brought a massive revolution worldwide, making it impossible to think of a world without it.

In this digital age of transformation, Vinculum Group is a global software company, that is making a remarkable impact by pioneering Omnichannel retail technology, Cross Border eCommerce, creativity, competence, and a steadfast focus on emerging industry trends, with a customer-centric approach.

Vinculum’s global reach, strong domain knowledge in the chosen verticals, international experience of the team members along with multilingual capabilities, makes it a class apart omnichannel retailing SaaS platform. Before we step into the core competencies and working style of Vinculum, let’s hear from their customers about their ethos.


Mr. Nihir Parikh, Chief Business Officer, and Mr. Sachin Parikh, CFO of Nykaa

“ Nykaa has witnessed a growth of 350% and this year onwards, we are going to grow on the other 300%. With Vin eRetail integrating our online and offline space and providing an Omnichannel experience, the scale up has been very easy. What we like is the agility that they bring with them to develop future technology.”

Who We Are

  • We are a global software company enabling Omnichannel retailing.
  • We help brands and retailers to easily scale, reach and delight customers across channels globally

Mr. Nguyen Le Hung, Head of C.O.E Department, Onpoint

“We wanted to integrate with many key eCommerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Adayroi,etc.. Vinculum proved to be a great partner in this endeavor. They developed a solution of the WMS-OMS system that fulfilled our needs, met our schedule, and provided great after services and support. VinHelpDesk Team resolves any ticket within 1 hour or less, the support team is really great and helpful.

VinERP helped us in managing inventory with efficient order processing via API, and exporting reports(Inventory report, Order inquiry, Inbound/Outbound Transactions, etc.). Their platform is visually pleasing and well optimized for all users, irrespective of your monthly order value.”


Vinculum is a global software company enabling Omnichannel retailing. The company helps Brands, Retailers, and other eCommerce enablers to easily scale, reach, and delight customers across global.


This serves Retailers, eRetailers, and Brands to scale faster. With 150+ ready integrations and a connected ecosystem of 70 + partners globally, the company helps clients with rapid entry into the best marketplaces in markets throughout Asia, MiddleEast, Europe, and the United States.

With Vin eRetail WMS, Brands and Retailers can be in complete control of their orders, Inventory, and Returns through a single, real-time dashboard view of their business across channels and locations. Their SaaS-based product supports the B2B warehousing needs of large enterprises and enables B2C fulfillment for high growth rate Brands.

Vinculum pivoted crucial technical work for omnichannel years ago when online and offline were separate concepts. We have moved on to add a new dimension to the omnichannel commerce as ‘Cross Border’.

With Cross Border as the next hub for opportunities for Brands, their fragmented omnichannel strategies that address individual touchpoints versus the entire customer journey, still, need to be built end-to-end.

Digitization has led to drastic interconnectivity, leading to commerce shrinking into an omnichannel experience, without borders. With mobile, connected inventory, and real-time data at the heart of our Omnichannel approach, making retail optimized for today’s customers, it is our goal to keep Brands at the center of the game!

The products are modular, easy to use, and customizable. Today Vinculum is helping 500+ brands globally with Vin eRetail solutions. Its newly launched Payment reconciliation product Vin Reco has already optimized 1000+ sellers by helping them reconcile and retrieve payments from Marketplaces.

In 2019 alone, Vin Reco helped recover INR 7 million that marketplaces owed their customers.


In a conversation with Business connect, the CoFounder and Director, Mr. Annajee Nott said, “In recent times, many cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, AI, and Big Data have changed the modus operandi of business. We evaluate new technologies and fund small pilots to evaluate the viability of the technology in our products and services. This helps us understand the applicability of these technologies for our products and services.

Learning within a company is an important initiative. Customer feedback and an advisory panel comprising customers and industry experts is another system of feedback we have been seriously focussing on. We routinely bring in experts from a variety of fields to present information on current and upcoming trends. With our focus on putting our customers at the center of everything we do. As we can only thrive if our customers succeed.”


The company aims at executing strategies to ensure year-on-year growth while ensuring that risks are mitigated. While the objective is to enable seamless shopping across channels, the ultimate aim is to expand the global reach and become the preferred choice of Brands globally. Vinculum is a market leader in India and in Southeast Asia and a formidable player in other demographics like the USA and the Middle East. The company has aggressive plans to grow and expand their presence in the global arena.


Success almost never comes without any challenges or difficulties. Mr. Annajee Nott and Vinculum is no different when it comes to adversities. It’s the approach and the attitude towards the same which creates all the difference. The Co-Founder shares the challenges and inspiration.

“We hit the Asian global crisis in our early days where our best-laid plans were put on hold by factors that we could not control. We remained steadfast in our resolve and resilient in the face of adversity.  To this day, this helps us to be positive when we face adverse situations such as the Hong Kong political crisis in one of our important operations.”


With an honest approach, transparency in work, operational efficiency, being accessible, responsive, and understanding unique business needs, Vinculum has successfully built not just corporate relationships, but also a strong partnership with its customers. Customer feedback is perhaps the most vital element for a successful business. Vinculum delivers experiences that make it stand out from its competition creating a long-lasting relationship with them. Their customer’s laurels are from across the globe.

Some of the clients include Johnson and Johnson (J&J), AS Watsons and Dairy Farm Group, Aditya Birla Group, Nykaa, Vestige, DTDC, Redtape SM Malls, The Body Shop, Blue Dart, Popular Book Stores, Repro Books, Janio, Amante, Fabindia, Metro, ezmall, Preety secrets, Bata, Jaypore, Aurelia, Ritu Kumar, Manyawar, Redtape and Ritu Wearsetc to name a few.


In the last 10 + years of operation, Vinculum has been achieving over 30% year-on-year growth. With its mission to create an intuitive software, enabling customers to grow by easily tapping into global sales channels, the company has received multiple awards like Gartner Magic Quadrant three years in a row from 2017-2019 for its WMS capability , ‘Company of the Year’- Multichannel retail enabler, Case study of the year award – Editor’s choice by Singapore Business Review, Great user experience and Customer’s choice award, along many more feathers to their multidimensional hat of achievements.

Vinculum’s services have been acknowledged by experts like Amazon web services, Gartner, Frontrunners and many more. Vinculum has more than 6 million SKUs managed, 150+ integrations, with 70+ partners in more than 30 countries.

How has Vinculum accomplished to stay on top of the competition and continually provide delightful customer experiences?

When you envision growth and reshape your perspective and expectations with the evolving space, the changes do not discomfort you, they become a part of life. As the Chines proverb goes, the wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water molds itself to the pitcher. Reshaping your perspective, overcoming the rudimentary beliefs and working style, and sharpening your skills, lets you acclimatize and stay ahead.

Vinculum has been repeatedly reinventing itself and has remained creative at every turn. Innovation is at the core working structure of the company.  By remaining agile to the latest trends, being alert to dynamic technical and business trends and keeping a common goal for the company, as it scales and grows have resulted in the enhancement of goodwill and personal brand value.

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