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Wingman Partners

Wingman Partners

A Visionary Business Leader is Navigating the Untrodden Road to Success with his Brandchild

Ashav Kaushik, a passionate, tenacious, and customer driven visionary leader, is rewriting the generic narrative of an everyday “software firm” with the launch of his brainchild brand, Wingman Partners, in the IT space. A dynamic tech-consulting organization, Wingman Partners deploy cutting-edge technology towards a singular goal – to enable businesses worldwide to modernize their operations through technology, cloud computing, and analytics.

They are helping partners plan to and develop their infrastructure, security models, and tracking systems under the hegemony of the inspiring entrepreneur. Ashav Kaushik is an astute business leader with an enterprising spirit and is renowned for the profound leading genius that he acquired throughout his years of expertise.

Today, Mr Kaushik has made a name for himself in technical, managerial, leadership training, software technology, quality, productivity, customer focus, team satisfaction, and physical and technological infrastructure. Like any other businessperson, he faced his share of difficulties. But he decided to not be worried and instead took things in his stride.

He evaluated his approach and decided to compete as the front-runner. To set an example for others, he overcame obstacles and turned them into opportunities while embodying the company’s values, vision, and purpose in his actions and behavior.

The Tale of Inspiration and Journey so Far

Wingman Partners was born because of an obsessive need to create an establishment that rests on three pillars – innovation-enabled transformation, personalized solutions, and silent leadership empowering individuals. Ashav Kaushik decided to revolutionize this sector, broaden his skill set, hire more personnel, and create with them the kind of business he had always envisioned himself working for.

As a result, Wingman was established, and from the start, he decided to completely integrate automated processes with a team that is always ready to adapt and build customer-centric technology solutions for both large and small businesses.

Key Differentiating Factors

• Individual Ownership – They work to instill a strong feeling of ownership in their staff members towards the business partners, initiatives, and products through training and mentoring.
• Customer-Focused – To avoid requirement comprehension gaps and rework delays, customer-focused companies engage partners at every stage of design and development, incorporating feedback at each stage.
• Vast Domain Experience – To meet market demand, they continually study and invest in new technology stacks.
• Pool Of Best Talents – The best engineering candidates and developers are chosen from a talent pool based on their performance and expertise in the field.
• Technology Competence – They provide a distinctive solution that precisely follows the timeline provided, allowing the partners to shorten their go-to-market time and reap the benefits.
• Cost Optimization – Their business model and project collaboration setup allow us to keep the rates affordable which enables smaller and newer businesses to create technology-smart infrastructure.
• No Compromise Over Quality – They closely monitor project activities throughout all stages of development to guarantee defect prevention, project risk reduction, and high-quality outcomes.
• Continuous Learning – Wingman is committed to lifelong learning, and each team has a formal objective of
achieving alignment with the newest technology stacks.

Value-additive Propositions at Wingman

At Wingman, the value-additive propositions are designed to offer partners specialised solutions, expert support, and affordable solutions. They think they can make a difference and contribute to the accomplishment of each endeavour by concentrating on the key areas listed below.

• WTailored Solutions: Their dedication to addressing the unique demands of each partner is demonstrated by their availability of these solutions.
• Expert Team: The team of knowledgeable professionals is the foundation of Wingman. They bring a plethora of knowledge, skill, and a track record of completing each project with good and successful results.
• Work Ethics: The strong focus on incorporating the newest technologies and being enablers by giving the clients a thorough support system is another crucial qualitative difference in their work ethic.

The Latest Technical Advancements

Wingman is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of technology and utilising the most recent tools and platforms to provide partners with the finest solutions. They utilize a wide range of technologies, including Python, Node JS, JAVA, VUE JS, React, React Native, Angular 5+, and mobile app development.

Their expertise also extends to databases such as MySQL, SQLite, Postgres, and MongoDB, and cloud providers such as AWS RDS, Azure Database, and GCP. To ensure seamless delivery, they employ CI/CD/CT and use log management and monitoring. Additionally, they have a focus on database administration and offer automated and deployable secure and scalable infrastructure solutions.

Significance of R&D behind Wingman’s Consistent Growth

Research and development (R&D) are essential to the company’s expansion and success. To keep ahead of the curve and stay up to date with the newest technology and advancements, they believe it’s crucial to invest in R&D. In order to produce new products, enhance current ones, and investigate new technologies, their R&D efforts are concentrated on these three areas.

The team’s ongoing R&D efforts are intended to boost their competitiveness as well as introduce cutting-edge goods and services to the market. because R&D plays a crucial role in the company’s success and is an essential component of its growth plan.

A Brief Overview of Ashav’s Exclusive Leadership Style

According to Mr Ashav Kaushik, “A leader does his job best when his team starts taking ownership of themselves and their responsibilities!”

He describes leadership as how the team performs daily without his active involvement and how they handle emergencies without him, as the depth they display when he is not around encourages him that they are also learning and developing. In order to characterise his leadership values, he frequently utilises the words collaborative and results oriented.

Wingman’s Work Culture

With a purpose, individual growth, trust, creativity, learning, optimism, accountability, teamwork, and diversity, Wingman aspires to excellence in everything they do!

“We are driven by a clear purpose, and we believe in investing in the growth and development of our team as our greatest assets. At the heart of our culture are trust and honesty, which we foster through a supportive and creative work environment where individuals feel free to be themselves and do their best work.

We approach every scenario with curiosity and a drive to learn, using our words, ideas, and actions to make the most of each day and create a better tomorrow.” Ashav Kaushik shared further while shining light on the Wingman’s work culture.

Achievements & Milestones

Wingman has a proud history of delivering quality solutions and services to its partners, and has received several awards in recognition of their excellence in the industry, including the “Most Promising Upcoming Companies Offering Enterprise-grade Scalable and Secure Cloud/Application Services by CIO Review India”

Advice to the Future Leaders

Hard work demands commitment and the capacity to adjust to circumstances as they change. The difficulties of beginning a company can be overcome by having confidence in one’s abilities, creating clear and concise plans, going back to the drawing board and revising the plans as necessary, and adopting a flexible attitude. Seeking guidance from experienced mentors and building a strong network are invaluable resources and bring with them advice and insights to help one succeed.

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