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The Future of HPLC Columns Driven By Next-Gen Evolutions

Business Connect has been a great platform renowned for its marvellous monthly editions centric on some impeccable ventures scattered in the business world and their creators. Here again, we are back with another exciting edition, ‘The Best Company to Work for.’ our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the leadership panel of Zodiac Life Sciences.

The Director of the company, Mr. Rambabu G. shared numerous lesser-known facts about the company and also spilled some beans on his entrepreneurial journey so far. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readership panel and will encourage them to break the barriers and chase their dreams.

By initiating the detailed intro of his initial journey, Mr. Rambabu quips, “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor. It’s your mistake. I firmly believe these lines since I was a kid. I come from a small village in Mogalthur AP and was born into a middle-class family. After completing my studies and working for 6 years of Job in Hyderabad, I started Zodiac Life Sciences without any financial aid. Initially,

we started as a distribution company, At that phase I wasn’t knowing how to market the columns, and also the HPLC market was quiet competitive at that time , Although I struggled initially, I started taking columns, supplied samples to the customers and started my business . Later I focused on expanding my business and introduced some new brands in India . That was the time when the Indian market was dominated by only one brand.”

He shares some glimpses of his venture by quoting, Although the business is good I wasn’t satisfied, Thinking Why not manufacture columns in India, With the knowledge gathered over years, and few years of rigorous R&D we started synthesizing, bonding, and packing HPLC columns successfully, On launching Zodiac columns in the market, customers were very pleased with the column performance and started increasingly turning towards the Zodiac brand. From then on whatever product technology is not available in India I take it as a challenge to develop it and produce the product in the market, “ I am now what I am because of my wife, she is a greater pillar of support in my journey.

He says HPLC columns make a valuable contribution to establishing the quality of natural resources and synthetic industrial products for consumption. Currently, we are facing the challenge of water, air, and food pollution. They contain many unknown compounds but are not accurately determined. HPLC techniques are being increasingly employed for analytical control of environmental pollution levels in the identification and determination of the compounds in air, surface, and drinking water accurately and hence contributing to the people s quality of life.


    The R&D process of the company goes into 5 main phases planning, research, development, testing, and marketing. We have a good team of scientists working in different arena like chemistry, engineering, material science, testing, etc. All the departments work parallel in developing the product. Zodiac is always ahead in the implementation of new technologies timely occurring in this field. It has advanced equipment that can help students to have a good experience in interacting with the latest technologies. Furthermore, from the initial phase to the final output of the HPLC column development we have developed our inbuilt technology, all the raw materials including the silica and hardware used in the HPLC column are manufactured by us. These factors allow us to produce HPLC Columns at lower costs than other companies.”



“We are very friendly with our employees, I believe when employees are stress free, and happy at work they give you their best of it. I ensure to be an active listener, communicate precisely their roles, train them timely, and motivate them. In case of any negligence, I make them understand the mistake and ensure that it is not repeated. Rather than focusing on production, I ensure that the premises of my employees’ work are safe and calming hence contributing to an ecofriendly environment.”-Mr. Rambabu.

“ We are currently exporting our products to 44 countries world-wide, Developing the column bonding technology is one of our great milestones, with this knowledge we have developed many new column chemistries, and secondly, silica particle technology is not available in India, In worldwide, only 4 countries are manufacturing, Developing this technology is a great achievement of our company, In the field of engineering, Germany is the most powerful in the world. With the implementation of the same technology. Our company is manufacturing Column accessories and Column hardware.

We have also introduced the safety products used in HPLC Labs that are commonly manufactured in America and European countries. All these products we have mentioned like columns, consumables, silica particles, and safety products were not manufactured in India before. We are the first indigenous company to develop these technologies in India. Our focus is making a product that is not available in India,” says the Director.

Before signing off, the visionary shared his tremendous master plan. He says, “Now our main focus is building ZODIAC as the top HPLC brand in the chromatography worldwide, In coming next we are planning to launch HPLC systems, that are currently being manufactured in Japan, Germany, and the USA , On supplying such systems these countries are getting approximately 15,000 crore business from the Indian market, If we manufacture such type of systems by developing our own technology, we can decrease the financial burden on our country, and strengthen the economy.”

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