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Nikita Roy, Constructing New Routes for Business Growth with Relevant, Robust, and Real-time Services at 1Solution

For many years, women have lived in the shadow of men. But today’s women have defied conventional gender roles to challenge the norms of the so-called society. One such woman, who has revolutionized the language services industry and created an eminent mark, is Nikita Roy, the Founder & Head of Client Services at 1Solution.

Nikita is an inspiring entrepreneur, innovator, and multi-tasking professional, having five years of expertise spanning Primary and Secondary Research organisations. In February 2017, the inspiring lady took the entrepreneurial helm and started her own organisation, 1Solution. Dedicated to helping clients reach their customers and gain valuable insights in the ever-dynamic arena called the Market, 1Solution has served a clientele of world-renowned MNCs and national giants with a team of 50+ industry professionals.

1Solution’s Service Portfolio

The Kolkata-based organisation aims to provide world-class solutions to clients; solutions that are Relevant, Robust, and Real-time. It brings a wide array of services, some of which are listed below –
• Translation (all Indian Languages and foreign languages)
• Transcription (all Indian Languages)
• Moderation
• Audio-Visual content editing
• Charting and other allied services

Insights on Women’s Participation in the Entrepreneurial Space

Women running their own enterprises are nothing new, and the number is steadily growing. In the modern world as technology is opening up new pathways to the way we do businesses and creating opportunities which never existed in the first place, we need more people to come in the sphre of entrepreneurship, especially women as the shift in the trend of doing business has got a lot to do with people leading them as well. Women excel at multitasking and have excellent patience and empathy, all of which are crucial traits of an entrepreneur.

How to Make the Business World Supportive toward Women Leaders? Businesses today primarily treat female entrepreneurs the same as their male counterparts. By treating them equally to male entrepreneurs and denying them special privileges based on their gender, the business sector can encourage female entrepreneurs more. However, on the personal front, families should be more supportive of working women. Every family should be patient and encouraging towards the ladies in the family, so there can be a better gender balance in the professional world.

Nikita’s Take on Leadership

A leader should not be self-proclaimed but be seen by people in that way. A good leader should always be grounded and has to be a part of the larger team, not sitting above everyone but sitting next to every employee. I always work to keep a personal touch and a solid professional connection. I am familiar with my people, their way of life, and the issues they deal with daily. I work to stand by their sides, foster trust and support their development. Since they are my people and my core, I constantly endeavour to be responsible for their behaviour.

1Soution’s Unique Secret behind its Motivated Team

Spearheaded by the wise leader, Nikita, ‘Team 1Solution’ has imbibed the formula of recognition as the best form of motivation. Nikita believes that monetary incentives go a long way in motivating people’s efforts. Besides, a simple appreciation mail or a pat on the back can also help boost the employees’ morale efficiently. Additionally, she encourages her employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance and occasionally reminds them that they are the company’s most important asset, which they actually are! This is the key to having a motivated team.

Road Ahead

Within five years of its inception, 1Solution has become the sole vendor to one of the largest MNCs operating in the market research sphere. It aims to be the industry leader in its sphere in the next five years. Their future plan is to expand their horizon from primarily language support at this moment to providing research support too. And soon the company plans to foray into advertising and media buying also.

Nikita’s Message for other Aspiring Women

Always remember that the employees are the backbone of any organization. Be patient and calm in the face of any situation and deliver your best so that your people and client can trust you with their eyes closed.

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