A brainchild of Ankush Bhatia making strides to transform lives

As an unconventional force in the health coaching space, keeping positive reinforcement as her success philosophy, Ankush Bhatia Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, has been able to make a mark with her substantive offerings in the industry. With her exceptional establishment- AharShakti, she has been scaling greater heights while dedicating her service to a better cause. To get to know that cause, dive into this success story to bag some food for thought that might leave an impact on your life too. It was an absolute pleasure hosting Ankush Bhatia at Business Connect’s virtual meet and we fervently believe her fascinating journey narrated here will serve as a perfect dose of motivation to our global readership.

Health, Nutrition and Fitness are fields of specialization for AharShakti that avidly emphasizes the healing power of natural and real foods that can allow people to stay energized and disease-free while being in perfect harmony with a healthy lifestyle. Neither just a regular diet plan nor a 2-month fad that one may give up later, it is a sustainable rewiring of lifestyle.

To sum it up, it is an exclusively created program for healthy makeovers and turnarounds. “For this, you will get to visit your local Supermarket along with me and learn to read the food labels, ingredients of the food and help pick up the right kind of natural foods, meant for your body,” affirmed the ‘Architect of the program’.

The innovative venture runs parallel with the notion of reeducating people on the wonderful food that nature gave us. With the assistance of the avant-garde customized plans, healthy habits could be developed by creating ‘non-harmful’ addictions and cravings in the place of devious ones. But any sort of fitness guidance and help is rendered only upon the request of the concerning person only. Those who are seeking to restore their health condition can easily reach out to AharShakti to revamp their lives in the best possible manner.

The phenomenal power of natural food is what encouraged the founder to name this venture- AharShakti that means the Power of real and natural food. She conveys that the past events in her life were the driving force to get her started with this entrepreneurial venture. Propelled by all the events, she got into the nutrition school but learned more than just diet plans and nutrition. She was granted a special perspective that was beyond food, where other aspects such as primary foods and circle of life tools were addressed by all.

After she acknowledged the transformations that could be induced in the lives around, she made in-depth research into the program seeking out more and more insights where the – “Be better than you used to be” concept resonated with her the most. After experiencing the power of unadulterated and natural foods in the swift healing of one’s mind, body and soul, she was heavily drawn towards this arena. And the result has been the emergence of an influential and magnetic marque that AharShakti has become today.

The expanding eminence of her venture has grabbed eyeballs across the business community, owing to her thought leadership. Losing both of her parents at a young age was quite unfortunate where the traumatic demise of her mother due to severe Diabetes shook her to the core. After surviving the deplorable situations, she began ceaseless research on nutrition that led to some astounding revelations.

An MBA with a flourishing career in the software industry for over a decade was hit by a better late than never passion for nutrition and fitness and the significance of these two aspects in our overall well-being. After discovering her passion, she decided to study Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching. After undergoing this, she found it to be her true calling as she was born for this purpose only. All of these incidents eventually led her to commence her adored venture- an exclusive health coaching service provider.

AharShakti thrives on various remarkable values that speak in favour of the people’s well-being. The leading lady dedicates most of her energies to making her client’s lifestyle healthier than before. Client-centricity is in its DNA, asserts the founder. For this, some values play significant roles-

  • Do the right thing- Maintaining a harmonious rapport enriched with trust and belief between clients and coach.
  • Research is instrumental – Girding up with staunch facts and research on nutrition and food is a must.
  • Move with change- Whatever you do, just always challenge yourself and move the line. Be focused on incremental improvement. Be forward-thinking. Embrace change and innovation!
  • Pull the wagon- Set the example. You’ll probably learn more by doing so. Leading by example is imperative too.
  • Passionate zeal – Passion generates excitement for what we do and how we do it. With Passion at the heart, everything we do, nurture ideas, inspire excellence, and find creative ways to eliminate obstacles for cultivating growth.

As a full-fledged brand, AharShakti has been propelling ahead with a mission to promote a healthier lifestyle under the aegis of Ankush. Her values and habits allow them to further expand their ideology across the targeted commonalities. Ankush now envisions herself to be India’s Most Inspirational Nutritional Health Coach who strives to make people a better version of themselves.

“I want to create a ripple effect on the planet and especially by helping individuals who suffer from various health disorders and illnesses through a structured process consisting of advice on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle improvement,” shares the leading lady. Her unwavering mission is what makes her venture stand apart from the rest. To stimulate the waves of change, Ankush aspires to introduce fun ways to rewire while making sustainable changes across the lifestyle of the people around her.

Moreover, Ankush’s insightfulness has been quite commendable across the globe where she has considered a unique way of bringing healthy and yummy alternatives in place of odd cravings and addictions. With the help of planned detoxing methods after binge nights, supermarket visits with a keen eye on food labels, ingredients on food products, one can make a major difference to one’s existing health status.

In line with this endeavour, she has launched -Aharpower Program- a health enrolment program where a customized plan is formulated based on a detailed discovery session with the specific individual after a sheer assessment of their medical history. Be it Diabetes or PCOD or Thyroid or menopausal issues and other health disorders, the flagship program can wean off health disorders in a distinctive way, enhancing the quality of life.

“Fitness is the love of my life, you can subscribe to and watch my Youtube channel Aharshakti, watch out for my Insta and FaceBook space as to what I’m talking about. There are fitness and special videos uploaded almost everyday on AharShakti’s social media platforms. Together, fitness and great nutrition have transformed me and so many people into the best versions of themselves. Keeps me energetic, focused, calm, disciplined and always positive!,” revealed the luminary.

Many eminent media and publication houses have recognised as well as rewarded her extraordinary capabilities under the category – Most Promising Dieticians and Nutritionists of Mumbai 2021. Moreover, her business acuity of the subject has been featured in a book as well where she has written varied nutrition plans for different genres of people and many of her clients have shared their testimonials of her phenomenal work too.

Leaping in the direction of thumping success, her primary focus will be promoting the lifestyle choices that she wishes to make mainstream. She anticipates making her vision a revolutionary way for people to acknowledge the prominence of a healthy lifestyle. For the upcoming 4-5 years, she envisions herself conducting Talk shows, inspirational podcasts, workshops for schools, corporates, or people from various walks of life to actuate her dream. Furthermore, her pipelined ‘AharShakti GoOrganic’ venture will boost the awareness for more and more usage of Organic and Whole Food Plant-based / Vegan Product lines for which her team has been straining every nerve to add substantial value!

I will be frank here, it’s not easy. Getting out of an unwholesome lifestyle detrimental to health can be very tough and you will give in to your old habits from time to time but don’t worry, as long as you’re dedicated to improving yourself, you can do it. Stick with it , be Consistent and you will notice an improvement in your mental, emotional and physical health, and professional life. Just remember, all the best things that happen to you take time. The key here is Discipline, Dedication, Passion and Consistency which will soon develop into greater habits, mindset, Karmas and lead to a hidden passion waiting to be exuberated out!

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