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Boosting Brand Visibility with the Performances of Loyal Employees “Targeting to Triple Our Growth In A Year”

“Human first, Work later. A happy employee is always the most loyal employee.”

This is what the Marketing Director of ViralChilly Kavita Paliwal believes in. With this thinking, Kavita attracts the perfect talent for her company and is aiming to double the headcount by 2022 end. This full-grown Digital Marketing agency witnesses the passion of Kavita who could be credited with the exposure ViralChilly has today.

Going with the same motto, Prince too conveys a beautiful message, “Make humans the center of your services and you’ll never have to worry about sales.” One of the results of these thoughts and sincere efforts is that the employees here love their job. ViralChilly’s expertise lies in Fully Managed SEO, Blogger Outreaching, SEO Audits, Paid Ad Campaigns.

They have recently launched a vertical in Web Design and Development services too. One important thing to be mentioned is that ViralChilly has not invested even a single rupee in advertisements for itself in Facebook or Google. The company is in link with over 20,000 bloggers across the world today.

Started in 2015, Viralchilly has reached a place where it is working with clients from USA, Australia, Netherlands, Germany.

Very well aware of the fact of how important SEO agencies are, Kavita Paliwal realized that there was a dire need for an SEO agency that understood the business in the true sense. At that time, she was working with LoginRadius and she knew that there was a great demand for legit SEO agencies. It all began with her search for an SEO agency for one of her friends but to her surprise, she could not find even a single one working in the correct direction.

This made her work for the friend free of cost for a year and her honest efforts started getting her huge referral businesses since the project saw good results. Kavita had proven the saying- SEO is an asset. It’s like buying real estate and investing to remodel your kitchen and bath. That work will increase the value of your home so that you can sell it in the future for a profit.

Bagging Canva was the first quantum leap for ViralChilly. Canva which has more than one million user base in India today was just starting here in 2017. For the graphic design platform, Kavita ensured a sub-section for the Indian audience customizing the designs of the company according to the Indian taste and events. Apart from this, ViralChilly has rendered services to big names like Adobe, Wondershare, Stillio, PharmaEasy, and over 200 small and mediumsized businesses.

ViralChilly is a Digital Marketing agency in Jaipur and with a longterm focus on digital branding solutions for SMBs. With its current inclination towards Digital Marketing, ViralChilly has gradually outgrown themselves into web design and development. With a strong expertise of key persons like Ranjan Kapoor, Charvi Joshi and Sreekanth Unnithan along with Prince and Kavita, ViralChilly aims to bring a significant growth in the digital world.

The company focuses on having regular learning sessions during which the latest market trends are looked after. Buying guides and courses is another factor that ensures the clients are kept on top of new technology advancements.

Process management is given special attention. With hundreds of checklists in place, ViralChilly ensures their clients can sit back relaxed. This formula is being followed by one of the top global agencies and similarly, ViralChilly plans to incorporate the same in its culture. Opting for limited clients on the other hand, ensures every client gets the time and attention it deserves.

Kavita asserts, “We keep on working ourselves to ensure we can provide the best to our clients. Our concept is simple, “Whenever the flower is ready, the bee comes uninvited.” We have a specific focus on understanding client problems and addressing them with a tailored approach. This has helped us in converting those clients into long-term relationships.

Word of mouth by these clients has led us to attract new prospective clients. Our results and client testimonials have helped build the trust prospects are looking for. Ninety per cent of the business we generate is via referrals and the rest comes in from direct leads.”

ViralChilly speaks about the things that differentiate it from other agencies

  • A process management system or SOP in place- to avoid issues like incomplete deliverables, missing deadlines or reporting
  •  A lot of agencies don’t have any idea of premium backlinks they are aggressively selling PBN links and causing harm to their client websites. ViralChilly follows a guest posting strategy that provides genuine and authority backlinks.
  • The agency is scalable like anything. From newbie startups to agencies with hundreds of projects, they sure know how to keep their clients happy.
  • When it comes to web designing, the forte lies in creating SEO optimized WordPress websites that not only looks good, but functions well too.

The team of ViralChilly has been working with various brands in the USA, Australia, and the Netherlands. Their major clients are Canva, Stillio, LoginRadius, Adobe, WonderShare, plus many more. Partnerships with some top notch SEO agencies from the USA, Germany and Australia where the agency provides white label services for the clients.

“I’ve worked with Kavita for around 3 years. She’s helped our company’s local growth in India. Kavita is very hardworking and provides excellent work and output. She’s always ready to take on new tasks and does it efficiently. I’d love to work with Kavita again in the future. Anyone would be lucky to have Kavita in their team.” – Ivan,

“Honest ,super responsive and quality agency. The ViralChilly is by far one of the best service providers I’ve ever worked with. They are super responsive, has a major bank of quality contacts and their honest and fast service makes them my first instinct when I approach a link-building/SEO campaign. Both Prince and Kavita are doing an amazing job by updating, truly reflecting TATs, and taking care of each issue that may occur when dealing with a complicated campaigns.” – Ronen,

Kavita Paliwal: Director, Marketing. With 7+ years of experience in digital marketing working with global brands, she has taken ViralChilly to new heights. Along with strategic business development processes, she directs PR, branding, advertising, and website development too.

Ranjan Kapoor: CFO.
As CFO, Ranjan is responsible for the assessment of organic and acquisition expansion opportunities, the company’s financial strategy including accounting, treasury, audit plus a lot more. She also keeps a check on all human resources and the associated facilities activities.

Prince Kapoor: CTO.
His immeasurable skills helped him add more than 11 years of expertise of working with more than 150 brands. His knowledge in the field of web, as well as mobile development & digital marketing, expands vastly into areas like SEO, Link Building and Content Marketing. He is also helping ViralChilly attract the right talent. Since 2009, Prince has been helping brands in growing their online presence and revenue. He aims to increase the headcount of the company to 2x by the end of 2022.

The agency ensures healthy competition among the employees believing in growing together by buying guides/tools to work on the weak points of the employees. Inhouse training sessions are also organized with the same purpose. Team outings, monthly lunches and activities are other ways to promote a healthy atmosphere. The company ensures that the employees never witness a dull moment while working with ViralChilly.

The team is also given an hour of daily learning sessions when they could choose anything to learn. No wonder employees end up learning a lot more than what they expect.

ViralChilly boasts that in a short span of two years, the team was able to grab the most popular brands of the world like Canva, Adobe, WonderShare. The agency has also been awarded the “10 Best Jaipur Startups to Work for – 2020” by SilionIndia. Moreover, ViralChilly has already crossed its benchmark of getting 2x team strength by 2020.

Prince states, “Our target is to 3x our growth in the next one year. To achieve that, we are expanding our verticals and trying some new strategies. To do that, we have to hire more talents that can help us achieve our goals. We are constantly looking for the right people to grow our company.”

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