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8 Challenges Faced by Every Entrepreneur & How You Can Overcome Them

8 Challenges Faced by Every Entrepreneur & How You Can Overcome Them

Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey that promises unparalleled success, numerous learning opportunities, and monetary rewards that no job can ever offer. But the road to entrepreneurial success is wrought with risks and challenges. The business world is ruthlessly competitive, costs are constantly rising, and business owners must multi-task until they earn enough to employ a team.

Common Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs

In this article, we have listed eight of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face in their journey. Go through the list to see if you are facing any business problems and find some helpful tips to solve these issues.

1.Funding – Finding adequate finances to run your business is one of the first challenges you will face as an entrepreneur. Initially, you may rely on your savings to kick off your business. Still, savings alone will not be sufficient for your business to survive. Some efficient ways to raise funds for a new business are –

    1. Applying for self-employed loans Getting loans to help you with your business is no longer a difficult task. There are several online and fintech lenders who have made this process super simple for self-employed individuals. Kreditbee is one such fintech platform that offers loans to the self-employed. With hassle-free documentation, you can get disbursal in 10 minutes to help you with your needs.
    2. Inviting an investor or new partner to join your business
    3. Partnering with another entrepreneur who can add some funds to the business
  1. Time Management – Everyone has 24 hours in the day. Still, entrepreneurs may need to wear multiple hats and complete multiple tasks to satisfy clients. Manage your time smartly by creating daily, weekly, and monthly goal lists. You can also use time management apps or tools to stay on track with your tasks as you go through your day. Prioritize your responsibilities to focus only on those that will help you progress towards your goals before taking up other tasks.
  2. Planning Lapses – Maximum start-ups fail because of a lack of planning and strategy. When you start your entrepreneurial journey, making a comprehensive business plan is the first step. Start by strategizing for sales, development, and funding to keep these areas focused as your business grows. Stay ready for unforeseen challenges, factor uncertainties, and emergencies into your business plan.
  3. Recruitment & Staffing – Recruitment is a big challenge for entrepreneurs, as they have a low budget, making it difficult to find talented candidates. To overcome this challenge, plan the recruitment process well. Ensure that you don’t waste your or the candidate’s time during the interview process, ask relevant questions, and seek accurate references before hiring, wherever possible.
  4. Impactful Marketing within a Limited Budget –An effective marketing strategy that builds brand visibility and word-of-mouth among the target audience is imperative for a growing business. However, start-ups usually operate on shoe-string budgets, and the challenge is to make a significant impact at less cost. Study the performance metrics of different marketing vehicles and focus your budget on those that work the best. Strategize and market your brand where it matters the most.
  5. Managing Employees –In entrepreneurship, all efforts are driven by the leader’s vision. To ensure that all employees work in tandem with each other and maintain employee motivation, entrepreneurs must create clear communication channels. Business goals, performance targets, and processes should be clearly defined. That way, employees know what is expected of them and how their performance will be measured.
  6. Combating Uncertainty, Self-doubt, and Criticism –Business environments are dynamic, and scenarios change in the blink of an eye. Uncertainty is a part of the game, and entrepreneurs must show agility to keep up with the detours and deviations. It is essential to stay true to your vision and adapt to changing circumstances. Besides, minor setbacks may create self-doubt. It is essential not to fall prey to self-doubt and keep your confidence.

In some cases, entrepreneurs face harsh criticism from investors, employees, and customers. The best way to deal with criticism is to accept the constructive aspect and discard any hurtful elements. That way, criticism will empower you to be a better business person.

  1. Maintaining Confidence – Starting a business of your own is an act of confidence. Entrepreneurs must keep faith in their abilities to lead a business and focus on keeping their business on track. If you feel confident, you will be better prepared to tackle challenges. Among other problems encountered by entrepreneurs, demotivation and diminishing confidence are very common.

If you are an entrepreneur or plan to be one, stay prepared for a challenging career path. Perseverance and intelligence are your best allies; learn to use them to your advantage and work towards your goals. No challenge is unsurmountable if you have the will. In our information age, numerous resources are available to help you find creative ways of combating business challenges. And in the end, entrepreneurship offers immeasurable rewards to those who succeed in establishing their own business.

Author Bio: Tanvi Kaushik specializes in Content Marketing and works with the Digital Team at KreditBee – India’s fastest personal loan platform where self-employed and salaried professionals can easily avail of personal loans in just a few minutes when in need of quick funds. Tanvi writes to-the-point articles on personal finance and budgeting which are truly appreciated by her readers. She is committed to making money matters easy to understand even for the layman. Her commitment to her work doesn’t stop her from pursuing her hobbies of hiking, trekking and going on adventurous trips.

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